Intuitive Astrology: Moon Void of Course

moon void of course

Every few days the Moon goes Void of Course. This is the in-between period where the Moon has finished her work and is preparing to change from one zodiac sign to the next.

The Moon moves quickly and spends about two days in each zodiac sign, but as she makes the transition from one sign to the next, she enters into a void-like portal.

While the Moon is traveling across this portal from one sign to another, she undergoes a shift in energy.

The Moon is connected to our emotions and to the tides that ebb and flow within and around us. The Moon connects with the ocean, the menstrual cycle, and has the ability to activate, illuminate, and awaken us on different levels.

The Moon is the feminine; she is the light that shines in the dark. The Moon carries a magic that we can all feel and watch as she moves from New to Full every 27 or so days.

As she makes her journey, she has to cross through this void, and when she does, her energy dims for a moment. Perhaps when we tune in, we can feel this too.

While this shift in energy is very subtle, under a Void of Course Moon, we may feel lost, uncertain, or that we need to put things on hold for just a moment.

We may also feel extra sensitive or uncertain of how we feel. Things may be harder to process, and we may have a tendency to retreat within.

A Void of Course Moon usually lasts for half a day, but during this brief window, the Moon and a part of us, is simply moving from one state of consciousness to the next.

It is during this in-between phase that we have the potential to shift our thoughts or emotions to a new viewpoint. It is during this in-between phase that we are able to gain the awareness that if we pause, take a deep breath, and find our stillness, things will feel clearer and we will be able to see things from a new perspective.

When the Moon slips into the void, she is not lost, she is simply recharging, and when she emerges on the other side, we receive the gift of being able to see things in a new light.

We all know how refreshed and calm we can feel after a good night of sleep, and in a sense, the Moon is doing the same.

The Moon absorbs and connects with the emotions of the world, she holds the emotional energy of the Universe, and just like us, it is important for her to cleanse, to recharge, and to take some time to get off-course and enter into the void.

Many astrologers do not recommend making big decisions or committing to things when the Moon is Void of Course as it can create scattered energy. Also, when the Moon returns from crossing the void, a new perspective or level of consciousness may emerge, affecting the outcome or the decision that needs to be made.

While this is something to keep in mind, the fact the Moon slips into this portal so frequently indicates it is something we need to get used to and learn how to embrace.

The Moon is our connection to magic and the other realms, and when she slips into the void, it may be necessary for us to follow too. This is only a temporary pause so we can adjust our energy to prepare for a new perspective.

You can track when the Moon is Void of Course here, but eventually, when you start to recognize this energy, you will begin intuitively noticing when she has slipped into the void.

It is during this time we too need to think about resting our minds and emptying our emotional storage banks. It is during this time that we need to enter a place of stillness.

Just like the Moon takes time to clear and empty herself, so too do we. We can do this through meditation, spending time in nature, journaling, reading, bathing, or simply taking some time to rest.

Mother Moon is always growing, she is always moving from seed to blooming flower, and part of how she does this is by remembering to get off course and move through the void. For it is in this void-like state that she is able to gain the strength she needs to make it through to the new energy that awaits for her on the other side.

See if you can tap into this softer, more subtle cycle of the Moon as she shifts from one state to the next and observe how it helps to support your emotional health.

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