Intuitive Astrology: Jupiter Retrograde 2020

jupiter retrograde 2020

Jupiter enters its annual retrograde on May 10th to September 13th in the sign of Capricorn.

Jupiter spends a good portion of the year in retrograde, so this is a natural and normal rhythm that we are used to experiencing. Jupiter however, has not been retrograde in the sign of Capricorn in over 12 years, so this is what makes the energy fresh and different.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance. It brings opportunities and helps to expand things so we can see with greater clarity.

Jupiter gives us the gift of being able to see the bigger picture and within that bigger picture, it becomes easier for us to see the how and why of our journey.

When Jupiter enters retrograde, it is not as easy for us to access this bigger picture. Our focus becomes smaller, and we are asked to narrow in on a particular theme or topic of our lives.

Instead of looking at things from a birdseye perspective, we are now being drawn to focus on the smaller details.

Under this energy, we don’t want to spread ourselves too thin or lose sight of what is really important to us.

Think of a beautiful painting for a moment. When we look at the whole painting, it allows us to understand the totality of the work. We can see the entire image and what it represents.

When we take a small section of the painting however, and really study and look at it, we don’t have the whole context. We can only imagine what this small part of the whole may turn out to be.

While our scope to see is limited, our imagination can run wild. We can notice the smallest of things and stretch our minds to visualize what this small section of the painting may represent or be a part of.

When we can finally see the whole painting revealed to us, that small section will make greater sense to us, but it would have also helped to shift and change how we see the picture in its entirety too.

It’s almost like by focusing on this small section of the painting, we develop a special relationship with it. Whether we consciously realize it or not, focusing in on that small piece shifts and changes our understanding of the bigger picture.

By focusing on the smaller details, we have greater awareness and appreciation of the whole.

This is what Jupiter Retrograde energy is like. It encourages us to focus on the smaller details for there is something we can learn and take away from this when we do.

By focusing on the smaller details, we can create a deeper understanding and appreciation for the bigger picture when it is finally revealed to us.

As Jupiter goes retrograde in Capricorn, we may see this play out in areas relating to our ambition, drive, and what it is that we would like to “build” and create in this life.

What do you wish to expand in your life?

Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn will be helping you to lay the groundwork and to create a solid and firm foundation for the expansion to occur.

How can you create space for this expansion? What practical, methodical steps can you take?

Capricorn is an earth sign and it wants us to put integrity and deliberate thought behind each action we take. It wants us to create a solid, stable foundation so we can climb high.

When Jupiter goes direct again come September, the larger, expanded picture will be revealed and a greater clarity will follow. New opportunities will open up and we will feel like we can spread our focus comfortably.

During this Jupiter Retrograde, we may find ourselves feeling extra tired and lethargic. We may also feel like we have lost our motivation.

This is all part of the process, and a reminder that like all retrograde energy, this is a time to go within.

While our motivation for output may be reduced, it’s important to remember that we are still doing a lot of inner growth during this time.

Inner growth is still work! So be gentle with your moods and try not to allow the voice of shame to creep in.

While you may not be able to make leaps and strides under this energy, know that any effort you put in during this retrograde has potential to blossom in full once Jupiter goes direct again in September.

You may not see the progress for you are only concentrating on the smaller picture, but by appreciating and working with what is in front of you, it will help you to reach further when things expand once again.

Diving Deeper Exercises

1.) Jupiter entered Capricorn back in December 2019. Think back to this time of your life. What themes were coming up for you, specifically around your career, money, or what you felt called to build in your life? Write down whatever stands out to you and know this may be up for a revisit during this retrograde period.

2.) What area of your life would you like to see expand? Under this retrograde, think about the smaller details that can help create a solid ground for expansion. What little things can you focus on in this area of your life? How can you create space for this expansion to occur? What small practical steps can you take right now?

3.) Use the following journal prompts to spark inspiration:

  • I feel most abundant when…
  • I can expand my life by…
  • I feel called to focus on…
  • I am grateful for…

4.) Think of 3 ways that you can better manage your energy levels. You may also wish to look into what current habits are depleting your energy.

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