New Year Resolutions for the Soul

new year resolutions for the soul
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As we shift into the new year we tend to reflect on the year gone passed and if we were able to achieve our resolutions and goals.

Often new year resolutions are made with such passion in January and then slowly forgotten by June or July. 

Over the years I have become less enthusiastic about making new year resolutions and instead tend to follow the cycles of the Moon

The New Moon is often the perfect time to birth something and set new goals, and the Full Moon is the perfect time to bring things to an end or harvest your rewards. 

Sometimes making goals on a month to month basis can be more relevant, more rewarding and more likely to be achieved. They can also be supported by the energies surrounding the Moon and planets. 

One thing that I do like to set at the start of the year however, is a soul goal

These goals are more about you on a holistic level and less about achieving or completing projects. 

Goals for your soul are more focused on spiritual and personal development and are easier to navigate in the long term. 

In fact, creating goals for your soul is really about learning how to deepen your observation and communication with the soul or higher self and to develop a stronger understanding of your soul journey. 

Goals for the soul are almost like little prayers that you send out into the Universe, rather than things you will write up on a vision board. 

Goals for the soul are heard by your Divine Spirit Team and then trickled down to you throughout the year. 

I have seen this manifest in my own life and in others year after year, and in fact, making my goals for the soul really helps carry me through the months ahead. 

For example, last year my goal for the soul was to remove blocks surrounding my heart and to be better at receiving love.

I made this goal after a rocky period in my relationship where I was feeling closed off and fearful around receiving love. I felt very good at dishing love out, but when it was returned to me I felt unable to receive it. (Yes, classic healers disease).

I didn’t need to remind myself of this goal every day of the year, I simply performed a ritual (which you will find below) and my soul heard the message.

Throughout the year I was then delivered many peaceful and beautiful (and let’s be honest, at times tough, tough, tough) lessons that reminded me and challenged me to work on this soul goal.

By making this soul goal I was able to piece together by the end of the year that the lesson was really about accepting not only myself but also others. I learned that the reason I felt unable to receive love was because I was fearful of getting hurt. 

I realized that my blocks were associated with fears from my past, which while I felt I had cleared, were actually still playing on repeat in the back of my mind. 

In fact, I found thousands of thoughts or blocks lingering in there that were once true but now didn’t hold any truth at all. I had simply been repeating them to myself, never stopping to question them and their sincerity. 

Anyway, I share this with you so you can see the benefits that making a soul goal can deliver to you. 

They go so much deeper than weight loss goals or learning to speak French, and into a more energetic space where they can manifest through your sacred intention and the will of the Divine. 

Here Is How To Craft Your Soul Goal:

CAUTION: Be careful what you wish for! I always like to challenge myself when it comes to making soul goals, but you may have to reiterate to the Universe that you would like the message received “gently” or “with ease.” One time I crafted my soul goal saying “I’m ready to receive this message very, very loud and clear and obvious” and while I don’t live to regret it, the message was definitely received loud and clear- maybe even a little too much!

1. Choosing a Soul Goal

We are always working on our soul lessons whether we intend it or not, but when you become aware of what your soul is working on you can begin crafting a goal to help you navigate through the journey. 

When it comes to choosing a soul goal, try to think about themes or patterns in your life and where you have felt most challenged or most uprooted. From here you can then work out which direction may be the most beneficial for the year ahead.

2. Crafting Your Soul Goal 

Once you have identified your soul goal write it out on a piece of paper. There are no rules about what you write. Here is my example to help inspire you:

“I really want to challenge myself to move out of my head and my constant thoughts and to instead focus on walking my highest path and pursuing what is going to be of most benefit to my soul. Throughout the year I want to be reminded to stay away from repetitive thoughts and to instead focus on the higher path and bigger picture of what my soul is here to learn. I want to receive these lessons gently, but also quickly so I can move on to this next chapter that I have been sensing but am yet to comprehend.”

3. Sending Out Your Soul Goal 

Simply sit in a quiet place, maybe even light a candle or smudge your aura before you begin. Again, there are no rules with this. 

Recite your soul goal out loud three times with feeling for all the heavens to hear. As you are saying your soul goal, try to really feel it and take it into your body and into your being. 

After you have finished, fold up your soul goal and leave it tucked away in your room or on your altar. 

It is not necessary for you to re-read your soul goal however, it may be fun to look back on it at the end of the year. 

Making a soul goal has always been rewarding for me and I hope you can all experience the benefits that come along with it!

Happy New Year!

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