Intuitive Astrology Forecast November 2023

We begin November on the coattails of the October 28 Taurus Lunar Eclipse. The energies of this powerful Eclipse will be in play all through November, but will begin to fade as we begin a new lunar cycle with the Scorpio New Moon on November 13.

Eclipses are always a highly transformative time, so there is no doubt that the first few weeks of November may see you navigating change and upheaval. Your life may look different than it did a month or even a week ago, so be patient with yourself and gentle with the process.

Eclipses always put us where we need to be, even if it may not feel that way at first. This Taurus Lunar Eclipse was also the last in a cycle we have been working with since November 2021, so this is a big cycle of energy that has come to a close. Give yourself time and space to digest all that has unfolded.

As we move through the month, Mars, the fiery planet, is very active. When Mars is active, things tend to get heated and passionate. We can feel a little more charged up than usual, which is wonderful for getting things done, feeling motivated, and finding the confidence needed to take some leaps of faith.

Mars energy however, can also act as fuel to the flames. So, if you do have a heated situation going on in your life, Mars’ presence can tip things into overdrive. The good news with Mars is that things often get heated quickly, but cooled down fast. So if tensions do rise up, chances are resolution and ease will be quick to follow.

In mythology, Mars was often depicted ferociously riding a horse and chariot through town, on its way to war. However, there is a deeper meaning here that is worth investigating. The two horses that would guide the chariot of Mars were called Phobos and Deimos- meaning fear and panic. As the God of War, Mars was known for bringing fear and panic to its enemies, but if we look deeper at this symbolism, we can see that if Mars didn’t take control of fear and panic, they would ride him and direct the course of his chariot, instead, Mars has to step up and takes charge of “fear and panic” to direct his chariot the way he wants to go. And this is the same for us.

Fear is part of all of our lives, and perhaps even at times, panic too. We can let it direct the course of our lives if we allow it, or we can acknowledge it, own it, and then use it as fuel to direct our own chariots.

Let’s now take a look at some of the key astrological transits for the month of November –

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November Astrology 2023

November 3- Sun Opposite Jupiter

The Scorpio Sun moves directly opposite Jupiter in Taurus, creating a bridge of high frequency, abundant energy. While the Eclipse energies will still be strong, this is a good time to practice gratitude and honor all of the abundance in your life. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so it’s a good time to focus on what you wish to expand in your life. Sometimes, Jupiter can also expand a situation we are dealing with, guiding us to see more of the truth and hopefully, a more detailed path to a solution.

November 4- Saturn Direct

Saturn stations direct in Pisces, after being retrograde since June. Saturn is known as our Master Teacher, so we may be wrapping up a lesson of some kind, or finding a new sense of clarity with something that has been going on for us. Saturn stationing direct can also bring waves of rewards into our lives, kind of like the gold star we receive when we have successfully completed a task. Look out for your gold star in the coming days!

November 6- Venus Trine Pluto

Venus and Pluto have been dancing on and off all throughout the year! If you look back over the year so far, how have your relationships changed? Do you feel more powerful within them, or are you still learning how to claim your power when in partnership with others? Pluto is the planet of power, and Venus is the planet of relationships, so this duo has definitely been helping us with this journey. Pay attention around this time if any power plays come up in your relationships. If so, try to focus on how you are being guided to grow. As an added plus, Venus Trine Pluto brings great potential to meet a powerful match!

November 8- Venus Enters Libra

Venus enters her ruling sign of Libra. This is beautiful, soft energy to work with, and will help to ease any tensions the Eclipse may have brought your way. In Libra, Venus gets us thinking about and appreciating the beauty of all that is around us. We may feel inspired to bring more beauty into our lives through redecorating our space, updating our wardrobe, changing our beauty routine, or even taking the time to appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature. As the sign of the diplomat, we may also be feeling more compassionate and understanding of those around us, and more open to finding a middle ground.

November 10- Mercury Enters Sagittarius

Mercury, the planet of communication, enters fiery and adventurous Sagittarius. We may be feeling more confident when it comes to expressing ourselves and standing up for what we want. Sagittarius is the seeker, so we may feel drawn to expand our mind, learn something new, and change the way we have been thinking about things. We may feel more open-minded, or desire to learn more about something we thought we already knew. It’s a good reminder under this energy that we are always learning!

November 11- 11/11

Magic 11/11! On the 11th day of the 11th month, the angel number 1111 is activated. 1111 can mean different things for different people. Some people associate it with a loved one or with a special memory. If you see 11:11 often, it is generally a sign that you are on the right path. Seeing 11:11 can also be a friendly hello from your guardian angels or spirit guides. It is a magical number that can also indicate manifestation, and that what you are asking for is coming your way. You can use the energy of this day for manifestation and gratitude work, or to honor whatever makes this number pattern special for you!

