Intuitive Astrology: Mercury Retrograde March-April 2018

mercury retrograde astrology

March is a busy month in the skies. Not only does it bring us a Blue Moon and the start of the astrological year, but Mercury also slips into retrograde on the 22nd.

Mercury retrograde happens every few months or so, and is a time for all of us to slow down and think about how we are communicating not only to others but also to ourselves.

Mercury is the messenger of the Gods and is always by the Sun’s side taking notes, delivering messages, and communicating thoughts and feelings. When in retrograde however, Mercury moves away from the Sun and slips into the underworld. It is here that Mercury can uncover hidden messages, and dig through the depths in order to bring information to the light.

During Mercury Retrograde, it is common for old wounds, thoughts, and feelings to arise to the surface in order to be cleared. It is also a time to reflect on the past and to perhaps reach out to people that you have unfinished business with.

Mercury Retrograde is not a time to forge forward with great gusto, in fact under this energy it is much better to move slowly and to think carefully before making new plans and starting new ventures.

While the planet of communication and messages is in the underworld, having patience is important and time is needed for all the facts to come to the surface.

The timing of March’s retrograde is interesting as it occurs just a few days after the start of the new astrological year or Equinox, which falls on March 20-21st.

Traditionally, the astrological year is a time where we can really leap forward and begin to put our plans into action. It is a time where we can really blossom and put all of our ideas and thoughts out into the world.

With Mercury going retrograde just a few days after the Equinox, it seems that the Universe really wants us to slow down. It seems that we are being called to really meditate and think things through before taking action.

While we can definitely make plans and keep moving forward in the direction that feels best, Mercury retrograde is just going to be reminding us to move slowly, and to really think about what we are doing and saying.

As the planet of communication, Mercury may also be reminding us to align our words with our actions. Most of us say we want certain things, or communicate certain things to others, but then fall short when it comes to actually taking action.

This is similar to a study that was conducted that asked people if they preferred meditating or watching TV. Even though majority of the participants said they preferred to meditate, most of them actually spent less time meditating and more time watching TV!

Even though there are things that we say we prefer to do, when it comes down to taking action on it, the results can be quite different.

Perhaps this Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to take inventory and to see how your actions are aligning with your words.

Are you dedicating your time to things that you actually want to do, or are you getting caught up in distractions and old habits?

Mercury retrograde is also a great time to journal and reflect on the months that have gone by. If any old wounds have come to the surface, allow yourself time to process and release any pent up emotions or frustrations that may be lingering.

If there is an issue in your life that is unresolved, or if you are looking for closure, you may have to wait till after Mercury turns direct on April 15th in order to gain all the information and insights you are looking for.

At this time when Mercury emerges from the underworld, it is likely that any messages you need to hear or listen to would have been delivered, and you will be able to move forward with more knowledge and more understanding.

Mercury retrograde is a powerful time, so if delays and miscommunications come up, just be aware that there is a message or something for you to pay attention to.

More often than not, Mercury retrograde just wants us to slow down and to connect with how we are feeling and what we are communicating.

With a little conscious awareness in this direction, and by spending time to reflect and tune in with yourself, this cosmic energy can be a very powerful time of guidance and restoration.

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