Eris Astrology: The Goddess of Discord and Strife

eris astrology

Eris is a dwarf planet located after Pluto and was discovered in 2003. For astrological purposes, this means that we are still unpacking and deciphering what energy it brings.

According to NASA, Eris was first named Xena, but because its discovery created a debate in the scientific community over how planets should be defined, the name Eris seemed more appropriate.

The discovery of Eris also caused Pluto, Lord of the Underworld to be demoted from a planet to a dwarf planet.

To have a hand in demoting the Lord of the Underworld should tell you all you need to know about Eris!

Astrology of Eris

Eris is the Goddess of Discord and Strife and in ancient mythology, she had the reputation for making trouble. But this reputation only came about for she liked to challenge the patriarchy.

Considered Mars’ sister, she wasn’t going to be sidelined by the omnipotent male Gods. She was powerful and wanted to keep things in balance.

Eris was unapologetically herself, and didn’t care to appease anyone. She owned her power and strength, and was not afraid to upset the status quo in order to do what she felt was right.

Eris only brings a sense of instability and disharmony when things need to change.

It’s the discord that she brings that helps to break the chains, end lifelong patterns, and disrupt the order and structure that only serves the elite few.

Sometimes we need discord, and the calamity that follows, in order to really wake up and change what we are doing and our approach to living.

Eris may be a dwarf planet, but she carries her own strength and as we connect and tune into her energy, we can start to become aware of where we need to shake things up in our own lives.

Channeled Messages from Eris

I am the Goddess of Discord and Strife that is true, but that is not my only nature. If I could name myself, I would call myself the Feminine Warrior, for just like my brother, I come to fight (for a better world).

My brother Mars has been painted so gallantly as a warrior, fighting for justice, for peace, and for power. I do the same, but my approach is less about the physical.

I help to bring justice and equality to all, but from the inside. I wake people up by making them realize that none of us are whole until all of us are whole.

I bring discord and chaos, for that is how I communicate my messages. And it is through this, that I am able to inspire change.

Discord can be uncomfortable, I teach you how to be comfortable in moments like these. I teach you that not everyone has to agree with you all the time, and that’s ok.

Disagreements essentially stem from seeing the world in two different ways, and that is a beautiful thing. Not everyone can see the world the way you do. That’s not what this journey is about.

It is through these differences that we experience confusion, growth, and pain, but it is also through these states of being that we are able to transform.

In your human world, pain is seen as bad. But that is not the case from where I stand. I see pain as the greatest catalyst, the greatest revolutionizer, and the greatest breaker of chains.

It is unfortunate that it takes pain in order to bring these things about, but that is where Earth is at, so that is what I bring. And I won’t apologize, because if you could see what I see, you would do it too.

As I step into your consciousness more, we will start to notice the balance on Earth shifting. We will slowly start to see the end of the patriarchal ways, and a rise of more equality.

For this, more discord is needed, but try not to see it as all bad. Recognize that it is often the trouble makers and the odd ones out of the family that eventually go on to break generational traumas and to upset the repeated karmic patterns.

I am not your Goddess and I am not here to tell you what to do, but through the messages I bring, I can help you to claim your destiny and the light of your soul.

I will teach you to always have your own back, and to not care about what the rest of the Universe may think.

So, if there is a part of your life that needs a little discord, I offer it to you as a gift. Shake it up, step into your feminine power, radically accept yourself fiercely and wholly.

Learn how to feel comfortable in moments of discord by owning and claiming your feminine power. It is this power that created the ground you stand on today and it is this power that can also take it all away. Connect with that and feel just how “whoa” you are.

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