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july astrology 2020

As we start July, we wrap up the third and final Eclipse of the Season and of the Cancer/Capricorn cycle we have been working with since 2018.

As we move through the month, things may feel like they are settling down and the energy may shift to a calmer place. However, behind the scenes things are being planted for the next chapter of 2020, one that kickstarts come September.

As we enter September and navigate through the final months of the year, we have a very fiery and combative Mars Retrograde, and if you can believe it, more Eclipses as we enter November.

2020 was always destined to be a big and transformative year, so rather than fighting against all of this, learning to embrace it, going with the flow, and surrendering to the journey of your life will make things a little less stressful.

July is one of the months of the year, along with August, where we will get an opportunity to recharge.

It brings the incredible Sirius Gateway, that will beam high-frequency energy into our bodies and souls.

It also brings some detox energy, and while a bit of purging will be required, we will feel the benefits and lightness that comes when we let the toxic stuff go.

To help support you through the month, I have created a Heart Drumming Meditation. This meditation is designed to recharge your vitality and awaken and strengthen your life-force energy.

Here’s a wrap up of the July 2020 Astrology:

July 1st: Saturn Re-Enters Capricorn

Saturn left Capricorn for Aquarius back on March 21st, but seeing as Saturn is retrograde and traveling “backward” it has now re-entered Capricorn for one final time.

With Saturn revisiting the last few degrees of Capricorn, from now and until December, we may notice themes from March and earlier in the year resurfacing again.

When Saturn was last traveling through these final degrees of Capricorn, many countries around the world entered lockdown, so we may find ourselves revisiting that in some way.

On a personal level, Saturn moving back into Capricorn may stir some past themes for us, however, it is important to remember that we have been through it all before.

No new information or lessons are likely to surface, if anything, we may just be feeling a greater sense of understanding on the path we have been traveling.

If you want to dive into this deeper, read more on Saturn here.

July 2-7: Sirius Gateway

The Sirius Gateway is a magical time of year where our Spiritual Sun, Sirius aligns with our earthly Sun.

Our Sun that rises and sets each day, brings us life and sustenance and our Spiritual Sun does the same, but on a soul level.

It helps to supercharge our soul and inner vitality. We may feel our life-force energy getting stronger, or we may feel more connected to the Qi or Prana that flows all through our body.

Under the Sirius Gateway, we are more likely to receive intuitive or cosmic downloads, and it becomes easier for us to awaken our Kundalini energy and raise our vibration to higher levels.

The Sirius Gateway is like a power source that we can plug into in order to refuel our batteries.

You can read more on the energy of the Sirius Gateway here.

July 4-5th: Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The final Eclipse of the Season is here – a Capricorn Lunar Eclipse. This is not only the last Eclipse of the Season but it is also the last Eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipse cycle that we have been working with since May 2018.

We won’t experience another Capricorn or Cancer Eclipse for another 8 years.

This Eclipse is like a culmination point and its energy feels detoxifying.

There will be some release or purge needed, but it will feel satisfying and we will have this sense that we have finally reached the end on a journey we have been walking.

After this Eclipse, we will have a few months break before resuming the third and final Eclipse Season of the year in November.

If you are wondering, 2020 does hold an unusually large number of Eclipses, we normally experience 4 a year, but this year we have 6 to work with.

More on the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse for you here.

July 11: Chiron Retrograde

The healing asteroid, Chiron will enter the underworld. We already have strong retrograde energy floating through the cosmos, so Chiron just feels like another name to add to the mix!

Chiron Retrograde will be guiding us to find the strength in any healing we have recently gone through.

Sometimes the healing process can make us feel tired and a little depleted, but Chiron Retrograde encourages us to use the healing we have undertaken to find a new strength and to tune into a new power.

Healing takes hard work, but that hard work also brings strength, resilience, and a new power. Chiron Retrograde will be helping you to tune in, connect, and find that for yourself.

July 13: Mars conjunct Chiron

Mars entered Aries at the end of June where it will stay for an incredible six months. Mars is spending such a long time in its ruling sign due to its retrograde that happens in September.

Mars really becomes a star player as we enter the second half of the year, and it slowly begins sowing its seeds in July.

As Mars aligns with the healing asteroid Chiron, there will be a greater emphasis on needing to find our strength and inner warrior.

Following this alignment, over the next few months, Mars will then move on to align with the two Goddesses, Black Moon Lilith and Eris.

This creates a strong, fiery, and combative energy and tensions are likely to turn from a simmer to a rapid boil.

Once Mars goes retrograde on September 9, we are likely to see and experience this with more clarity.

More to come on this as we journey through the months, but just keep in mind that now is a good time to use this energy to claim your power and to not give it away.

July 14: Sun Opposite Jupiter

When the Sun aligns opposite Jupiter it tends to bring abundance and expansion, however, Jupiter happens to be retrograde and is hovering at the exact same degree of the Saturn Pluto Conjunction that happened earlier this year which triggered a lot of what we are now seeing play out through 2020.

As Jupiter moves over this sensitive degree and aligns opposite the Sun, we may see themes from January resurface, or something that was hiding in the shadows from this time may be uncovered.

July 12: Mercury Direct

Mercury will turn direct after being retrograde since June 17th.

We may feel a greater sense of clarity starting to arrive, especially now that we no longer have any personal planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) in retrograde.

We always feel the personal planets the most when they retrograde, so as Mercury returns to its former speed, the air should feel a little clearer.

July 20: Cancer New Moon

The Cancer New Moon is a sensitive one and brings a mix of energy. On one hand, this New Moon will bring a fresh new lunar cycle, helping to create some distance from the recent Eclipse energies.

Things should feel lighter and we may feel inspired to set some new goals or to think about how we want to wrap up the second half of the year.

Saturn however, is also very active on this New Moon and its presence can sometimes bring harsh energy and restrictions. We may feel a pressure building, or we may feel held back in some way.

The best way to use this energy is to think about how you can take responsibility for your own life rather than waiting for permission from outside sources.

Under this Dark Moon, ask yourself – How can I take what is in my control and turn it into the best possible outcome for myself?

July 22: Leo Season Begins

The Sun enters the sign of the lion and reaches its fullest power in the cosmic skies.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, so this is a time where all of us can step up and learn how to radiate and sparkle in our own unique way.

The midpoint of Leo Season in August also brings the magical 88 Lionsgate Portal, where we get to work with the energy of Sirius, our Spiritual Sun once again.

July 25: Mars Enters Shadow Period

Mars will begin slowing down from this point forward as it prepares to go retrograde later in September.

Whatever is unfolding now until this time holds a clue as to what themes the upcoming retrograde will bring. We may also begin feeling some tense energy bubbling in the undercurrents too.

Mars Retrograde is a time where we can feel a little sluggish and like we have lost our motivation, so if you have important projects you want to get done, it’s best to start making some good headway at this time.

July 28: Venus Leaves its Shadow Period

Venus went direct on June 24-25 but it will now return to its former strength.

In the coming days, it will also leave the sign of Gemini, where it has spent an unusually long period of time and will enter the sign of Cancer.

Venus won’t retrograde again for another 18 months so this represents that we are well and truly on track with a new Venus Cycle.

As we begin this new Venus Cycle, we may feel stronger in our hearts and more open to new waves of Love.

To help support you through the month, I have created a Heart Drumming Meditation which you can find here. This meditation is designed to recharge your vitality and awaken and strengthen your life-force energy.

Happy July!

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