Intuitive Astrology: Jupiter and the 22nd Degree

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On July 9th, Retrograde Jupiter reaches 22 degrees of Capricorn. Normally, this is nothing special, however, earlier in 2020 we had the defining Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which also took place at 22 degrees of Capricorn, making this degree of the zodiac highly charged and potent.

Think of this degree as a sensitive spot in the sky, and when a planet, especially a big expansive planet like Jupiter, aligns with this degree, it can activate the imprint of energy that was left here.

The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction occurred on January 12th, at 22 degrees of Capricorn and has set the stage for everything we have experienced in 2020 so far.

Saturn and Pluto bring sweeping change, they shine a spotlight on law and order, governments, and their energy together has even historically shown to bring mass disease.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction has defined 2020, but will also define the entire decade. It is a once in a lifetime alignment that is destined to push us deeper into embracing the Age of Aquarius.

Jupiter will reach this sensitive 22nd degree of Capricorn on July 9th, and hover around for a few days. While this in itself can activate the sensitive energies of this degree, a few days later on July 14th, the Sun will also align opposite Jupiter.

While Jupiter may not be exactly at 22 degrees of Capricorn at this time, it will still be very close, and together, the energy of the Sun will help to charge up this place in the cosmos.

To add to the mix, on July 18th, the Sun will then align opposite Retrograde Pluto, further reawakening whatever was unfolding for us both personally and collectively back in January of this year.

Essentially, this period spanning from July 9th-18th, we have this theme of revisiting January and looking back over this time so we can see more of the picture.

Looking back to January

Now that we are more than halfway through the year, January may seem like a distant memory. So much has happened for all of us since the start of the year.

The world has been shaken on such a huge level, and all of us in our own way have had to make some pretty big changes and adjustments.

Change is never easy, but it is moments like these that help us to become stronger and encourage us to grow. When we are out of our comfort zones, we can also discover new things about ourselves that we never realized before.

January is always a month where most of us feel inspired to set goals and to think about what we wish to achieve.

I look back over the goals I wrote for myself in January, and now realize that many of them are simply not possible in this new reality we are currently experiencing.

But that’s ok, for life is always leading us in new directions, and more so than ever, it feels more aligned to ask my own inner Divine to just lead and guide me in each moment.

What if I am the one in my own way? What if I am simply distracting myself with things that are not meant for me? I want to keep aligning on my highest path. I understand my highest path may bring changes and challenges and heartache. But if that’s what my soul signed up for, if that’s what I am supposed to do while I am here, let’s just get it done.

Looking back to January is not about counting failures and lost dreams, it is about dancing the dance between what you desire and what finds you.

Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so as it hovers to this sensitive degree, we may actually receive some greater clarity, not just about what was happening in January, but how we can take whatever this year has brought us and push ourselves into the future.

Life is never going to be the same, so let’s start to embrace this year not as a disaster, but as a catalyst for the incredible changes that are destined to take place not only on the global stage but in our lives.

Let us trust that every situation we find ourselves in is not because we are bad or good or wrong or right, but because this is the best and highest path for our soul’s growth in this lifetime.

Maybe this idea of revisiting January is about recognizing that our true power comes when we adapt, remain flexible, and allow our inner Divine to lead the way.

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