Intuitive Astrology: Mars and Jupiter Align January 2018

mars and jupiter astrology

You may remember that back in November 2017, Jupiter and Venus crossed paths in the sky, showering all of us with the energy of love and abundance. Now, it’s time for Mars and Jupiter to cross paths in the sky and this will happen from January 5-7th, 2018.

Mars and Jupiter aligning is extremely rare, in fact the next time this will happen will be in 2020. Whenever rare alignments like this take place their energy is always more significant and special.

Mars is the planet of action and energy, the ancients also considered it the planet of war. As the planet of war, Mars was able to use its power and strength in order to fight for what it believed in, find power and bring resolution to conflict.

Even though Mars energy can be destructive, it can also inspire change and movement. Whenever Mars energy is strong, we are encouraged to follow our hearts and take action.

Mars also rules over intense emotions like lust, passion and anger. It is important whenever Mars energy is amplified to ensure that we are not taking action from a place of anger or doing something we may regret later. However, it is also important to tune into our instincts and follow through on what it is that we truly desire.

Jupiter is going to be amplifying Mars energy and will be really guiding all of us to think about what direction we want to move in. This is actually wonderful energy for the start of the year, as it will help us to create actionable goals and resolutions that we can actually stick to.

If you want to make a change in your life, if you want something different for yourself, you have to take new action. You have to change up what you’ve been doing and bring a fresh wave of energy into your routine.

After all, as the saying goes- if you want something different, you have to do something different.

Mars and Jupiter are going to be aligning in the sky in the Scorpio constellation. Scorpio energy is all about transformation, death and rebirth.

While Mars will only be in Scorpio for a short period of time, Jupiter will remain here until November 2018. While in Scorpio, Jupiter has been helping us adjust our attitudes towards gender equality and sexuality.

The recent “me too” movement is a perfect example of what type of energy Jupiter in Scorpio can bring.

Jupiter helps us to raise our level of consciousness and understanding around bigger, global issues so we can make changes and make improvements for all of humanity.

As Mars and Jupiter align in Scorpio, we may see more progress and action taken with this “me too” movement, as well as other important humanitarian issues. We may also feel inspired to actually make changes instead of just talking about them.

On a personal level, the meeting of Jupiter and Mars is the perfect time to start something new or make some changes.

All of us want more joy and abundance in our lives, and this is the perfect time to think about ways you can bring this energy into your life. Take the time to think about what fills you with joy and then make it a priority to integrate those things or experiences into your everyday routine.

2018 is really a year for manifestation and building, and it really seems that we are being called to embrace the new energy and start taking action now.

Jupiter and Mars will definitely be creating waves in the cosmos, so stay open and see what inspiration follows. You may feel compelled to act or to follow an instinct that leads you to new opportunities or even a new adventure.

It really seems that the Universe is giving all of us a lending hand so we can take our dreams and begin building and creating them into reality.

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