Intuitive Astrology: Rewriting the Story of the Fixed Star Algol

algol astrology

Algol is labelled the most notorious star in our night sky and it is active in our cosmic skies from May 16-18.

The ancients were mystified by Algol. It appeared bright in the night sky, only to disappear and reappear once again. While I am sure our ancestors were more clued in than we think, we now know that Algol’s disappearing act is due to the fact that its a binary star that Eclipses itself every few days.

This Eclipse motion, or perhaps transformation that Algol undergoes every few days has earned it a sinister reputation; a star not to be trusted.

Algol, is often referred to as the Blinking Eye of the Demon, and is linked with evil, suffering, pain, death, intoxication, and tragedy.

Algol and the Myth of Medusa

Located in the Persus constellation, which is in the zodiac of Taurus, the notorious star is said to represent the center of Medusas head, or third eye, and is closely connected with her myth.

In Greek mythology, Medusa was a gorgon whose hair was made of snakes. She was said to be a terrifying sight and anyone who laid eyes on her was petrified and turned to stone.

But after having her head chopped off, Medusa became a powerful weapon in battle. If you were standing behind her you were protected, but if you were standing in front of her, you would be cast to stone.

Medusa wasn’t always this way. She actually started out as an Oracle Goddess, but was turned into a gorgon by a jealous Pallas Athena. Perseus then chopped off Medusa’s head and gave it to Athena to use in battle.

Even though Athena was her former enemy, it was partly thanks to Medusa that Athena was so successful in her victories. Ultimately, Medusa became more powerful after she died. There is also some irony that she ended up being Athena’s secret weapon after their heavily conflicted relationship.

Medusa is a powerful symbol of magic, transformation, and feminine power. While she is a monster, her hair of snakes wards off evil and enhances her psychic abilities. The blood that dripped from her decapitated head was said to birth new life and was linked to the magic of the menstrual cycle.

It seems that even though Medusa’s story saw her as a Goddess turned gorgon, she became mighty and powerful, either protecting or killing those in her path.

Even if you are not well versed in Greek mythology, most people are aware of Medusa and her enchanting hair of snakes. She is a memorable character and one that deserves to be understood a little deeper.

Associating Medusa with Algol and then giving it a sinister reputation is almost no surprise in this patriarchal world.

If Algol embodies the energy of Medusa, it embodies the monster but also the goddess, the oracle, and the incredible power of transformation.

If we look a little deeper into the mythology behind Medusa, we can see that her story is definitely tragic. Here we have a Goddess, who by no fault of her own, was turned into a gorgon, decapitated, and then used for her incredible powers of protection.

However, even through tragedy and her transformation from Oracle Goddess, to monster, to a decapitated head, she was able to hold her power. Medusa rebirthed herself and through every transformation, she only became stronger.

Looking at Algol in a New Way

Rather than looking at Algol as a star of tragedy, we can look at it as a star of transformation, magic, protection, and power.

Algol often makes an appearance in the chart of radical artists and entrepreneurs. It was prominent in Picasso’s chart, who was considered a revolutionary for his time. It was also strong in Princess Diana’s chart too, who although suffered a tragic end, is remembered today for her saint-like actions and the bravery it took to stand up to the monarchy.

Algol is certainly not all that bad. Resting at 26 degrees of the tropical Taurus Zodiac, Algol is our reminder that despite any tragedies, we too hold great power. We too can rise again, transform, and find a new purpose no matter where life takes us.

Algol is not to be feared. When its energy is used consciously, it is incredibly powerful and can be a strong portal of psychic and physical protection. In fact, many wear the head of medusa as a powerful talisman to ward off oncoming evil, and we can view Algol in the same way.

Working with the Energy of Algol

From May 16-18, when Algol aligns with the Sun and is strongest in our cosmic skies, see if you can connect with the protection, power, and magic that it brings. See if you can use its energy as a reminder that despite your own transformations, you too can come out stronger.

Algol can be used to build strength, raise our confidence, and to step into our feminine power with greater ease. It can also heighten psychic abilities and be used to clear negativity from our energy field.

Using Algol in a positive light helps to rewrite its story and shine a new light on the dark feminine. Rather than being the most notorious star linked with horrors, we can see it for what it truly is- a star of transformation, awakening, protection, and owning one’s power.

Locating Algol in your Birth Chart

Algol sits at 26 degrees of topical Taurus. If you have any planets or sacred angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, or Nadir) within 1-2 degrees of 26 Taurus, then the energy of Algol is a resource you can tap into. The same applies if your birthday falls between May 16-18.

Possible Manifestations and Interpretations:

  • You experience transformative experiences that help you to evolve to higher states of consciousness
  • You are always protected and are able to protect/care for those that are in need
  • Great power may find you in this life- just be sure you are standing on the right side of it
  • You are able to bring revolutionary ideas and gifts into this world
  • It’s important for you to keep your mental health or any repetitive or obsessive thoughts in check (the idea of decapitation can be reworked to losing one’s mind)

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