Intuitive Astrology Forecast for the Year 2024

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Below, you will find all the major astrological events taking place in 2024. Reading through these events will help paint a picture as to what 2024 has in store. As you will see, there are a lot of cosmic alignments focusing on the principles of balance. We may feel pushed and pulled in two opposing directions, but the end result is finding our own middle ground.

Technology and finance are going to be two big themes in 2024, and these areas will be magnified all through the year. We may see radical shifts to global financial markets and to the world of technology, we may even see these two worlds collide with more countries adopting the idea of a digital currency.

Relationships are also going to be a big theme in 2024, and it seems we are being guided to really peel back the layers and discern what relationship dynamics are healthy and which ones are no longer serving us. We may feel this interchange between a need for autonomy and independence, with companionship and feeling supported by others.

We have some beautiful alignments happening this year too, that can help to spread peace and healing, both of which our planet needs.

And finally, 2024 is a number 8 year in numerology, which is a number that represents fortune, symmetry, and infinity. We are infinite beings, but our time here on this planet is not infinite. We have to make the most of the time we have and not discredit the impact we have on others and the world around us.

I hope you’re feeling excited or at least hopeful about what’s to come in the year ahead!

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Major Astrological Events of 2024

North Node Conjunct Chiron (January – April)

As 2024 begins, the North Node in Aries and Chiron in Aries will be moving closer together, coming into complete alignment on February 11. This is an energy we will feel for the first three to four months of the year, especially around February 11 and then again, under the Aries Solar Eclipse on April 8th. Chiron is the asteroid of healing, and the North Node represents where our collective consciousness is heading. The merging of these two planetary forces creates a powerful healing energy that can help to lift all of us. At its highest level, this energy can bring healing and the end of suffering to areas of the world that need it most. It can also bring an elevated shift in consciousness, allowing us to recognize the healing gifts that we possess and that we can share with others. On a personal level, this energy is wonderful for sourcing strength from our wounds and past traumas. It reminds us that our wounds can become portals to greater wisdom, compassion, and intuition. Overall, this is a beautiful energy dynamic that will really change the way we approach and care for others. This alignment could indicate a humanitarian disaster of some kind that brings the world together for the greater good.

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus (March-May)

This is arguably the most significant alignment of 2024! The meeting of Jupiter and Uranus occurs every 12-14 years, but Jupiter and Uranus coming together in the sign of Taurus is incredibly rare. Uranus has been in Taurus since 2018, and Jupiter moved into Taurus in 2023, so what we get here is an expansion of these themes. Taurus is usually connected to the financial markets and our feelings of self-worth. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion, and Uranus is the planet of technology and innovation. These three themes will be on display under this alignment and could manifest as major news about global financial markets and digital currencies. There could also be a transfer of wealth out of one sector and into another. This has the potential to be an incredibly innovative time where new technologies and inventions are favored. There is an opportunity to increase wealth with smart investments or emerging technologies. Jupiter and Uranus coming together can also create an element of surprise or instability. Something may shock us or rattle the way we have thought about things. On a personal level, we can tap into this energy to expand our mindset and create a more abundant vision for ourselves and our lives. While the peak of this alignment occurs on April 21st, we will feel it building as early as March and all through May.

Jupiter Enters Gemini (May 2024- June 2025)

Jupiter moves into Gemini on May 26, for the first time in 12 years, making it its new home until June 2025. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so as it moves into Gemini, we are all receiving an expansion of Gemini energy. Gemini is represented by the twins, where one twin is mortal and the other is immortal. This represents the duality of life- we are both a soul and a human being, and we must honor both sides of our expression. Our soul selves know we are love and that life is simply a series of lessons and experiences. Our soul self knows that, eventually, we will all return to our true home. Our human self however, must live by the rules of the 3D world. Our human selves have to deal with suffering, the reality of life on earth and does not always feel the love that our soul self does. It is these two sides of our being that we must honor, respect, and nurture. This duality may become more present in our lives under this alignment, we may start to expand in our awareness of how we can merge the two parts of our being and find a greater balance between our spiritual side and materialistic side. Gemini also rules over things like communication, storytelling, writing, social media, and domestic travel, so all these things are likely to be in the spotlight. We may experience shifts in the publishing world and in the world of the media. There may be a new social media platform that takes off or the landscape of social media may evolve.

