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You may have heard of a Saturn Return but another significant return in astrology is your Jupiter Return.

A Saturn Return occurs every 28-29 years and indicates a time of growing up, taking responsibility for your life, and awakening. Because of the intensity of a Saturn Return, this astrological transit often receives a lot of attention.

This is perhaps to be expected as the amazing life changes that come along with a Saturn Return are often enough to make you stop, take notice, and perhaps even investigate as to what is going on!

Jupiter Returns happen a little more frequently, occurring every 12 years, but they are just as significant.

Jupiter is considered to be the lucky planet, so it is often assumed that a Jupiter Return is an extremely lucky and prosperous time, but there is a deeper side to this too.

To receive all the luck and prosperity from the Universe, Jupiter has to first create a pathway.

This pathway can sometimes involve the breaking down of old structures, beliefs, ideas, and thought patterns. It can also involve the breaking down of relationships, dreams, goals, and values.

Even though Jupiter is considered “lucky” it is also the planet that rules over the bigger picture. This means that things may not appear very lucky at first until you have been able to take into consideration the bigger-picture vision.

Jupiter Returns are points of expansion for us. They can also bring abundance, greater awareness, higher learning, and can shape our philosophies of the world.

Let’s break down what you can expect from your first few Jupiter Returns-

(If you want to figure out exactly when you are having your Jupiter Return, look to see what zodiac sign Jupiter was in at the time of your birth. When Jupiter “returns” to this part of the zodiac, that is when your Jupiter Return will begin. You can do this by drawing up a free natal birth chart online or if you want to dive deeper, grab a copy of my book, The Ultimate Guide to Astrology! I walk you through everything step by step.)

The First Jupiter Return: 11-12 Years Old

During the first Jupiter Return, which happens around 12 years old, the focus is on your integration into adulthood, which is marked by hitting puberty.

This is the year before officially becoming a teenager, and often there is a huge shift in the way you think and feel.

You long for more independence, you want to separate yourself from your family, and you tend to rely and trust your friends more than your parents. You may begin thinking about the bigger picture vision for your life and what you may wish to do once you leave school.

Life events may happen at this time that can expand and change your worldview.

The first Jupiter Return can be hard to understand as it is at this time that most of us are really only starting to become aware of who we are. Because of this, it is the second and even third Jupiter Return that is often the most transformative.

The Second Jupiter Return: 23-24 Years Old

At age 23-24, we experience our second Jupiter Return, and often this can be a very critical point in our lives.

If you are older, perhaps think back to what was happening in your life at 24 to see if you can piece together what Jupiter may have been trying to show you. It’s likely something would have expanded for you, opening up a new way of thinking.

At the time when I was going through my Jupiter Return, I didn’t think much of it, but now looking back, I see how it shaped the future road ahead and expanded the vision of what my life could be.

During my Jupiter Return, I quit my acting career. Even though, at the time, this felt like a huge and devastating failure, it allowed me to give birth to my creative energy in a different way which involved starting this website!

Upon leaving my acting career, a whole new world opened up. I no longer felt like a slave to all the auditions and training. I was also able to channel my creativity into new endeavors. My bank account was also much happier too, which is another thing Jupiter, as the planet of expansion and abundance, can help with.

I also started my first serious relationship during my Jupiter Return, which was also a huge learning and growing process, as prior to this, I was always afraid of commitment and opening myself up to others.

At the time, the impact of my Jupiter Return didn’t really dawn on me. It is only now looking back that I see how my Jupiter Return brought incredible expansion into my life. It didn’t really feel all positive at the time, but now I see just how special it all really was!

The Third Jupiter Return: 35 Years Old

The third Jupiter Return begins around age 34-35. I am just beginning my third Jupiter Return as Jupiter prepares to move into Taurus in May 2023.

For the third Jupiter Return, something in our lives can be expanded so we can make the most of it, but also so we can take appropriate action. It is at this point in our lives that we may need to stop ignoring things that are no longer working and finally make necessary changes.

Jupiter can help expand what is no longer working for us so we can take these steps with greater clarity.

Transitioning into your Jupiter Return

Before the start of a new Jupiter Return, it may feel like a closing to a cycle that has been unfolding over the last 12 years.

Whatever themes unfolded over the last 12 years usually come to an end and are cleansed and purified for good.

Jupiter cycles always bring something new and a new opportunity for positive growth and expansion, so most people going through a Jupiter Return will feel like they are starting a brand new chapter in their lives.

If you want to know specifically what themes your Jupiter Return will bring, you need to look at the astrological sign Jupiter was in when you were born.

The astrological sign that Jupiter falls in your chart as well as any other corresponding aspects, will indicate the lessons that Jupiter is sent to teach you and some of the themes of your Jupiter Return.

Jupiter Returns Through the Elements

If your natal Jupiter is in a fire sign…

The keywords for those with Jupiter Returns in the fire signs- Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are:  leadership, expansion, and bringing new ideas into the world.

If your natal Jupiter is in an earth sign…

The keywords for those with Jupiter Returns in the earth signs -Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are: stability, discipline, and healing.

If your natal Jupiter is in an air sign…

The keywords for those with Jupiter in air signs- Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are: innovation, compassion, courage, and communication.

If your natal Jupiter is in a water sign…

The keywords for those with Jupiter in water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are: imagination, creativity, intuition, and emotional healing.

Feel free to share your Jupiter Return stories in the comment section below!

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