Intuitive Astrology: Mars Square Uranus 2020

mars uranus square 2020

On April 7, Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, and we will be feeling the effects over the coming weeks. This gives us an opportunity to really feel into this energy and what it is offering us.

Mars is the planet of action and energy and Uranus is the planet of change and awakening. Mars is an amplifier of energy and Uranus likes to shake things up in order to create meaningful change.

There’s no doubt that we are currently moving through a period of change and while this may be highlighted under this alignment, it offers us a new perspective too.

When Uranus and Mars come together, they teach us to seek new opportunities amongst the change. Their energy encourages us to find our footing and our sense of belonging, even though things may be chaotic around us.

Uranus and Mars want us to look for opportunities, they want us to see the new ideas and new visions that can be birthed forward during this time of change.

When things are in flux around us it can be hard to see where the pieces are going to land. But this alignment allows us to feel confident and motivated to trust our intuition and to see where we can take action rather than feel limited.

This energy asks us to work with what we have been given and to take back control over our lives.

Remember, on a physical level we may feel restricted but our soul still has the power to rise and soar. Our soul is still free to create, to connect, to share, to teach, and to continue the lessons of its journey.

We don’t have to allow the physical limitations to hold us back. We don’t have to be afraid. Instead, we can find ways to tap into our inner strength, our inner power, and to make the best of the time that has been given to us.

With the new situation you find yourself in, how would you like to spend your time? What would you like to do or create or learn?

Mars and Uranus want us to find our freedom. They want us to start seeing how we can work with what we have been given.

At the start of this year, many of you made goals and set intentions for what you wanted to achieve. Get that list out now and sit with it. What is in your control right now?

What steps or pivots can you make right now to start turning those goals and intentions into reality?

Life may have changed, but it hasn’t stopped. We are still here. Still living, still breathing, still navigating and under this energy, we are being given the motivation and drive to innovate and find new solutions.

Mars and Uranus want us to seek new opportunities, innovate, look for new ways to do things, and to find the courage to try something new. Even though this is very active energy, we also have to honor our current emotional state too.

When change comes our way, we can sometimes feel a little depleted. While Mars and Uranus want us to hustle, there is a softer side too.

Uranus is the planet of change but also kundalini awakenings. It represents our ability to ascend to higher levels of consciousness, to activate our life force energy, and to connect the Divine intelligence of our brain, heart, and mind.

Mars is the planet of action and energy, so we are also being given an opportunity here to use this energy to boost our spiritual gifts.

Instead of applying this energy to the outside world, we can also apply it to our inner world. We can use this energy to create a deeper connection with ourselves, to generate more energy, and to remember the incredible, innate healing powers of our body.

Mars can bring confidence and Uranus can bring spiritual awakening, making it the perfect time to focus on the incredible, intelligent, and amazing vessel that is your body, and the bountiful, endless, love that is your soul.

This energy is on offer in many ways, so if you are not feeling ready to start something new or look for opportunities, then turn this energy inward and focus on recharging your batteries and ascending to higher vibrations.

Focus on the love that you are and tune into the vibration of healing, strength, and inner power.

As spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle suggests, close your eyes and tune into the aliveness that resides inside your body.

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