The New Unity of Feminine and Masculine Energy

feminine and masculine energy
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This post is written by Ann Randrup,  a Spiritual Life Coach who empowers women to step into a new leadership and live their souls calling in freedom and grace. 

All over the Western world women are gathering for marches, sisterhood circles and international movements like never before. For the first time in hundreds – maybe thousands of years – women are truly waking up to their own worth. Liberating both men and women from old destructive patterns.

Since the Greek and Roman times, women have had no equal rights. This is changing and women in most parts of the world now have the right to vote and hold a powerful job.

But movements like #MeToo have shown us a hidden problem of abuse and silence. It is a silence that is rooted in thousands of years of male dominated culture that has been part of our tradition for so long that we might think that it is normal.

The Ancient Kogi Wisdom

If we go back 3,000 years or more we find cultures where women were in power.

Archaeological excavations and studies of those cultures show no signs of war, weapons or defence structures. And this ancient wisdom of the feminine is still alive in the indigenous tribes.

“Women are sacred and must be honoured”. These were the words of the Kogi priest who I had the honour of meeting last summer.

His words resonated deep in my soul. I have myself experienced dishonouring and abusive relationships. But thankfully I live in a part of the world where women have a legal right to leave an abusive marriage or an abusive boss.

Women have to own this right and work hard to remove themselves from abusive situations. Claiming your right is a personal choice, along with claiming freedom.

We are all worthy of love and protection. And since we come from a culture of historical inequality, we have to re-learn and remember that we are all sacred, free, and have the right to speak our truth.

We all have a feminine and a masculine side. And the words of the Kogi priest reminded me that in order to allow my feminine side to thrive, I need my masculine side to honour and protect me.

I need my masculine side to set healthy boundaries physically, emotionally, energetically, professionally, and sexually.

In order to do this, let’s first take a closer look at the basic characteristics of the masculine and the feminine qualities:

The Feminine Power

The feminine principle is receptivity, softness, sensitivity, and intuition. The feminine has flexibility like the flow of water. She can create life and nurture all living things. She listens to her family, her own heart, and the voice of the Earth. And she will change her mind accordingly.

The Masculine Power

The heavenly masculine is visionary, fatherly, supportive, giving, active, and outgoing. It has the ability to set structures and boundaries, and the strength to protect the feminine and the tribe. As you can see, the heavenly masculine and the divine feminine both come from love – and are a match made in heaven.

So, where did it all go wrong?

At some point in history fear and power snuck in. And, for at least 2,000 years, our patriarchal culture has been dominated by the fear driven distorted masculine – which is aggressive, demanding, controlling and rigid.

Even to this day we see strong reactions and aggression if the distorted male fears that he is losing his power or losing control.

Just as aggression shows the corruption of the aggressor, it will also corrupt the victim in equal measures, as the victim starts acting out of fear.

Thousands of years of abuse has created a distorted and disempowered feminine.

The distorted feminine is victimised, passive, struggling, manipulative, and deeply wounded. She is caught up in a victim role and feels sorry for herself while blaming other people for her misery. She will be jealous of other women and fight her sisters instead of co-creating with them.

Maybe she has come to believe that her only method of survival is to mimick the distorted masculine.

The Revolution is Feminine

Women are waking up to the fact that they are worthy, and that the feminine is sacred.

They are learning how to love and honour themselves and no longer act from fear. And as they soften, forgive, and heal all the pain and abuse they have experienced we will all be set free individually and collectively.

It is time to break the spell of 2,000 years of male dominated culture. And to liberate both men and women from the fear driven and destructive patterns we have created.

We have the power to make this world better – or destroy it. Each of us has to make that choice.

If you want to create harmony in this world you must start with yourself by unifying your feminine and masculine sides and stepping into a new type of leadership.

It has begun with women standing shoulder to shoulder, taking their power back, and breaking the shame.

We need both our feminine and our masculine power to create balance; to rediscover the indigenous wisdom of the Kogi Tribe and start honouring ourselves, each other, and this Earth.

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Ann is a Spiritual Life Coach who is empowering women to step into their new leadership and live their souls calling in freedom and grace. You can find out more about her at