Intuitive Astrology: Libra Full Moon April 2023

libra full moon april 2023

The Libra Full Moon reaches its peak fullness on April 5, 2023. Libra is a sign associated with our relationships and how we interact within them. It is also connected to justice, fairness, and the needs and well-being of others.

Under the Libra Full Moon, we may notice a spotlight on our relationships and how we choose to show up in them. Which relationships are bringing out our best? What beliefs cause us to shrink back into less of the person we can be?

The Full Moon may illuminate this for us, sending healing vibrations that can allow us to feel more confident, supported, and seen. We may also finally get the confidence to let go or shift relationships that are no longer serving our highest selves.

The Libra Full Moon Brings Healing

Chiron, the asteroid known as the wounded healer, is very active under the April 2023 Full Moon and will be supporting us to observe how our wounds may be guiding our relationships and the way we choose to show up in our interactions with others.

Our wounds can sometimes keep us stuck from fully being present and authentic in our relationships, but it is the energy of Chiron that reminds us that our wounds don’t have to hold us back. Our wounds can exist and still lead us to a place of wholeness, love, connection, and beauty.

Chiron recognizes that some wounds are just too deep to ever be “fixed”. Instead, Chiron teaches us to accept our wounds, love our wounds, and to understand that these forever wounds have the power to mold us into a truer version of ourselves.

It is through Chiron’s own wounding that he finds his gift of being a healer, teacher, and intuitive. And perhaps your wounds can offer you the same.

You can walk with your wounds, but still lead an amazing, loving, and purposeful life.

If you are willing to step into the work, the Libra Full Moon can shine a light on this healing journey for you, helping you to recognize your wholeness, despite your wounds. And from this wholeness, it may allow you to make deeper, more meaningful, and more authentic connections with others.

The Libra Full Moon: Cord Cutting

There is a beauty under the Libra Full Moon that can guide us to become deeper, more connected, and more in tune with the world around us. We are often so focused on getting in tune with ourselves and our inner world, but this Full Moon encourages us to get in tune with others too.

April’s Full Moon encourages us to forge deeper connections and to not be afraid of leaning in. There is a tendency when Libra energy is strong to lose ourselves in the presence of others, and while we don’t really want to go there, sometimes it is a necessary part of finding ourselves.

If you have found yourself lost in the grips of another, this Full Moon is your opportunity to swim to the other side of it and to come out more awakened and more connected to who you are.

If you feel called, the Libra Full Moon is also a powerful time to do a cord-cutting ritual. In this ritual, you can release any cords of connection that are keeping you stuck or limited. When you do the cord-cutting ritual, you are not exing the other person, but rather simply severing the energetic ties you have created with them.

Jupiter is also strongly connected to this Full Moon, which can be beneficial when it comes to this type of work. Jupiter is the great expander. It magnifies what needs our attention so we can take action once and for all.

With Jupiter’s expansive qualities heightened under this Full Moon, it will be easier for us to observe where we need to cut cords and where we can afford to lean in a little deeper. Jupiter will not only make it clear to us, but it also has a way of highlighting the positive too, so we can more easily appreciate and recognize the silver linings that surround us.

The Libra Full Moon and the Power of the Goddesses

There are two strong feminine influences connected to this Full Moon, three if you count the fact that Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love. The two strong feminine influences are Eris, the Goddess of Discord and Strife, and Vesta, an asteroid named after the Goddess of Hearth and Fire.

This influence from these Goddess forces could play out in a few ways. Eris may create some destruction for us, allowing some discord to be felt so we can take action to bring greater harmony.

Full Moons have the tendency to expose and release things from our lives, so this may be where the discord is perceived. With the strong Goddess energy circling, we may also see issues around gender equality and reproductive rights present in the collective.

Vesta has a softer, gentler energy and can perhaps be the antidote to whatever discord or strife Eris may stir. Vesta reminds us to return to our home, our center, and to our inner fire. Our inner fire is the representation of our truth, our authenticity, and who we really are without all the layers society and our expectations project onto us.

There is a lot of energy circling under this Full Moon, but it appears to be calling us to recognize our wholeness, seek deeper connections, cut cords that are keeping us stuck, honor the discord, and tend to our own inner fire.

Your Libra Full Moon Ritual is here.

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