Intuitive Astrology: The Meeting of Venus and Mars October 2017

venus and mars astrology
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Every so often the two cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars meet up together in the sky. This rare meeting is happening on October 5, 2017 and won’t be repeated again until 2019.

Venus is the Divine Feminine and Mars is the Divine Masculine, so when these two planets meet they express a special energy that we can all benefit from.

The last time Venus and Mars were together was back in November 2015. Since this time, the two cosmic lovers have been travelling on different paths but will now be reunited.

Because Venus and Mars are cosmic soulmates, you may want to look back to what was happening in your love life in November 2015 to see if you can piece together any patterns or trends.

You may find that a cycle from this time period has come to an end, or you may even discover that you have grown in terms of how you view love and relationships.

While Venus and Mars are cosmic lovers, their meeting is so much bigger than just romantic love. In fact, this year the meeting of Venus and Mars in Virgo carries a strong message of love for the planet and for others.

Because this rare celestial meeting is happening in the sign of Virgo, which is ruled by the Virgin it is also beckoning us to start tuning into more of our feminine energy, particularly on a global  level.

When Mars and Venus come together we are asked to balance the masculine and the feminine. Masculine energy is all about taking action and is an outward energy, whereas feminine energy is all about reflecting and creating, and is an inward energy.

We need both of these energies in our lives and in the world in order to create balance and harmony however, for most living in the Western world masculine energy is often favoured over feminine energy.

This has created imbalances in these two dynamics and has caused us to lose touch with some of our feminine traits like our intuition and creativity.

When masculine energy is more dominant and feminine energy is suppressed it can lead to war, aggression, issues with money and greed, stifled creativity, and a lack of compassion and connectedness.

Unfortunately, these are all themes we can see playing out in the world today, but this rare meeting of Venus and Mars is going to remind us that it doesn’t have to be this way.

When Venus and Mars meet on October 5, 2017 we can all use it as an opportunity to balance our own masculine and feminine energies.

If each of us can balance our own energy in whatever way feels right, it will have an effect on the entire world at large.

Perhaps ask yourself, where can you bring more masculine, action based energy into your life? And where can you bring more feminine, reflective based energy into your life?

To bring more masculine energy into your life you can try-

  • Standing up for yourself if you are being taken advantage of
  • Taking steps forward towards your goals
  • Making a leap of faith or taking a calculated risk to get to where you want to be
  • Expressing your emotions or feelings to others
  • Dealing with conflicts rather than hiding from the truth
  • Taking responsibility for your actions
  • Providing protection and support for your loved ones
  • Vigorous exercise

To bring more feminine energy into your life you can try-

  • Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes to understand things from their point of view
  • Tuning into your intuition and trusting the voice of your heart
  • Responding with love and compassion rather than aggression or violence
  • Tuning into your “inner” energy and spending time alone
  • Reflecting by writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal
  • Creating things or taking up a creative hobby
  • Spending time in nature

Do whatever you need to bring yourself into balance in whatever way feels right for you. We all have our own definition of what “balance” means to us so tune into the vibes of October 5 and allow yourself to be guided.

Now more than ever, especially in the Western world, we need to learn how to balance the Divine feminine and masculine, for the more out of balance we get, the more off-balance we are all going feel.

The rare meeting of Venus and Mars is a reminder that there is power in both the masculine and feminine and when they work together it can help us to all feel connected and whole.

These two planets also come together to start us on a new journey of love. As they go on their own separate ways again, we are going to be guided to learn new lessons when it comes to love and to understand love on on a whole new level.

Mars and Venus will meet again on August 24, 2019.

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