Intuitive Astrology: Scorpio New Moon November 2021

scorpio new moon astrology november 2021

Scorpio is one of the few signs that is represented by three archetypes- the Scorpion, the Eagle, and the Phoenix.

Each of these animals represents a different stage in the evolution of consciousness that we move through when working with the energy of Scorpio.

I have often wondered what sort of shift is needed for a small Scorpion that has only known life on the ground, to transform into the majestic eagle. What needs to happen to the Scorpion to get to this stage?

There is no doubt that to undergo such a drastic transformation, drastic life situations are usually at the core. The Scorpion has to completely lose its way of life in order to allow the metamorphosis to occur.

Under the Scorpio New Moon of November 4-5, 2021, take a moment to think about those Scorpion to Eagle transformations that you have undergone in your own life.

Chances are we have all experienced at least one completely life-changing event that has seen us leave the comforts of our small little world and shift to the vantage point of an Eagle.

It is these metamorphosis points in our lives that help us to grow into the person we were meant to be. It is these transformation moments that shape the course of our lives.

The Scorpio New Moon represents transformation and can even be a catalyst if you are in any in-between phases in your life.

You may just find that shortly following this New Moon, the metamorphosis journey you are on kicks into a new gear, revealing the next step of your process.

If you are in a stuck and stagnant place, you can call on the energies of this New Moon to help create a shift in your life.

This New Moon is geared to inspire change, so think about what needs to transform in your world and then go about setting your intentions. Work with the energies of this New Moon by knowing that it can help instigate shift and change if that is what you are looking for.

Scorpio is ruled by water and typically, the Moon is very at home in water signs, however, Scorpio energy can create a moodiness and we may find our energy levels and emotions difficult to stabilize.

New Moons are about retreating within, and Scorpio energy is also very reflective. We may find ourselves delving into the darker corners of our hearts and minds. We may find ourselves unpacking some of the denser emotions that we have been holding on to.

There also feels to be a theme around this November 2021 Scorpio New Moon when it comes to releasing shame.

Shame makes us feel that we are bad, that there is something wrong with us. Shame allows us to take our mistakes and our missteps in the world as signs that there is something inherently wrong with who we are.

While the energies of the Scorpio New Moon can suck us into darker thinking, it can also inspire a breakthrough too. This breakthrough is the crack of light that allows us to question, practice kindness, and to sit with all that is uncomfortable.

Remember, we don’t need everything perfect to live a beautiful life. We don’t need to be completely healed or resonating at the highest vibration every minute of the day.

We just need to allow. We just need to allow ourselves to be true to who we are, and be kind to ourselves in the process. The practice of compassion, the practice of loving ourselves through our hard times and our good times is all we need to offer.

We don’t need to “fix” everything. We can feel broken, but the higher truth is that we are always whole.

Even though New Moons are typically a time of drawing things into our lives, we can still work with the energy to help release and let go of any shame we are feeling. This release can come through understanding, simply being with anything that comes up, and through the practice of self-compassion.

If you feel inclined, use the moody energies of the Scorpio New Moon to delve into those shadowy corners, who knows what beautiful insights will come into the light.

Overall, the energy of the Scorpio New Moon can be used as a catalyst to help us walk the bridge between any transformations we are currently moving through.

If we are feeling stuck and stagnant, or in an “in-between” phase in our lives, this November New Moon offers some forward motion. Set your intentions and see what transpires in the weeks that follow.

This New Moon may also stir our deeper emotions and bring up hidden shames that we may be holding on to. Love yourself through whatever comes up, and try to see the separation between your perceived failures and the essence of who you truly are.

And if you are stuck trying to figure out the essence of who you truly are I will give you a clue – you are far more magnificent, radiant, and lovely than you could ever believe.

Your Scorpio New Moon Ritual is here.

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