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Pallas Athena, or just Pallas for short, was the second Goddess asteroid to be discovered. On the night of her discovery, Jupiter and Saturn were in a Great Conjunction and resting directly opposite Mars. The cosmic energy present at the time of Pallas’ discovery is how astrologers begin to unpack the deeper messages that she has for us.

Jupiter and Saturn together are an incredible force, which is why their pairing in our cosmic sky is known as a “Great Conjunction”.

Jupiter represents optimism, expansion, and abundance. Saturn represents hard work, stamina, and rewards. Together, this cosmic pair shows us that great rewards, abundance, and incredible growth is possible when we move through challenges or things that feel like hard work.

The presence of Mars shining opposite this Great Conjunction adds fire, passion, and a healthy dose of courage. This is strong warrior-like energy which is why Pallas Athena is the perfect name for this asteroid.

In Greek Mythology, Pallas Athena is a warrior goddess that rules with courage, wisdom, and strategy. She is also the fair and fearless protector of the city of Athens. Legend states she was born in armor, ready to defend and protect all she loves.

In astrology, Pallas represents where we hold this warrior-like essence. Pallas shows us what we are willing to fight for and where we can gain our strength from.

When Pallas is strong in our cosmic skies, she can shine down her independent spirit, reminding us that we each hold the power and ability to defend and stand up for what we truly believe in.

She embodies the energy of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars, reminding us that there is no hurdle to great or no obstacle that she cannot overcome.

While Pallas has a fiery streak, she also has the ability to weigh up both sides, look at things from different angles, and assess the situation before rushing in. Rather than get defensive or rush in impulsively, Pallas analyzes the situation to determine what is worth her time and energy.

Pallas is highly intelligent especially when it comes to strategy and observing patterns. She has a calm and collected mind that allows her to make decisions from a place of wisdom and knowledge, rather than emotion.

The presence of Saturn in her energy field allows her to tap into the wisdom she has acquired not just in this lifetime but from her ancestors before her. She tunes in to this wisdom before taking action, allowing her to balance the fiery, fearless spirit that she holds.

We can use the energy of Pallas to connect with our own fiery spirit, but to also remember the wisdom we have acquired from our past and from our ancestors before us. The presence of Jupiter also serves as a reminder that we can take the wisdom of our past and expand on it, allowing it to shift us into higher states of consciousness.

We can call on Pallas when we need to sharpen our minds, and for strength when moving through a challenging time. The cosmic rays from Pallas will remind us that we are both strong enough and wise enough to move through whatever obstacles are currently before us.

To dive deeper into the energy of Pallas, we can observe what is happening in our lives and in our thoughts when she is strong and active in the sky. As Pallas is an asteroid, her energy will be a little more subtle than compared to a regular planet, but if we connect, we may be able to feel her strength rippling through us.

In 2022, Pallas will align with the Sun from April 9-12, which would be a good time to connect with her energy.

We can also look to the sign and house that Pallas was in at the time of our birth (more on this below) to see how her energy shows up for us in this incarnation.

Pallas through the Zodiac

Pallas spends about 3-4 months in each sign of the zodiac. The only exception to this is when she enters retrograde.

You can figure out what sign and house Pallas is located in your birth chart by going here and selecting Pallas from the “Additional Objects” section.

Want to learn more about chart analysis? Check out my book, The Ultimate Guide to Astrology. It’s the perfect starting place if you are looking to understand your own birth chart.

Pallas in Aries or 1st House

Even though you may feel it’s your duty, you don’t have to show up to every fight or feel the need to defend yourself every single time. Sometimes it is just not worth the effort. As you journey through this incarnation you can use the energy of Pallas to think about what is worth fighting for and what is worth just quietly walking away from. Learning to pick your battles will be helpful.

Pallas in Taurus or 2nd House

You are worthy! Pallas is here to teach you that you deserve to be heard, and your thoughts and opinions matter. It is important for you to stand up for what you believe in and not shy away out of fear. Use the energy of Pallas to boost your confidence and feelings of self-esteem. Know you are smart enough to handle whatever comes your way.

Pallas in Gemini or 3rd House

You have the gift of observation and are able to see things clearer than most. This can make you a fantastic communicator and allow you to share your points of view and your story in a clear and logical way. Use the energy of Pallas to sharpen your communication skills. You may also find yourself needing to teach your siblings how to stand up for themselves. Lead by example.

Pallas in Cancer or 4th House

Your home and family environment is where you need the energy of Pallas the most. You may find yourself needing to defend or stand up for yourself in your family environment, or perhaps you may find that you have to stand up for someone in your family. Knowing where to set boundaries will be important.

Pallas in Leo or 5th House

You can use the energy of Pallas to fuel your creative spark! Pallas rules over things like sculpture, pottery, and making things with your hands. Perhaps you will find Pallas gives you extra talents in these areas. Pallas in the 5th house especially can also indicate a close connection with a daughter or daughter-like person in your life.

Pallas in Virgo or 6th House

The energy of Pallas is on your side when it comes to health and healing. You may have to step into your warrior’s shoes in order to be seen and to get your point across to others. Know you have the inner strength and calm wisdom that is needed to bring healing to yourself and others.

Pallas in Libra or 7th House

You may find yourself getting extra defensive or feeling off-balance when it comes to your relationships. This is where you will have to learn to temper the energies of Pallas and use them in a way that allows you to assert yourself and your independence, but also allows you to make a meaningful connection with others.

Pallas in Scorpio or 8th House

The energy of Pallas will give you the stamina needed to move through moments of transformation. We all go through changes in this life, but perhaps you will need to show up as the warrior. Know you are strong enough to handle whatever comes your way. Remember, that your strength lies in following your intuition and listening to your inner voice.

Pallas in Sagittarius or 9th House

You can use the energy of Pallas to expand your mind and to learn a richer truth about the world around you. You can also use the energy of Pallas to calm your mind and to look at things from a balanced perspective. One of the gifts of Pallas’ energy is her cool judgment, and you have that on your side.

Pallas in Capricorn or 10th House

You have strong talents when it comes to strategy and problem-solving. Perhaps you know exactly the right moves to make and when. This can be particularly helpful when it comes to advancing your career and getting a leg up in your industry. You can also use the energy of Pallas to be a leader in your field.

Pallas in Aquarius or 11th House

You can use the energy of Pallas to stand up for issues that are close to your heart. You may even find it beneficial to channel this into humanitarian efforts or community building. You have a big heart so feel free to use it to leave a positive imprint on this world.

Pallas in Pisces or 12th House

You can use the energy of Pallas to fuel your creative pursuits and give you the fearless confidence needed to put your designs out into the world. Breathe in a dose of hefty confidence from Pallas and use it to take leaps forward in the direction of your choosing.

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