Intuitive Astrology Forecast June 2022

june astrology 2022

June is spotted with a few bold alignments including the Super Full Moon, and the Solstice, but all things considered, it is a quieter month that should give us time to rest, recharge, and have some fun!

After all that heavy soul work of the last two months, we can now focus on finding the lightness (and our footing!), taking adventures, and building stronger connections with those that we love.

The Sagittarius Super Full Moon on June 14-15, will be a key point in the month for this and may inspire some of these feelings within us. Use this Full Moon as your marker to find some lightness and to celebrate all you have been through.

Following the Full Moon, we have the Solstice on June 21st. Ancient astrologers always considered the Solstice one of the most potent astrological events of the year. Leading up to the Solstice, the stars the Sun touches as it moves between the zodiac of Gemini and Cancer hold extra significance. They are said to thin the veil, heightening our intuition and increasing our sensitivity.

While much of this ancient knowledge has been long forgotten, the days leading up to and following the Solstice are a good time to reconnect with the Universe within us and the Universe around us.

Let’s take a deeper look into some of the key dates for June 2022-

June Astrology 2022

June 3- Mercury Direct in Taurus

Mercury has been traveling retrograde since May 10th. Having Mercury Retrograde through much of Eclipse Season may have created some foggy energy, making it hard for us to think clearly or feel confident about our next steps. As Mercury will now station direct, any mentally foggy energy will lift, and things will start feeling clearer. Mercury will take until June 19 to return to its former energy, so be patient until this time and try to focus on what is already on your plate rather than introducing anything new.

June 4- Saturn Retrograde

Saturn enters Retrograde in Aquarius until October 22-23. Saturn Retrograde is a subtle energy that challenges us to look back over how we have grown and matured. Saturn can sometimes be the strict teacher of the zodiac, but there is so much reward that can come when we sit down and pay attention to the lessons it offers. As Saturn enters retrograde, it’s our chance to reflect, go back over what we have learned, and make sure there is nothing we have missed. It’s Saturn’s chance to make sure we have done our homework too! When Saturn leaves retrograde, it always leaves a gift, thanking us for our hard work. Saturn’s movements have also been closely linked with the pandemic, so we may receive some further insights and news at this time.

June 11- Venus Conjunct Uranus

Venus and Uranus will come together in the sign of Taurus, allowing us to feel free to express our love and creativity. This combination of planetary energy can help us to break down any barriers around our hearts, allowing us to feel our way to a greater love. This energy is also extra supportive for creative work, as it can allow us to express our vision with limited inhibitions. Use this energy for creative work, to take a fun, spontaneous trip somewhere, to meet new people, or to spend time with your partner.

June 14- Sagittarius Super Full Moon

Super Full Moons are closer to Earth, which means we tend to feel their effects strongly. This Full Moon has a gentle tone and carries an energy that reminds us to find our joy and not take everything so seriously. After all the strong transformative energies of recent months, this Full Moon will help us to release and let go of any final cords of attachment that we may be holding on to. This Full Moon also has a strong illuminatory effect, allowing us to see things in a new light or in a new way.

June 21- Solstice/Sun in Cancer

The Solstice is a power day in the month and signifies the move of the Sun into the tropical sign of Cancer. The Solstice also brings the start of Summer and the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and the start of Winter and the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere. No matter where in the world you live, the Solstice is a time to celebrate the light and to remember that even in the darkness, the light will always return. Solstice energies are said to thin the veil, making us more receptive to the world around us. It is also believed that at Solstice time, the energy grid of the planet moves into perfect harmony, allowing us to tap into the healing energy of the earth with greater ease. The Solstice offers so much potent energy for us, here are some rituals if you would like to work with it.

June 28- Cancer New Moon

The Cancer New Moon on June 28 falls close to Black Moon Lilith, activating both light and dark feminine energies. Whichever energetic expression needs to be challenged within us is the one we may find ourselves working with. We may be called to step into our light feminine energies through nurturing self care, or we may feel called to step into our dark feminine energies through setting boundaries, standing up for ourselves, and asserting our power. As this is the first New Moon following the Solstice, it also holds potent energy for manifestation and creative work.

June 28- Neptune Retrograde

Neptune is the second planet of the month to turn retrograde. We now have a total of three planets in retrograde – Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune. Neptune enters retrograde each year, so this is part of its natural rhythm. As Neptune enters retrograde motion, we may experience new information or a higher truth coming to light. Something that felt like it was in the shadows may start to make sense to us or take on a new meaning. We may also have new realizations or ah-ha moments under this energy that can help inspire spiritual awakenings and new spiritual thought.

June 30- Sun Conjunct Black Moon Lilith

The Sun makes its annual alignment with Black Moon Lilith. She represents the forgotten powers of the feminine, but also sexual power, healing, transformation, and psychic energy. When she aligns with the Sun, she can bring repressed energy to the surface for clearing. She can also instigate sexual awakenings and healing around our sexuality.

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