Intuitive Astrology: Jupiter Mars Square September 2019

jupiter mars astrology 2019

If you have been feeling extra irritable lately, impulsive, or even a little burnt out, it could be due to the Jupiter Mars Square which will peak just before the Full Moon on September 12-13th and last until around the 19th of the month.

Jupiter and Mars align in a square configuration at least once a year, but in 2019, their energy is amplified as both planets have been very busy and very active.

Jupiter turned direct on August 11th, and has been hovering over the Great Attractor ever since, which acts as an energy amplifier. Jupiter won’t do this again for another 12+ years.

Mars has also been busy and earlier this month it aligned with the Sun, which is something it only does once every two years. This alignment would have helped to supercharge Mars, allowing its energy to be active all through the month.

Now that Jupiter and Mars are aligning in this sacred and potent formation, we are going to get a double dose of their energy and feel the effects of what these two heavenly bodies have been trying to instill in our lives.

Mars is the planet of action, energy, motivation, and also guides us to overcome our fears. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance, and optimism, and can magnify things to their fullest expression and potency.

Mars and Jupiter come together to create a productive time but also a time where we need to think about how we are using our energy and where we are putting our attention.

Are we using our energy to further ourselves and better ourselves or are we using our energy to further distract us from the truth in which we are?

Under this Jupiter-Mars energy we can also feel everything from:

  • Increased motivation
  • A sense of urgency to get things done or bring resolution to things
  • Confidence to take on bigger or riskier projects
  • Increased enthusiasm and optimism 
  • Ability to overcome obstacles with more ease
  • “The show must go on” mentality
  • A feeling of running out of time
  • Impulsiveness
  • Feeling threatened or tense
  • Feeling the need to call others out
  • Ability to make quick decisions
  • Defensiveness 
  • Heightened emotions, especially anger and frustration
  • A need to exercise or exert creative energy
  • Feeling burnt out 
  • Risk-taking behavior 

Jupiter squaring Mars is also an aspect that can bring conflicts, court cases, and legal issues into our lives. It can also force us to look at how we are spending our energy and what we are choosing to give our energy to.

Energy expended in a positive way under this aspect can lead to heightened creativity and heightened confidence when it comes to making decisions and getting things crossed off our to-do lists.

Under this energy, we also have to be careful about what we say to others or reacting in a hurry. We also need to be mindful of working too hard as burn out can happen under this aspect too.

All of us will feel the energy of this Mars Jupiter Square in our own unique way. While the energy is there for all of us to use, in order to be received, it has to filter through our being and merge with our own energy field in order to become real in our lives. How it merges with your own energy field is how you will experience the manifestation of these energies.

Pay attention over the coming days to what events may align with this Mars Jupiter energy in your life.

Overall, Mars and Jupiter coming together is considered a positive aspect, but if you notice any conflicts or uncomfortable energy emerging, exercising, taking time to rest, and thinking of more productive and positive ways to use your energy can all help.

Most of us spend a lot of time in the day getting caught up in stressful and anxious thinking. We think about the past or about the future, and get stuck in judgment about ourselves and others.

In order to shift out of this energy, we first need to become aware of when we are doing it, then we need to work on redirecting our thinking to something more positive and productive.

In the long term, practices like therapy, journaling, and meditation are all wonderful for helping us to keep our stress levels at bay. Spending time in nature, getting some fresh air, and taking time for the ones we love can also help too.

Our minds are powerful and our actions are powerful and under this energy, we can take both of these and marry them up to create something wonderful in our lives. We just have to be mindful of how we are using this energy and check in with ourselves to ensure we are not allowing our ego or our fears to take the lead.

The Jupiter Mars Square is also going to pave the way for the final square Jupiter will make to the planet Neptune, which happens on September 21st. This is big energy and will be guiding us to wrap up a pivotal cycle we have been working with all year. You can read more about that here.

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Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire. She is also the author of several books including the Power of Positive Energy, Messages for the Soul, and My Pocket Mantras. She also runs online courses and in-person retreats.