Intuitive Astrology Forecast January 2024

january astrology 2024

Welcome to January! We have made it to a new year. 2024 is a number 8 year and this month will be our welcome into the vibrations of number 8.

The number 8 represents power and strength, so we are going to have to step up our game and unlock a new level of power and inner strength.

Number 8 is also highly karmic, which means that whatever is destined for us will find its way to us with greater ease in 2024. Our manifestation efforts will also be supercharged, so if you have been working hard to create something, this is the year you could see it come to fruition.

Your wildest dreams are possible in 2024!!

Along with this incredible number 8 vibration, January also brings us zero major planets in retrograde. We will need to wait till the end of the month to really start feeling this, but this means we have a lot of forward moving momentum on our side.

We can hit the ground running if we choose to and make some excellent progress this month when it comes to our to-do lists. There is a lot of motivating and supercharged energy this month helping us to make things happen.

Let’s now take a look at some of the key cosmic energies for the month ahead and how you can make the most of them.

January Astrology 2024

January 1- Mercury Direct

Mercury stations direct after being retrograde since December 13th, however it will take until the end of the month to return to its former strength and speed. Mercury is the planet of communication, so we are likely to find miscommunications or contract disputes resolving with greater ease. We may also find it easier to express how we are feeling and to make decisions. What felt foggy or in the dark will now step into the light. Ancient astrologers believed that when Mercury stationed direct it would leave a message from deep within our soul. Tune into your subtler senses to hear what this message may be and stay open to the signs of the Universe.

January 4- Mars enters Capricorn

Mars is going to be one planet to watch in 2024! As Mars journeys through Capricorn we may be feeling more disciplined and determined to get things done. This is a good energy to use to create longevity around our goals. If there is something you want to commit to this year or even this month, then begin with Mars in Capricorn as it will help you to stay the course! Along with being a very motivating energy, pay attention to the subtler frequencies at this time. Mars will be going retrograde later in the year, and its journey over the coming months through Capricorn and through Aquarius will give us clues as to what themes this retrograde may bring our way.

January 11- Capricorn New Moon

The Capricorn New Moon offers beautiful energy for setting intentions for the year ahead. Think about what you wish to manifest or achieve this year and write them down. Pluto is very active under this New Moon which will help add to boost of power to all of the energy we are experiencing. Pluto can bring a wave of highly transformative energy, helping us to shake off the energies of 2023 so we can fully open and receive the energies of 2024.

January 20- Pluto Enters Aquarius

Pluto has been dancing on the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius for some time, but now it will shift back into Aquarius until September. Pluto in Aquarius is setting us up for a new era. Over the coming decades, Pluto in Aquarius will help usher us deeper into the digital age. Like it or not, technology is destined to become an even greater part of our lives. While the world of technology will receive a boost of power, there will also be power struggles too. There will be a greater push for balance, transparency, and decentralization when it comes to technology and how much it controls. Pluto in Aquarius is also guiding us to become better humanitarians and to think about the greater good of our fellow citizens and the planet. Aquarius holds a very healing energy that can help to inspire undertanding and oneness, so hopefully this is what we see more of, not just in 2024, but in the years that follow. You can read more about Pluto in Aquarius here.

January 20- Aquarius Season Begins

The Sun moves into Aquarius joining Pluto at the critical 0 degree point of the zodiac. This is a supercharged day for Aquarian energy! Aquarian energy supports beating to the tune of our own drum and doing things our own way. There will be a lot of innovative energy circling on this day, so use it to your advantage. As we shift from earthy Capricorn into air sign Aquarius, we may also begin to feel lighter and mentally clearer about what we wish to focus on.

January 23- Venus enters Capricorn

Venus, the planet of love enters the grounded, stabilizing Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn is practical and pragmatic. Love is not blind here, but something we need to consider carefully. How are our relationships serving us? How are we serving others? Creating structure and boundaries are going to be important with Venus in Capricorn.

January 25- Leo Full Moon

What a vibrant Full Moon! This Full Moon will lift the energy of the cosmic skies, so if you have been feeling a little lethargic or low, this is the Full Moon you have been waiting for. There is so much inspiration and creative energy around this Full Moon, so put it to good use! Do something fun, go on an adventure, or surround yourself with things that make you happy. This is also a good Full Moon for releasing what is no longer sparking joy in your life. See if you can use these vibrations to make room for more fun and play in 2024 and to do away with anything making you feel weighted or heavy.

January 26- Uranus Direct

Uranus stations direct leaving us with no major planets in retrograde! There is a lot of forward moving momentum on your side now! With all major planets moving in direct motion we can get things done, take new leaps of faith, and get the ball rolling on projects that we want to get off the ground. 2024 is really starting with a bang, so use this momentum to your advantage.

January 27- Mercury Conjunct Mars

Mercury and Mars come into alignment again. The first union of these two planets happened back on December 27, 2023, so if you were dealing with a tense or hostile situation at that time, you may find that things come around again to be resolved or you are able to look at things from a new lens.

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