Intuitive Astrology: Jupiter Sextile Neptune 2020

jupiter sextile neptune 2020

At three different times throughout 2020, Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces form a perfect 60-degree angle to each other, which in astrology is known as a Sextile.

Jupiter Sextile Neptune typically occurs every 4 to 9 years, but the fact that it happens three times this year makes it an important energy dynamic that the Universe is asking us to pay attention to. 

The first of these alignments happen on February 20th, followed by July 27th, and October 12th.

While these dates are considered the peak of the alignment, we will feel this energy bubbling for most of the year.

As we have three peak points of this alignment, the energy of these Sextiles will evolve, almost like it’s following the arc of a story with a beginning, middle, and end, or the cycle of transformation with a birth, death, and rebirth.

On a base level, Jupiter is the planet of abundance, and Neptune is the planet of higher consciousness. Together, this energy is a magical combination that will help to soften any intensities that this year brings our way.

In fact, this energy has been planted by the Universe to help soften the work of the Saturn Pluto conjunction. If you have been following this energy in your own life, know that this Sextile will bring some soothing vibes to counter any intensities you may be experiencing.

In general, the energy behind Jupiter Sextile Neptune feels like a guardian angel waiting in the wings. We may not know that it’s there, but it is very much looking out for us, championing us along, and offering signs and clues along the way.

Your guardian angel is by your side, even though it may not feel like it. You are never alone. You are always looked out for, someone is always on your team, rooting for you and making sure you are right where you need to be.

Neptune and Jupiter together are both very spiritual energies that work on a deeper soul level. They are energies that when joined, help us to manifest, expand our view of reality, and tap into higher levels of consciousness.

Tapping into higher levels of consciousness is about shifting our awareness out of a victim mindset into a mindset that is focused on growth.

Instead of seeing things as happening to us, we are able to see things happening for us. We are able to see that life is a temporary journey of growth and evolution and that we are so much more than just physical beings.

Shifting to a higher dimension of awareness is about raising our vibration and joining the Universal flow of harmony and abundance. 

While this all sounds very dreamy and optimistic, it is important to also acknowledge that raising our vibration and shifting out of a victim mentality cannot save us from heartache and heartbreak.

I feel like this is a lesson I have been learning these last few years. I feel that perhaps in the past, I felt that if I aligned high enough it would protect me from feeling pain.

When you tap into this state of love and bliss you sometimes feel untouchable. You see that life is always supporting you and things are always working out, and you program your mind to see that side of reality. 

But tragedy still comes for you. Heartache still finds a way to break through and meet you in your circle of bliss. 

It was through this experience that I realized, life is not about escaping it by transcending to higher realms, rather it is about getting down deep in the darkness for that is how your light truly learns to shine.

It is about being fully immersed in what it means to be human rather than always trying to escape the human condition. It is about making peace with being a physical body that is so limited compared to what we know deep down our soul can do and be. 

Sure, there are people that dedicate their lives to living like a monk on top of a mountain, meditating in a state of bliss all day. But for most of us, this is not our reality.

As Jupiter and Neptune align in this Sextile through 2020, we are reshaping our spiritual awareness and the meaning of our journey here in this lifetime. 

We are shifting deeper and starting to acknowledge that we are souls here for a human experience and not the other way around. 

Another thing to be aware of under this energy is to be mindful of using it to escape from reality in a way that is unhealthy. This can include escapism through drugs or alcohol, or finding ourselves ungrounded and unable to be present in this earthly reality.

Overall, the Jupiter Neptune Sextile will allow us to feel supported. It will offer a blanket of protection and remind us that we are always looked after, and we are always held with so much love. 

This protection is not so we can stay wrapped up in a warm toasty blanket all of our lives, but rather it is so we can lean in deeper to the darkness, to the shadows, and to the human experience we came all this way to have.

Over the year, Jupiter Sextile Neptune will follow a journey that will help us deepen our connection not just to our spiritual body but to our physical body too.

We may be called to walk a journey of healing during this time, or to have new realizations about what type of life we wish to create while we are here.

Use these dates throughout the year to check in with yourself, and to think about the vibe you are emitting and the world you are helping create.

We are all in this together.

After this, Jupiter and Neptune won’t be in sextile again until 2024.

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