Intuitive Astrology: New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius December 2021

sagittarius solar eclipse december 2021

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, all the way back to May 2020. What growth have you achieved since this time? How has your life changed?

Since May 2020, we have been working our way through the Sagittarius-Gemini Eclipse cycle, but this cycle is now coming to an end and will wrap up on December 3/4, with a final New Moon Total Solar Eclipse.

Reaching the endpoint in an Eclipse cycle is a significant moment. It represents arriving at a new destination. It is a point in our lives where some thing or some part of us is fully reborn and fully integrated, and ready to play an active part in our lives.

So much has unfolded in the world since May of 2020. On a collective level, there was a grieving experience that unfolded as we were all forced to change our way of living. Events were canceled, holidays were postponed, jobs were lost. And it is perhaps only now that we are starting to see just how this chain reaction of events has led us to where we stand today.

Of course, while this energy was experienced on a collective level, we also have our own personal stories too and leading up to this Total Solar Eclipse, we may now start to see a pattern in how we were being guided and where we were being asked by the Universe to level up in our lives.

Eclipses represent portals into new states of consciousness. They tend to bring events that shift and transform our lives, allowing us to step into a new chapter of our soul’s evolution.

This New Moon Total Solar Eclipse falls in Sagittarius and is like the last step on this journey we have been traveling. It opens the final door on this path and can bring the rewards of our hard work.

Whatever this Eclipse cycle has triggered in us, however we have been asked to grow and change, we will now start to see the end of the journey.

A new clarity will emerge, and with that new clarity, it will feel like we are opening to a new chapter.

A New Moon Total Solar Eclipse is one of the most powerful Eclipses we can experience. Even just the visual of seeing the shadow of the earth pass over the Sun is an enchanting sight, reminding us of the beauty and vastness of this Universe.

In ancient times, Solar Eclipses were viewed as a time of great change. The darkness befalling on the usually bright day was seen as an omen that whatever karmic debts are owed were now going to be collected.

There is no doubt that New Moon Eclipses are powerful times of manifestation and can activate whatever we have been sowing.

Under their presence, energy is drawn towards us, allowing our energy field to become a magnet to whatever needs to come our way.

While this Solar Eclipse is bringing the culmination of all our energies since this Eclipse cycle began, we can also use it to set an intention about what we wish to attract. We can use its energy in a deliberate way to draw in all that we wish to experience.

Looking deeper into the cosmic skies, both Mercury and Neptune are active at the time of this Eclipse, suggesting that some new information may be revealed to us.

The presence of Neptune suggests that we may find the veil lifted, allowing us to see a deeper truth.

Whenever Neptune is involved however, it is always important to listen and trust our instincts regardless of what insights come our way. Neptune is the planet of spirituality and intuition, and there is a strong call for us to dial in and listen to what our inner voice is saying.

Neptune requires us to let go of our five senses and instead tune into the power and wisdom of our sixth sense, for that is where we will find our own highest truth.

Chiron, the asteroid known as the wounded healer is also active under this Eclipse and may help us to heal and mend some broken relationships through healing conversations.

If there is someone you need to have a healing conversation with, know that this Solar Eclipse will be sending waves of support your way. Think about what you want to say, allow it to come from a place of love, truth, and kindness, and then see how you feel guided to share what you feel.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes we just need to have a healing conversation with ourselves! Sometimes talking through or writing down what is on our mind can be highly therapeutic and can help us to reflect from a place of openness.

Whatever conversations are stirred under this Eclipse, remember to be gentle, patient, and loving with yourself.

It is also worthwhile mentioning that on an Eclipse it is best not to force or push things. Eclipses are powerful and tend to direct us wherever we need to go. Trust in this process. Trust your instincts and don’t be tempted to force things that are not meant to be.

Solar Eclipses can also bring new opportunities and new beginnings into your life, so stay open to what comes your way. You may just find that whatever you have been working hard to achieve finally lands before you.

As Solar Eclipses bring powerful energy, we may find ourselves feeling depleted or zapped leading up to its arrival. If this is the case, don’t underestimate the importance of staying hydrated and making time for simple grounding practices.

Overall, this New Moon Total Solar Eclipse is a power moment in the year and is likely to bring us to the destination we have been working hard to reach this last year and half.

As we arrive at our new destination, it’s important to make time to be thankful for the journey and to honor the lessons and growth we have achieved.

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