Intuitive Astrology: Jupiter Pluto Conjunction 2020

jjupiter pluto astrology 2020

One of the major planetary cycles taking place in 2020 is the Jupiter Pluto Conjunction. This alignment is rare, happening only every 12-13 years.

Jupiter and Pluto will conjunct or align three times this year, on April 4th, June 30th, and November 12th, 2020.

These dates can be seen as the beginning, middle, and end of the cycle, and while we will feel the effects of this alignment from the end of March right up until December, these specific dates may provide some clues as to what’s instore under this fated alignment. 

Jupiter and Pluto Astrology

Jupiter and Pluto coming together is the astrological signature for abundance, prosperity, and fortune.

Jupiter is the ruler of the heavens and the planet of abundance and expansion. Pluto is the ruler of the underworld, and the planet of power and death and rebirth.

As these two come together, we are going to see major shifts and changes when it comes to how we view abundance, money, and the giving and receiving of energy.

Pluto brings destruction, but Jupiter’s heavenly presence ensures that whatever is built in its place is brighter, better, and more abundant than before.

Things may feel like they are crumbling around us, but as they do, the ashes pave the way for a new way to be birthed into existence. This is abundance in action. Nothing is ever lost, it just comes around in another form.

Jupiter Pluto Conjunction in 2020

Jupiter and Pluto coming together in 2020, is likely to shine a spotlight on the economy, our finances, and our relationship with abundance.

Many are already feeling the strain of the economy, and while these times may not feel very prosperous, Jupiter and Pluto come together to rebirth a new and hopefully, better way.

As the planet of death and rebirth, Pluto is not afraid to destroy things in order to rebuild them. Pluto will find whatever is weak, and cause it to crumble, but Jupiter’s optimism allows us to quickly get to work on fixing things so they can be better and more prosperous than before.

We are already seeing changes to the economy and it’s likely that this alignment will bring some further news.

While this can be a little unnerving, this combination of energy is our opportunity to create more balance, to strengthen the economy for everyone, and to create a healthier relationship when it comes to money.

Intuitive Messages from Jupiter and Pluto

Jupiter and Pluto are inviting us to look at our relationship with abundance. 

Take a moment to think about what abundance means to you. 

Abundance is so much more than just material things or money; it is about expansion. It is about moving through the world in a way that allows you to see the opportunities rather than the limitations.

Abundance is not something we create, it is something we tune into and these cosmic bodies coming together are a message from the Universe that it’s time to dial in and upgrade our relationship with abundance.  

Within us right now, our body contains an abundance of cells. There is also an abundance of stars in the sky, and grains of sand at the beach. An abundance of water flows through our oceans, and the Sun shines so brightly its able to light up everything on this planet.

Abundance is all around us, and as we start to recognize it, and see it as more than just material, we can start to understand and work with its power and potential so much more.

Jupiter and Pluto coming together open the doors to abundance big and wide and reminds us that whenever we lose something, something else is always gained, and whenever there is an ending, a new beginning always follows.

If doors feel like they have closed around you, it is important to grieve and honor any emotions that arise. But when you feel ready, see if you can lean into what new opportunities may now be on offer to you.

Jupiter and Pluto are here to remind us that we are worthy of receiving and it is safe for us to give. They remind us to focus our attention on what we wish to attract into our lives and to feel for ourselves the abundant Universe that lives within and all around us.

Can you recognize the abundance that is already within and around you?

Overall, Jupiter and Pluto coming together is our guidepost from the Universe that the time has come to create a more balanced flow and to remember that abundance is always around us.

Jupiter and Pluto Exercises

Here are some ways you can start to embody the lessons and gifts of abundance that these two cosmic giants are bringing our way through 2020-

1.) Think about what you would like to receive more of in your life. Make a list of 3-5 things. Now, reflect on how you freely give those things to yourself or others. Do you embody or give what you wish to attract? Think about how you can start offering others and the world what you wish to receive.

2.) Set a clear intention for what you would like to create for yourself and your life. You don’t have to have the full picture, but creating an intention and getting it out on paper can be a way of clearly communicating your goals not only to yourself but also to the Universe.

3.) Use the following journal prompts- 

  • When I connect to abundance I feel…
  • Abundance feels like…
  • I feel most abundant when I…
  • I invite abundance into my life today by…

4.) For 30 days, make a list of 7 ways you recognized abundance as you moved through your day. It could be anything from noticing a blooming flower to seeing a penny on the ground. 

5.) Organize your finances by calculating your income and your expenses. Where are you spending where you don’t need to be? Where could you afford to give a little more? Take a practical look at how you spend and especially pay attention to the non-essentials- sometimes where we splurge the most is where we find our greatest insecurities. 

6.) Go through every room in your home and create space for abundance to enter. When we live in a cluttered environment, there is no room for receiving and being in the flow. Clear out things you no longer use, pass them on to others who need them, and invite new energy into your life.

7.) Bring your awareness to the doors that are opening for you. What new opportunities have come your way recently? What new insights have you received? What benefits or support are on offer to you right now? Stretch your hands out and ask the Universe to guide you to the support you need right now.

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