Intuitive Astrology: Leo Full Moon February 2023

leo full moon astrology february 2023

The Leo Full Moon arrives on February 5th, 2023. It carries a heart-centered vibration that can inspire confidence and help us push forward.

Leo is often associated with royalty, glamour, and being center stage. Represented by the lion, Leo is a proud energy that encourages us to shake out our manes and stride through life with grace and confidence.

While there is a deeper and more meaningful side to the energy of Leo, under this Full Moon, it feels important to not just skim over the surface-level qualities of this fire sign.

After the intensity of the months passed, we could all really benefit from taking some of this sparkly energy into our lives and owning it!

Under the February 2023 Full Moon, give yourself permission to shake off your mane and put yourself in the center. Do something that you love, do something that makes you feel special, and have fun with it!

It is so easy to get caught up in the seriousness of life and all the responsibilities that weigh on us, but the Leo Full Moon wants us to return to ourselves; it wants us to shine our inner light bright for the whole world to see.

There is no shrinking back under this Full Moon. Step forward. Own your life. Own who you are. Be proud of where you stand. Feel yourself rise as you lift yourself higher.

Uranus, the planet of awakening and change, is active under this Full Moon, which can create a sense of uncertainty or volatility.

Uranus shakes things to awaken us to a deeper truth and higher wisdom. It shakes things so we can see them from a new vantage point and a new perspective. As the saying goes- when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.

With a shift in perspective, we may find ourselves wanting to change things in our lives or approach things in a new way. We may make a sudden decision or finally decide to take action on something we have been ruminating on.

With the volatility stirring from Uranus, the Universe is likely to send a clear sign of what is no longer stable in our lives.

Once you feel the call, don’t be afraid to act under this Full Moon, as the bold confidence from Leo and the fact that we have zero major planets in retrograde will be a boost, helping us to feel supported as we push forward on all the things that we wish to do.

Again, this is not a time to hold back. Ignite that inner fire and push forward. Allow the volatility of Uranus to show you what is no longer stable then take action to release or change it.

While there is this bold, forward-moving energy surrounding this Full Moon, it may also be worthwhile to keep in mind one of the deeper principles of Leo energy, and that is simplicity.

While Leo may be grand and sparkly on the surface, one of its deeper notes is to keep things simple. To not get too starry-eyed and distracted by the glitter and gold, but to come back to what is truly meaningful and connected with the heart.

Sometimes the simplest answers and the simplest actions can be the most profound. Sometimes keeping everything simple and following the path of least resistance can keep us in a state of ease and in the flow of our heart energy.

Whatever bubbles for you under this Leo February Full Moon, come back to simplicity. How can you simplify the situation? How can you work with the simplest answer?

You may just find that by focusing on simplicity and working from the heart, you will feel your lightness and inner light return. And that is what more of the world needs.

Your Leo Full Moon Ritual for February 2023 is here.

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