Intuitive Astrology: New Moon Solar Eclipse February 2018

february solar eclipse astrology

The February 15-16th New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius represents a positive turning point and a much welcomed breath of fresh air.

Since the start of 2018, we have all had to do a lot of releasing and letting go. Perhaps there were things from the year prior that needed to be cleared, or perhaps it was simply the start of the new year that evoked this sense of release and change.

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in January also had a big role to play in this release energy and may have triggered things from the past that needed to be let go of and done away with.

Interestingly enough, February has no Full Moon, meaning that this month is really about bringing in the new and welcoming in the start of a fresh cycle. The idea of releasing will take a backseat and instead, we will be able to use this New Moon Solar Eclipse energy to create and plant seeds for the future.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is a partial one, which means that while it’s potent it is not going to be as intense as the the Full Solar Eclipse we had back on August 21st.

The energy surrounding this Eclipse is also different as it falls in the air sign of Aquarius and carries a very gentle, hopeful, and loving energy.

All of this newly created space that we have made in our lives since the start of the year is going to be perfectly filled with this loving, abundant, and positive energy from February’s Solar Eclipse.

This Aquarius energy also gets us to start thinking about the bigger picture and focusing on how our actions and words affect those around us.

Under the influence of this Solar Eclipse, we are going to have to step away from seeing things through our own perspective and open ourselves up to see things from a higher perspective.

Under this energy, we all have the potential to awaken and to see how our actions, words, and our essence effects the world around us. We may also feel a sense of responsibility in regards to how our attitudes and behaviours are creating a ripple effect around the world.

There is an opening or a doorway to higher consciousness through this energy, and the more we can open our minds and hearts, the more likely we are to get a glimpse of true oneness.

Relationships are also a theme around this Eclipse and of course, while our most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves, we are also going to be guided to reflect on who we are choosing to surround ourselves with.

You may decide around this time to forge deeper bonds in certain relationships, or you may discover that relationships that are no longer serving you may need to end.

Communicating your truth, being open, and expressing your true self are all things that a healthy relationship needs, and these areas may come to your attention if something is out of balance.

If relationship issues emerge, whether it’s with a partner, friend, or family member, communication is really going to be key under this Eclipse.

Taking the time to talk things through and connect with your true thoughts and feelings will definitely lead to healing and may even help you to gain a new perspective.

Spending time reflecting and putting yourself in the other person’s shoes are also great ways to deal with any conflicts that may arise under this energy.

While relationships are going to be a theme around this Eclipse, know that no matter the outcome, the decision is always going to fall in your favor and be for the best in the end.

Under the influence of this Solar Eclipse, it is also the perfect time to tune in and work out what it is that you need to feel complete, whole, and centered.

A great way to do this is to place your hand over your heart, close your eyes and ask yourself quietly- “What do I need right now to feel complete?” And then trust and follow through on the answer that follows.

Becoming self-aware and paying attention to how you treat and talk to yourself is also important. Are you loving and kind towards yourself, or are you demanding and place high expectations on yourself?

Listen to your inner voice and determine if anything needs to shift and change in order for your self-talk to become more loving and supportive.

Taking time to nourish yourself and look after your own health and wellbeing is really going to be favoured under this energy, and will help you to feel more at ease with all of the recent Eclipse energy.

Overall, the Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius has beautiful, positive, and fun-loving vibration that is there for all of us to enjoy.

After the intense release and letting go energy in January, this new energy of February is likely to feel like a big Universal gift!

Keep checking in with yourself, open your arms and mind a little wider, and use the magical February Solar Eclipse to bring more love, joy, and self-awareness into your life.

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