Jupiter Square Saturn (July-December)

Jupiter and Saturn will come into direct square (90-degree) alignment with each other on August 19 and December 24, but we will begin feeling the energy of this as early as July and for the remainder of the year. Jupiter square Saturn is going to trigger the Great Conjunction we had back in December 2020. The lessons and energy of the Great Conjunction are going to be put into deeper motion. If you want to revisit the energies behind the Great Conjunction, check out this post here. For this Square alignment, Jupiter will be in Gemini, and Saturn will be in Pisces. This is a combination that can create friction and tension. Jupiter wants us to expand, but Saturn wants us to contract and focus on boundaries. We may want to do things in excess (Jupiter), but Saturn will be there, giving us boundaries and making sure we uphold our end of the deal. This dynamic can play out in a multitude of ways, but essentially, it’s about finding balance around where we may be a little too excessive and where we need some boundaries.

Pluto Enters Aquarius (November 2024-March 2043)

2024 is the year that Pluto officially leaves the sign of Capricorn for good and enters Aquarius for the next two decades. Pluto moving into Aquarius is a monumental shift that has been playing out over the last few years. As Pluto has been dancing on the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius for some time, we have already started to experience some of the themes that are destined to come. Pluto is known as the Lord of the Underworld, and it touches on all that is subconscious and buried in the shadows. Pluto works to expose and bring these shadows to light but can also bury things deeper depending on how the energies are used. While in Capricorn, the theme for Pluto has been hierarchies, global financial systems, and establishing order. While we have seen some dismantling of top-down authority structure systems, we have also seen others be more ingrained. Pluto helps to expose where there is an abuse of power, but it’s easy for things to get lost in the shadows. In Aquarius, Pluto is working on all things relating to technology. This is where we are going to see a shake-up to power systems in the tech space. The world of tech will receive a huge push under this energy, and give rise to the emergence of greater innovations. Power dynamics may shift in the world of technology too. Pluto in Aquarius is also a positive omen for humanitarian efforts. We may see more support backed at helping others and those less fortunate. As Pluto moves so slowly, this is an unraveling that happens very gradually, and much of it will take place behind the scenes. It will only be when Pluto is finishing its journey that we will be able to fully appreciate the lessons that it has offered.

Mars Retrograde (October 2024- May 2025)

Mars Retrogrades the least out of all the planets, so when it does, it is something we want to pay attention to! Mars is the planet of action, motivation, and energy. When it travels retrograde, it can dampen our productivity, drain our energy, and make us feel a lack of motivation. If we have been doing too much, Mars Retrograde can also be a trigger that leads us into burnout. Mars also rules over heated emotions, so these can come bubbling up to the surface under a Mars Retrograde too. Mars officially begins its retrograde in the sign of Leo on December 6th and works its way back into Cancer before stationing direct on February 24, 2025. While in Leo, we may feel themes concentrated around our feelings of motivation and confidence, when in Cancer, we may feel themes around our family, home environment, and our emotions. While Mars is only retrograde from December-February, it has a shadow period that begins in October and runs all the way until May 2025 where we can feel the effects.


2024 brings four Eclipses, three of which fall on the Aries-Libra axis and one that falls on the Pisces-Virgo axis. The Pisces Lunar Eclipse on September 17, is part of a separate Eclipse cycle that will give us a taste of things to come in 2025. The remaining three Eclipses are part of the Aries-Libra cycle that we are currently working through. These Eclipses are all connected to our relationships and dynamic between giving and receiving. Aries is an independent energy, whereas Libra is an energy of partnership. These forces are going to be a theme for us, triggering where we need more autonomy and where we need more union in our lives. As a general rule, Lunar Eclipses are points of release and endings, whereas Solar Eclipses are points of new beginnings. Based on this, you could say that under the Lunar Eclipses, we are letting go of outdated thoughts and beliefs around our relationships and relationship dynamics, and on the Solar Eclipses, we are welcoming new relationships and new relationship dynamics into our lives.

  • Libra Lunar Eclipse – March 25
  • Aries Solar Eclipse – April 8
  • Pisces Lunar Eclipse- September 17
  • Libra Solar Eclipse- October 2

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