November 13- Sun Opposite Uranus

The Sun aligns opposite the planet of awakening and surprise, Uranus. This energetic bridge between the Sun and Uranus can stimulate out-of-the-box ideas, innovative thinking, and new ways of doing things. It can be a very inspirational energy that can help us to find solutions and open doors that were previously closed. Uranus energy can be quite erratic at times too, so we may also experience some unstable or scattered energy. We may feel a little all over the place, or desire to make some changes. This energy will pass in a few days, but Uranus always shakes things to awaken us to new possibilities.

November 13/14- Scorpio New Moon

The Scorpio New Moon is an intense one with the energy of Mars strong at play! New Moons are a time of introspection and reflection. Energy is drawn inwards and we tend to feel more in tune with our inner world. This is why New Moons are a good point in the month to check in with yourself to see how you are feeling. With fiery Mars active under this New Moon, we may be feeling restless, agitated, or irritable. Things may feel like they are out of our control, and this may be challenging to reckon with. Going back to the myth of Mars, this is a good time to remember that we can either ride our fears or they can ride us! This New Moon will also help to clear some of those Eclipse energies we have been experiencing. Eclipses are highly transformative, so we should find at this time that the energy of transformation begins to settle, and we can start to feel more grounded.

November 18- Sun Conjunct Mars

Mars is active once again as it comes into its annual alignment with the Sun. Mars and the Sun together can be a fiery, passionate, and motivating dynamic. If you feel like you could use a boost, this combination of energy can be great for charging things up! However, sometimes a surge of energy can also lead to burnout too! Depending where we are in our own lives, this combination of Sun and Mars can feel energizing or completely depleting. Mars energy is generally short lived, so listen to your body and know it shall pass. The Sun and Mars will come together in Scorpio, so this may also motivate us to dig deep and uncover the final layers that are keeping us stuck or in a place of inauthenticity.

November 22- Sagittarius Season Begins

The Sun moves out of watery Scorpio into fiery Sagittarius. This will feel like a welcomed move and help bring some lightness and playfulness back into our lives. It is at this point in the month that we will feel a nice shift in energy. We will be moving away from the deep inner work and into a place of lightness. We may feel the need to create more play and joy in our lives. We may even be feeling adventurous and long to take a trip somewhere new. Sagittarius is the zodiac of expansion, especially when it comes to our mind, and the way we choose to think about things. During Sagittarius Season, stay open to new ideas and new concepts; you may never know what new inspirations find you!

November 23- Sun Square Saturn

A challenging planetary combination that may press us to step up and take responsibility for all those nagging things that we need to get done. We may feel the weight of our responsibilities bearing down on us. We can turn this energy around however, by using it to get motivated to get the hard things done! Make a list, check it twice, and start crossing things off! Even though this energy can feel harsh and sometimes stifling, we can make great progress under this energy.

November 24- Mars Enters Sagittarius

Mars has been sending waves of intense energy as it has journeyed through the sign of Scorpio. All through the month, we have been working with its fiery red spirit. Now, as Mars moves into Sagittarius, energy will lighten, allowing us to feel a little more at ease. We may begin to see with greater clarity all that we have had to learn and all the ways we have grown throughout the month. Mars will spend the remainder of 2023 in Sagittarius, so this is the last move for the red planet in 2023.

November 25- Mars Square Saturn

More Mars energy! Mars in Sagittarius will square Saturn in Pisces. This can be a challenging combination of energy. While it peaks on this day, we can feel this Square in operation for at least a week surrounding this date. Mars and Saturn can create a push-pull dynamic where Mars wants us to act fast, and Saturn wants us to slow down and be methodical in our approach. We may feel restless, irritable, or confused about how to proceed around this time. We may find ourselves butting heads with others or feeling our temper rise up more quickly than usual. Mars Square Saturn can also be a signature for protests and escalation of conflicts. While this is all challenging energy, you can use Mars Square Saturn to make progress on difficult tasks. In astrology, Squares are often considered the most challenging aspects, however, they are also where we experience the most growth.

November 27- Gemini Full Moon

The month ends with a beautiful but slightly somber Gemini Full Moon. This Full Moon is a mixed bag as there is a lot of energy swimming around it. Full Moons are a power time in the month for endings, culminations, and closure. If there is something we wish to release or let go of from our lives, this is the time to set our intentions out into the Universe. As there is mixed energy around this Full Moon, you can use it to release all the things that make you feel confused, uncertain, or unsure about yourself. This would be a great Full Moon to also focus your attention on what makes you feel confident and certain. Gemini is normally a social and chatty sign, but we may feel more withdrawn under this Full Moon than normal. With the end of the year on the horizon, we may find our lives a bit busier and perhaps our mental state a bit busier too. This Full Moon can send our monkey brain into overdrive if we are not mindful. Keep your thoughts in check and make time for practices like journaling and meditation.

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