Lunar Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius 2020-2022

lunar nodes gemini sagittarius

Since November 2018, we have all been moving through a collective soul lesson, but now it is coming to an end and a new one is going to take its place.

In astrology, these collective soul lessons are indicated by the Lunar Nodes, which are mathematical points traced between the Sun and the Moon.

The Lunar Nodes indicate the soul lessons we are here to journey through as an individual and as a collective. They indicate what we are building upon and learning to transcend for all of humanity.

Since November 2018, we have all been working through collective lessons relating to the energy of Cancer and Capricorn.

Although we commonly think of the zodiac signs as archetypes, when it comes to really understanding the Lunar Nodes, I think it helps to see them as expressions of energy.

We have been called as a collective to embrace the energy of Cancer so we can build upon the energy of Capricorn.

In other words, we have been called over these last few years to tune into our softer, feminine qualities and merge them with our more masculine qualities.

We have been called to nourish ourselves, to focus on self-care, and to think about how we can balance our tough outer shell with our softer inner center.

We have been asked to work on feeling comfortable within ourselves, and to bring more health and wellbeing when it comes to how we conduct business and pursue our careers.

Under this energy, we have been guided to balance our work life with our home life, and to think about what our priorities are.

We may have even felt a tug of war or a conflict between our career and our home and family life in some way, or we may have felt the need to shift our mindset to self-care and wellness when it comes to how we approach our work.

These are all issues that may have come up for us on an individual level as we work through some of these collective lessons.

Ultimately however, I feel this journey has been about realizing that our worth is not defined by our work. We are worthy regardless of our career status or family situation.

A New Collective Soul Lesson Emerges

On May 5th, 2020 the Lunar Nodes change signs to Gemini and Sagittarius, setting up a new collective soul lesson to work with.

We are now being called to embrace Gemini energy in order to build upon Sagittarius energy, and we will be working with this until January 2022.

Gemini energy is all about communication and self-expression. We are going to be encouraged to share our truth and find new ways to shine our authentic light.

Gemini energy is very social too, so we may feel called to share our story or insights, or we may find that new forms of social media take off.

Freedom of speech is likely to be a hot topic and we may see some changes to the way news and information is delivered.

Sagittarius energy rules over things like international travel, religion, and higher education, and these are all things we may see change or be highlighted in some way.

The last time the Lunar Nodes were in Gemini and Sagittarius was October 2001- April 2003, so we can look back to world events that were happening at this time to see what similar themes we may be working with.

More time is needed to see how this energy unfolds and where these collective lessons may take us, but ultimately it feels we are shifting into a time where communication and truth is going to be the focus.

We are all going to be called in our own ways to find our authentic voice, to allow our curiosity to lead the way, and to embrace new ways of thinking.

Lunar Nodes and Eclipses

The Lunar Nodes are linked to the Solar and Lunar Eclipse cycles. It is at this time where we are most guided to do this work.

Here is a list of the upcoming Gemini-Sagittarius Eclipses:

June 5- Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius
November 30- Lunar Eclipse in Gemini
December 14- Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

May 26- Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius
June 10- Solar Eclipse in Gemini
December 4- Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

On January 18, 2022, the Lunar Nodes will then shift to Taurus and Scorpio, setting up a new collective lesson to work through.

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