Intuitive Astrology: Jupiter and Venus Align 2019

venus and jupiter

Two of the most romantic planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Venus, align together in the sign of Sagittarius to bring us love, abundance, opportunity, and optimism for the future.

This alignment happens throughout the week of January 21st, but we will feel it most strongly during the first part of the week.

After the intense Blood Moon Eclipse, this alignment of cosmic energy will bring relief, and will help us to see the positive side of whatever the Eclipse energies may have brought our way.

The alignment of Venus and Jupiter will also be helping us to feel hopeful about the future and excited about what is to come. This may bring a sense of relief, as often Eclipses can stir things up, and make us question our path moving forward.

In fact, no matter what has been stirring for you during this potent Eclipse, know that Venus and Jupiter aligning provide a protective effect and help to temper any harsh energies.

When these two planets come together, they shine like bright beacons in the sky, and encourage us to think bigger, to open our hearts, to explore, to tap into abundance, and to go after our goals no matter how big or grand they seem.

Venus and Jupiter also inspire us to travel, and to surround ourselves with things that make us feel good. In fact, under this energy, it is the perfect time to clear through each room of your house, and to let go of things that no longer inspire you and no longer align with the vision of your life.

These two planets also come together to help us create that clear vision for our lives, as every now and again, our dreams need updating.

Under this cosmic energy, take the time to go within and work out what inspires you and what you dream life may look and feel like.

Close your eyes and imagine what your perfect day would look like. See what you would be wearing, where you would be living, and what you would be feeling. Really allow yourself to go on a journey and to immerse yourself in this fantasy.

When you open your eyes, jot down a few notes or anything else that feels important to you. Perhaps look over how your dream life made you feel and work on slowly creating those feelings for yourself right now, no matter what your life may be in this present moment.

The alignment of Jupiter and Venus is really a beautiful, romantic, dreamy energy that we can all definitely benefit from.

This alignment will happen one more time in 2019 in November, so get to work on using the energy now, and then measure how your dreams have manifested and unfolded by the time Jupiter and Venus come together again in November.

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