Intuitive Astrology: Jupiter Aligns with the Great Attractor

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Our Universe remains very much a mystery. There is still so much to explore, so much to see, and so much to understand.

In the 1970s, scientists discovered that remarkably, our galaxy was being pulled towards a specific point in the Universe. This point has been called the Great Attractor.

Scientists are still trying to figure out how and why we are heading towards this Great Attractor. While they have tried to look into what the Great Attractor holds, it lies on the other side of the Milky Way, making it very difficult to see what is there.

What they have found so far is that the Great Attractor holds the mass of over 1,000 trillion Suns and our Solar System is hurtling towards it at a speed of 2.2 million kilometers per hour. Yep, 2.2 million! Think of that the next time you feel stuck in the same place!

Here’s some good info from

“Our galaxy and other nearby galaxies are being pulled toward a specific region of space. It’s about 150 million light-years away, and here is the best part. We’re not exactly sure what it is. We call it the Great Attractor….. We can see how our galaxy and other nearby galaxies are moving toward the great attractor, so something must be causing things to go in that direction. That means either there must be something massive over there, or it’s due to something even more strange and fantastic.”

In astrology, the Great Attractor is located at 14 degrees of Sagittarius, but as its discovery is relatively new, the significance behind it is still emerging.

Phillip Sedgwick is the leading astrologer when it comes to understanding the Great Attractor. You can read his full write up, but here is an excerpt-

“People born with the Sun, Moon, ascendant or another important planet close to, or aspecting, this point will often find that they have a polarizing effect on people around them, making unusually close friends and intense enemies as well. They can give the impression that they hold the key to the mystery of the universe, correctly or not. The perception is that people on the Great Attractor have unusual appeal or potency. They find themselves in vast circles, accidentally. Or they have impacted masses of people and think they have created no influence in their lives whatsoever.”

From Sedgwick’s work and my own intuitive feelings, here is what the Great Attractor may represent-

  • We are all magnetic beings with the ability to pull things towards us and be pulled by things too
  • Fate vs. free will: we are moving to a point we have no control over and yet we still feel free to make choices
  • All things lead here, so perhaps this is a clue as to our purpose and our reason for being- we are all being led to it whether we realize it or not
  • We can’t see it but we know we are moving towards it- kind of like death or change
  • Located out of sight on the other side of the Milky Way as a symbol for a new truth emerging or a greater truth to be revealed

While this is just the tip of the iceberg, it can help us to begin to understand what the Great Attractor may symbolize or represent.

Those born from December 6th-8th or those with the Moon, Rising Sign or other planets on the Great Attractor may also resonate with some of the above points.

So, where does that leave Jupiter?

Jupiter has been retrograde since April 10, 2019, and will station direct on August 11, 2019, at exactly 14 degrees of Sagittarius, the home of the GA.

This is going to amplify the energy of already expansive Jupiter and help us to receive energies and understand the GA with more clarity.

Just reading this very article brings more awareness that there is this huge gravitational force in the Universe that is pulling us towards something.

As Jupiter stations direct on the GA, we may also find ourselves asking the same question- Where do we feel pulled? Where do we feel we are heading?

Sedgwick shares that in the past, when Jupiter Retrograde was active over the GA, the Titanic sunk. It was the ship that wasn’t supposed to sink, but it did, creating doubt and questions in the minds of the people.

A deeper questioning of the truth was stirred and perhaps that is what we will find as Jupiter moves across this sensitive point in the cosmic skies in 2019.

Because this energy is Galactic, there is also an element of needing to shift out of our own reality in order to understand it.

We definitely don’t feel like we are moving at millions of kilometers per hour and yet we are. So, what is reality really? It can’t just be what we can rationalize with our five senses, it has to be more.

Many great spiritualists and quantum physicists have always felt that this Universe is just a hologram and we are living in a type of matrix controlled by our unity consciousness.

We are all co-creators building reality together by what we think, act, feel, and do. We are all threads in the same tapestry, weaving together in order to make the whole.

If you think about the word, “Great Attractor” it also reminds us of our own individual power to attract things to us using our vibration and our own individual magnetism.

When we vibrate higher we change our reality but that doesn’t mean we are still not part of the tapestry and not part of the same creation.

We are in this together, all of us. It is just that by raising our vibration we can see that there is so much more, we can shift our perspective and understand the journey from a more loving point of view.

Jupiter is the most expansive planet in our Solar System, and especially as it stations direct right over the GA, we are going to really be able to feel into the magnetism and mystery of our cosmic world.

The Great Attractor is where we are heading, whether we realize it or not, but it is definitely not the end of the road and not the end of the story.

There is so much out there that we still don’t know about our lives, our Universe, and what we are all doing here.

Jupiter going over the GA from August 11-29, will help us to think bigger, wider, and more abundantly.

During this window, think about your own power and ability to attract and manifest whatever you think and feel into your own life.

PS. On November 19-23, 2019 Jupiter will also pass over another sensitive point in our Universe known as the Galactic Center. While it’s not as powerful as the GA, it will help to amplify the energies of Jupiter and will be another good time for manifestation and attraction work.

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