Intuitive Astrology: Saturn Square Uranus 2021

saturn square uranus

Uranus is a key player through the cosmic energies of 2021. Uranus is also the natural ruler of Aquarius, making its energy even more pivotal as we slowly transition into the Age of Aquarius. 

While Uranus is active in many ways throughout the year, one of the key alignments it makes in 2021 is a Square or 90-degree alignment with the planet Saturn.

Saturn Square Uranus is a rare alignment, but it happens three times throughout the course of the year, making it an important focus and a likely theme for 2021. 

The three alignments of Saturn and Uranus will tell a story, with the first alignment bringing the beginning, and the last alignment bringing the end. This means it may not be until the final alignment that we are really able to understand the full extent of this energy and what it is showing us. 

The three dates for this Saturn Square Uranus alignment are: 

  • February 17
  • June 14
  • December 24

Let’s take a deeper look into what themes we can expect to see and how we can work with this energy throughout the year- 

Saturn Square Uranus 

Saturn represents authority figures, rules, boundaries, and traditional establishments. Uranus represents innovation, freedom, change, and escaping from our comfort zone.

When these two planets are square or form a 90-degree angle with each other, we get tension building between the two energies.

Saturn will want to control. Uranus will want to go with the flow. Saturn will want to impose boundaries and structure, Uranus will want complete freedom to roam wherever it pleases.

These two energy dynamics will clash, and we may see it manifesting as rebellion, revolution, change to traditional structures, controlling freedoms, or the breakdown of the old.

On a personal level, this energy may help us to break free from things that have kept us feeling held back. We may notice a stronger desire to innovate, to do things differently, and to find new roads to travel.

In fact, there is this sense that we may need to change and pivot in order to get where we want to be. The old ways of doing things may no longer serve us, inspiring us to get creative in order to come up with a new way. 

While this is something we can see manifesting in our outer reality, we may also begin to notice shifts taking place in our inner reality as well.

Old thoughts and beliefs that we have held about ourselves or the world may crumble. As we allow old thoughts and patterns to fall away, we may find ourselves being more curious and open-minded.

We may even find ourselves getting better at balancing structure and a routine, and making time for spontaneity and creativity. 

Depending on where we are on our journey, we may find that we need more of Saturn’s wisdom or more of Uranus’s wisdom.

Intuitive Insights into Uranus and Saturn 

Uranus is the planet of awakening and Saturn is the planet of karma, so on some level, these two cosmic bodies may be guiding us to wake up to our karma and the energetic imprint we are leaving on this world.

This energy may guide us to shift out of any stuck habits and patterns we inherited from our past or even past lives, and may even draw our attention to things that we are here to release and transcend in this incarnation.

What imprint do you wish to leave on the world? What do you wish to offer the world?

These are questions you may find yourself exploring under the creative energies of 2021.

No matter where this journey leads you, both Uranus and Saturn aligning all through the year is our reminder that life is so much more than it appears. Saturn is the practical 3D, but Uranus is the awakening, and the seeker of the unknown.

As we ground our energy with the help of Saturn, we can use the vibrations of Uranus to shift our reality, open new doors, and explore new pathways that we couldn’t fathom before.

We have the power to change our course, we have the power to make new choices that will propel us in a different direction.

We don’t need to go back to what we once knew, we can innovate, we can forge new paths, we can try new things; the energy is there for us to work with, especially in 2021. 

Change is possible, and in many ways inevitable. Look for the new opportunities and doorways that greet you this year. Try at least one. The road is winding in new directions. The familiar path is always there for us to come back to, its the little off-shoots and loops that can give us new perspective, expand our minds, and ultimately awaken us to new levels.

Saturn Square Uranus Journal Prompts

  • What imprint do you wish to leave on the world?
  • If I could change anything in my life, I would change…
  • Where do you need more grounding and structure? Where do you need more spontaneity and creativity?
  • It’s time for me to release control of…
  • If I had no fear, I would…

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