The Final Meeting of Venus and Mars 2015

final meeting of venus and mars 2015

Venus and Mars, the two cosmic lovers have been dancing through the sky this year in a rare pattern that is about to climax on November 2-3, 2015.

Venus and Mars tend to meet at least once a year in the heavenly skies, but this year they have met three times. Once on February 22 in Aries,  then on September 1 in Leo and now again on November 2-3 in the sign of Virgo.

Even though Venus and Mars are the two cosmic lovers and represent romance, love and sex they also represent a deeper part of our inner-selves.

Venus is the Divine feminine and rules over creativity, money, beauty and our feelings of self-worth and self -esteem.

Mars is the Divine masculine and rules over our ability to get things done, to plan and to find strength and courage in all that we do.

Together, Mars and Venus will be helping us to align these aspects in our own lives and helping us to tap into the Divine feminine and masculine that lives inside us all.

In a way, the final meeting of Venus and Mars will be helping us to balance our masculine and feminine, our heart and mind, our light and dark and our yin and yang, to really assess where we may be unbalanced.

Over the coming days, the Universe will be gently reminding us of where we need to balance these energies in order to reach harmony and move through our path of purpose.

We must all embrace the Venus and Mars within and allow them to come together so we can experience the bliss of these two energies working in sync.

Opening space in our hearts and allowing these two energies to merge will also help us develop a deeper understanding of our own soul journey.

Venus energy will be helping us to acknowledge our dreams, passions, desires and wishes, whereas Mars will be helping us to put them into action.

Venus and Mars together will also give us the opportunity to assess what truly matters to us and where we really need to focus and spend more or less of our energy.

As we move through the world, respecting both sides of our personality- the light and the dark, the yin and the yang, the masculine and the feminine, we are reminded that duality is only in the mind.

While these two forces may seem to work alone, really their greatest power comes from being merged together as one.

The relationship between Venus and Mars is really about the relationship we have with ourselves and how we choose to interact with the world.

It is truly only when we honour ourselves that we can tap into our potential and feel whole.

The final meeting of Venus and Mars for this year is the perfect time to find resolution and to balance our energy in all areas of life so we can feel the oneness of our being.

You can read more about Venus and Mars’ journey in 2015 here.

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