Intuitive Astrology Forecast for September 2022

september astrology 2022

September 2022 is set to be a more reflective month where we are encouraged to revisit the past, address old issues, or assess if past experiences still need our attention.

Part of this reflective energy comes from Mercury, which enters retrograde for the third time this year on September 9. As Mercury enters retrograde, it joins five other planets, giving us a total of six major planets in retrograde.

When a planet is in retrograde, it can create some backward flowing energy that urges us to revisit things from the past. Sometimes, strong retrograde energy can also dig up things we have swept under the rug or failed to address the first time.

Retrograde energy can also slow things down, making it feel harder to move ahead. But, we can use this to our benefit by taking time to rest, reflect, and wrap our heads around any past experiences.

Along with the strong retrograde energy we have this month, we are also revisiting the past through the Saturn Uranus Square, which becomes more active throughout the month. The Saturn Uranus square was a major feature of 2021, but it is coming back around once more to finish what it started.

While the Saturn Uranus Square energies will hum in the background for the remainder of the year, through September and October, we are likely to feel its effects a little more strongly.

You can read more on the Saturn Uranus energies here, but we may feel a push-pull between needing to honor where we have come from, our boundaries, and our traditions versus stepping forward into new territory, breaking traditions, and thinking outside the box.

September also brings the Equinox, which is a time of finding balance and harmony. The Equinox is also said to thin the veil, heightening our intuition and giving us a push when it comes to following our highest dreams and wishes.

The month then comes to a close with Venus entering Libra, bringing some softening and healing energies that will inspire us to focus on compassion and self-love.

Let’s dive into the major cosmic events of the month and how you can work with them –

September Astrology 2022

September 4-5- Mars Enters Shadow Period in Gemini

Mars is preparing to go retrograde on October 30, but today, it enters the shadow period. During the shadow period, a planet begins to slow down in preparation for the upcoming retrograde. While the energetic effects are very subtle, this journey of Mars will become a running theme in our lives from now all the way through to early next year. Mars is the planet linked to our energy levels, our ability to take action, and the fears that hold us back. When it stations retrograde, we can feel these areas of our lives highlighted in some way. Stay tuned for more on Mars Retrograde!

September 9- Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Mercury stations retrograde in the air sign of Libra but will make its way back into the earth sign of Virgo later in the month on September 23. As Mercury enters retrograde, it helps to uncover messages from our subconscious mind. Things we have hidden away or chosen to forget can come back around, urging us to address them. Mercury rules over technology, travel, and communication, so these areas can feel a little sticky or slow during this period too. Remember, Mercury is the messenger of the Gods, so if you find yourself dealing with Mercurial issues like technology mishaps or delays, see if you can pay attention as to what Mercury may be trying to share with you. Usually, under a Mercury Retrograde, the key is to move slowly and to avoid introducing any new things into your life. Mercury stations direct on October 2.

September 10- Full Moon in Pisces

The beautiful Full Moon in Pisces lights up the night sky. This is a beautiful Full Moon that carries soft, poetic vibrations through the cosmic skies. With Mercury stationing retrograde just one day before this Full Moon, things may feel a little foggy or scattered. We may feel all over the place and unable to find our footing. We may feel a little directionless or have trouble feeling grounded. Allow these energies to work through your being in a way that inspires your imagination and creativity. Give yourself permission to feel weightless and to flow in the direction you feel called. This Full Moon is a great time to do away with rigid habits that are keeping you stuck or self-imprisoned. Pay attention to your dreams too, as they are likely to be heightened under this Full Moon.

September 11-30 Uranus Saturn Square

The Saturn Uranus Square is one degree away from exactitude on September 11 and continues to remain close all through the month. Saturn is the planet of tradition, boundaries, and rules and regulations. Uranus is the planet of innovation, freedom, and radical new ideas. Saturn wants to honor its roots, and Uranus wants to uproot and plant new things! Being in a Square alignment indicates tension between these two forces. You can read more on this here. We may find ourselves needing to revisit this theme or go back to issues that were prevalent in our lives around February, June, or December of 2021.

September 22- Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Sun or Mercury Cazimi

Mercury in Retrograde aligns with the Sun, making it a powerful day of its cycle. It is at this point that we may begin unearthing or starting to understand the messages that Mercury has unearthed for us from the underworld or the realms of our subconscious minds. In ancient astrology, when Mercury was conjunct the Sun, it was believed that Mercury would whisper messages to the King (Sun), delivering secrets, hidden information, and wisdom. If you pay attention to the signs of the Universe and your own intuition, you too may receive some whispers from your own messenger!

September 22/23- Sun Enters Libra & Equinox

The Equinox is a powerful time of the year and heightens our receptivity to the spirit world. Under the Equinox, the energy of Mother Earth rises, allowing us to align our heartbeat with the heartbeat of our home planet. Spending time in nature under the Equinox can also be incredibly healing and restorative.

As the Sun moves into the air sign of Libra, our attention may turn to where we are holding our thoughts. We may find the need to clear our minds of mental clutter and soften the way we have been thinking about ourselves. Libra energy also guides us to find our balance and to think about how we can bring more harmony into our lives.

September 25- New Moon in Libra

The Libra New Moon will help cement the idea of needing to find balance in all areas of our lives. It is actually a great time to make commitments to ourselves, especially when it comes to adopting healthy habits. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is very active under this New Moon, helping to open the doors of prosperity and opportunity. If there is something you have been looking to manifest or a project you have been working hard to achieve, you may find that this New Moon delivers some good news! Stay tuned for your complete New Moon forecast!

September 29- Venus Enters Libra

The month ends with Venus entering Libra – its ruling sign, making for some beautiful harmonious energy. With the Sun and Venus both in Libra, there are lots of cosmic vibrations supporting heart healing, feminine nourishment, connecting with compassion for ourselves and others, and self- love practices.

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