Intuitive Astrology: Jupiter in Sagittarius

jupiter in sagittarius

Through the last 12 years, Jupiter has moved through each of the zodiac signs, learning lessons, experiencing growth, and inspiring change. Now, Jupiter is finally ready to return to its home constellation of Sagittarius on November 8th, 2018.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and as it moves from the deep, watery depths of Scorpio into fiery, adventurous Sagittarius, we are all going to feel the shift.

While in Scorpio, Jupiter has really been guiding us to wrap up loose ends, dig deep into our subconscious, and make peace with the idea of death.

While in Scorpio, Jupiter has taught us the power of destruction and the miracles that unfold when we choose to rise up and start fresh. Jupiter has taught us to not be afraid of the dark and to make peace with the shadows lurking in our closets.

On a global level, Jupiter in Scorpio has bought up issues regarding sexuality, gender equality, and the ‘Me Too’ movement. These are all issues that Jupiter in Scorpio has been helping to unearth and shed light upon.

While there is still much work to do when it comes to these issues, Jupiter in Scorpio has highlighted where changes need to be made and has made room for some much-needed discussions to be had.

Now, as Jupiter enters its home sign of Sagittarius, it’s going to be time for a new adventure and a new wave of energy.

When Jupiter is in Sagittarius it is free to express its true self and true form. Jupiter is the planet associated with expansion, abundance, benevolence, and opportunity. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and has the ability to open minds, open hearts, and get us to see the world with a new found perspective.

While in Sagittarius, Jupiter is going to inspire us to learn, travel, and expand our ideas and spiritual understanding. We are going to be encouraged to embrace our differences and understand people who have different cultural upbringings than our own.

In fact, while Jupiter is in Sagittarius, tolerance is really going to be a theme, especially when it comes to accepting and understanding different cultures and backgrounds.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is about working together to create a better society that is more open-minded, and is based on fairness and equality for all.

This placement is also about expanding our minds and learning to accept things that may be against the grain or different to what we have known.

Embracing our differences, and remaining open-minded to people’s way of life is so important for a healthy, functioning society and Jupiter in Sagittarius is really going to be driving this point home.

On a more intimate level, Jupiter in Sagittarius is really going to help bring new ideas, inspiration, and opportunities into our lives.

We are going to feel more optimistic about the future, and we are going to be given the gift to see potentials rather than blocks. In fact, this is very positive energy that we can really use to our advantage in order to create more abundance and go after our goals and dreams.

We can also think back to what was happening in our lives in 2006-2007, and/or 1994-1995, and/or 1982-1983, as it’s likely that a similar theme from this time may be revisited in some way.

While Jupiter is in Sagittarius, we are really going to be given that extra boost to create and find new opportunities to be ourselves and to bring our talents and gifts to the world.

Jupiter in Sagittarius also brings an adventurous, explorative type energy, and we may feel inspired to travel abroad, find new adventures, or immerse ourselves in a culture that is completely foreign to our own.

Under this energy, there is an innate desire to understand people, different philosophies, and different ways of life. We are going to be encouraged to accept our differences, find our strengths, and embrace all of who we are.

The more we allow ourselves to shed the mask, the more we allow ourselves to be free in who we are, the stronger and more empowered we become.

Jupiter in Sagittarius brings so many gifts that we can use to our advantage, so make the most of this period which lasts until December 4, 2019.

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