Intuitive Astrology: Neptune Aligns with the Sun 2022

neptune and the sun

On March 12, 2022, the Sun and Neptune, the planet of illusions, dreams, and higher consciousness will align at 22 degrees of Pisces.

The Sun aligns with Neptune each year, and when it does, it allows us to tap into its planetary energies with greater ease.

Neptune energy is watery, soft, and creative. It helps us to get out of our rational mind and into a place of dreams.

Neptune guides us to think outside of what we can see with our five senses, and reminds us that there is so much more to life than just the tangible.

Neptune is also the planet associated with higher consciousness and realms of unconditional love.

It carries beautiful energy that reminds us that we are more than just a body, that we are a soul on a journey that goes beyond this lifetime.

Neptune helps us to see that time is an illusion, and life is just a folding and unfolding of moments that have no beginning or ending.

This dreamy energy is beautiful for intuitive work, creative work, and for exploring deeper states of consciousness, however, it is not the best for making logical, practical decisions.

While Neptune covers us in this dreamy, beautiful veil it can also cloud our judgment and make it harder for us to see with clarity.

Neptune’s energy does not favor making concrete decisions. It doesn’t want to pass judgement, it can’t commit to this or that, for all is an illusion and nothing is as it seems.

While this line of thinking has its place, it can sometimes be challenging to live from this state as we navigate the physical world.

We need to be able to take into consideration the tangible, and that is what becomes difficult when Neptune’s energy is strong.

Hold off on making concrete decisions on this day. Hold off from passing judgments too, because with Neptune’s presence, not all information is revealed.

Neptune’s energy is sometimes like walking through the dark. You have to tread slowly, you have to move with caution, for if you don’t, you may lose your way.

Neptune’s energy can also trigger a desire to escape from reality and to disconnect from this earthly dimension. This includes doing things like meditation or binge-watching movies, but it can also include turning to drugs and alcohol. Be mindful of this, and reach out for support if you are struggling.

Overall, use the energy of this week to stretch your intuition, to work on those creative projects, and to tap into the love that you are.

Spend time meditating and connecting with your spirit body. Give your soul a chance to speak and ask it what it needs. Spend time cleansing and nourishing it.

While this energy peaks on March 12, 2022, it will be felt approximately 4-5 days before and 4-5 days after this date.

Here is a short ritual you can do under this Neptunian energy:

Neptune Shower Ritual

As you soap yourself in the shower, repeat the following mantra- “I cleanse myself so I may feel light, peaceful, and at ease.” Keep repeating this mantra as you scrub your body all over.

As you rinse off the soap, imagine all of the negative energy or energy that is no longer yours to keep going down the drain.

Next, take your hand and make a flicking motion around the entire outside of your body, cleansing away any final lingering energy.

Stand under the water one more time, close your eyes and visualize the water forming a protective golden-white light all around your body. See the white light in your mind’s eye and take three deep breaths before opening your eyes.

I have more easy rituals like this here.

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