Intuitive Astrology Forecast October 2023

october astrology 2023

October 2023 brings two Eclipses – a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra, arrives on October 14 and is part of a new Eclipse cycle we began working with earlier in the year. The themes of this Eclipse cycle will continue to unfold as we move into 2024 and beyond.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on October 28, however, is the last in a cycle we have been working on since 2021. This is a big closure point and an ending to the lessons and journey of this Eclipse cycle. It will also give the end of the month a strong theme of closure and endings.

Aside from the Eclipses, which are incredibly powerful and can create a strong flow of transformative energy, the rest of October is fairly quiet. It is almost like the Universe is giving us permission to really concentrate and work with these Eclipse energies.

I like to think of Eclipses as portals to a higher state of consciousness. They tend to push us forward on our path and get us where we need to be (sometimes before we can even realize that is where we need to be!)

Eclipses often bring fated events, moving us closer to our higher path. They are powerful moments in the year where we are guided and placed where we need to be. While this can help us to navigate through the Eclipse energies, they can often be painful and challenging too.

Eclipses can rattle us and move us from a position we were not ready to leave. They can push us forward onto a path that may not be what we imagined for ourselves. But in time, and with perspective, we learn to see the beauty that has arisen from it.

Let’s take a deep dive into the Eclipse energies plus the energies of the month and how you can work with them-

Your October Astrology 2023

October 8- Venus Leaves its Shadow Phase

Venus has finally emerged from her post-retrograde shadow. If we cast our minds back to early June, Venus began her slowdown into retrograde territory. Then, on July 22, she moved officially retrograde, traveling through the depths of our psyche, uncovering issues in our relationships. On September 3, Venus stationed direct, bringing the final lessons. Now, as she leaves the shadow phase, she is on to new adventures and so are we, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

October 10- Pluto Direct in Capricorn

Pluto stations direct in Capricorn after being retrograde since May. For the last few months, we have had strong retrograde activity from the planets. This can sometimes create a feeling of sluggishness and a feeling of being stuck. More and more now, planets are starting to shift direct, and Pluto is next in line. With Pluto now moving direct, we may begin to see things starting to move around us with a bit more speed and ease. It may be easier to take steps forward, especially in areas we have felt controlled or suppressed in some way. Pluto represents power, so often when it stations direct, we can find ourselves coming into a new personal power. If we have been dealing with power struggles in our lives, things can start to feel easier from this point forward. Especially being in Capricorn, Pluto guides us to express our power in a responsible way. How can we step into our power so we can take responsibility for the things that are important to us?

October 12- Mars in Scorpio

Mars, the fiery planet enters one of its favorite signs. Mars likes to be in the sign of Scorpio, here Mars can feel sexy, strong, and in control. Mars in Scorpio can be powerful and passionate. We can channel this energy to give fire to our creative projects and to go after our passions and goals. We can use this energy to believe in ourselves and to unlock our inner warrior. Mars in Scorpio is fantastic for reigniting our passion, but it is also highly spiritual too. In Scorpio, Mars can help us to be more proactive when it comes to making changes and embracing any transformative energies that may have found us. If we need to delve deep and explore what is hidden beneath the surface, Mars will give us the confidence to go there. This would be a fantastic time to explore hidden traumas that have felt to difficult, and to confront painful emotions. Mars in Scorpio will give you the strength that is needed and the wisdom to see the magic in where you currently are.

October 14- New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra

This is one of the key events of the month and of 2023! This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra is part of a new Eclipse cycle that began back in April of this year. Back in April, we had the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse, and both these Eclipses will be working together. Cast your mind back to April, what themes were prevalent for you back then? This Eclipse is likely to expand on those themes and help push you further from your comfort zone into a place of greater beauty! The way we relate to others may be a theme around this Eclipse. We may feel triggered in a relationship or simply be looking at ourselves when it comes to how we choose to connect with others. As this Eclipse cycle is very fresh, it is likely that more will be revealed in the years to come. We can celebrate this Eclipse energy by raising our vibration, staying open to the gifts and gratitude of the Universe, and welcoming love into our lives with a more open heart. While Eclipse energies can be powerful and challenging, this Eclipse does have soft, sweet energy to counterbalance whatever hardships come up for us.

October 23- Scorpio Season Begins

The Sun moves out of air sign Libra, into the water sign, Scorpio. We may feel extra in tune with our emotions under the Scorpio Sun. Scorpio Season can turn up the dial on our psychic and intuitive skills – so trust your inner voice! With the Sun in Scorpio and the Eclipse energies rolling in high, we may feel like things in our lives need to change. We may be actively making changes or still mulling over what exactly needs to shift. This is a power time in the year, where we may feel uncertain about what’s ahead but certain that we can’t keep continuing the way we have been.

October 28- Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Taurus

This is a ultra-powerful Eclipse, as it brings to a close a powerful Eclipse cycle that began the end of 2021. Since this time, how have you grown? How has your life evolved? This Eclipse cycle is now delivering its final lesson, its graduation point if you will. The energies around this Eclipse are supercharged, and will see us reaching a closure point with something in our lives. If something exits your life under this Eclipse, take it as a sign. Trust whatever you feel ready to walk away from. The Eclipse energy will help us to shed and let go, so we can be free to enter into the new. Under this Eclipse, we may experience themes around money, our self-worth, and what it is we truly value. We may find ourselves needing to rethink what we have been giving our time to and what we wish to create in our lives moving forward. While the Eclipse energies can be challenging, they can also be incredibly empowering. Eclipses help us to leap forward on our path. They are bridges to a higher path and powerful tools of transformation and change. Let’s use these energies to our advantage!

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