Leo Full Moon Ritual February 2023

leo full moon ritual 2023

The Leo Full Moon on February 5, 2023, carries some shaky energy, revealing to us what is no longer stable. But, it also offers some lightness, reminding us to shift out of rigidity to a place that feels freer and more aligned with our authentic selves.

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To work with this energy, here is a ritual to guide you –

Leo Full Moon Ritual February 2023

You will need:
  • Aura cleansing tool of choice
  • Candle
  • Divine Channel Cosmic Meditation
  • Paints or colored pencils/pens
  • Paper cut into three squares (if you are using paint, use thicker paper)

1.) Cleanse your aura using your tool of choice, and then your surroundings. When cleansing your surroundings, be sure you have a door or window open so the denser energies can leave.

As you cleanse your aura feel free to recite the following-

“My body is my temple, my heart is full of peace, my mind is clear and open, and I am ready to release. I release all that is heavy, I release all that weighs down my soul. I let it go. I let it go. I am restored and whole, my energy does flow. I am in my power, I am in my strength, and from this place, I hold the light for myself and the world. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

As you cleanse your surroundings feel free to recite the following-

“My space is cleansed with the power of love and light. My space is divinely protected. All is safe, all is well. May the energy of this space bring peace to all those that enter. May the vibrations of calmness, understanding, and compassion flow through this space for today and for all days. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

2.) Next, do the Divine Channel Cosmic Meditation. In this meditation you will be guided to open a channel of light, connecting you to your divine essence. This will support you for the remainder of the ritual.

3.) After your meditation, light your candle and grab your paper and colored pens. Think about three things you would like to release, cut, or create in your life.

4.) Take your first square of paper and using your colored pens, begin drawing a symbol or Sigil to represent one of the intentions you created. Your symbol can include numbers, letters, or just be an abstract drawing. Just go with your intuition and allow your creativity to guide you, there is no wrong way to do this! Your symbols can be as unique as you like.

5.) Repeat this for the remaining two squares, so you will have three Sigils in total.

6.) Once your Sigils are complete, hold all three of them against your heart. In front of the light of your candle, recite the following –

“Under the February Full Moon, I ask for support in the next steps that need to unfold to turn my wishes into realities. I ask that all will unfold in perfect timing and for my highest good. Sending gratitude and love to the heavens and above. Thank you.”

7.) Leave your sigils out under the Full Moon energies for one night. In the morning, “destroy” the sigils by burning them or releasing them (you can also rip them up and place them in the recycling bin). The idea is to release them to the Universe.

Your ritual is now complete.

Happy Leo Full Moon!

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