Intuitive Astrology: Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse April 2022

taurus new moon solar eclipse astrology april 2022

On April 30th, 2022, the Moon will Eclipse the Sun giving us the first Solar Eclipse of the year.

Solar Eclipses always fall on a New Moon, and while this is only a Partial Solar Eclipse, it is still ultra-potent and carries the weight of a hundred New Moons!

New Moons always represent new beginnings, so this Eclipse is likely to open doors, open windows, and draw entirely new paths for us in the cosmic skies.

The keyword for this April Solar Eclipse is opportunity, so if there is something you want, this is your cosmic invitation to connect with your heart’s desire and see what flies in.

While New Moons are typically powerful moments in the month for manifestation work, under a Solar Eclipse it is actually better to go with the flow and trust what the Universe brings our way.

Eclipses activate our soul contract and tend to bring fated events that help us get to the next chapter of our spiritual evolution.

Eclipses can always take us by surprise, but it is worthwhile remembering that they always put us where we need to be, even if it doesn’t feel like it at first! In fact, Eclipses can accelerate our timeline, bringing forward things that were ultimately inevitable. Things can happen quickly under an Eclipse!

This is extra true for the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse as the planet Uranus is very active. Uranus is known for bringing surprises and events that seem to appear out of the blue. Its energy promises some sort of radical shift from one state to the next.

Uranus can sometimes be a bit shocking in the way that it works, but ultimately its goal is to bring more freedom into our lives. It wants to liberate us from all that is holding us back so we can step into a truer and more authentic place.

Under this April Solar Eclipse, think of how you can embrace some of this energy. What steps do you need to take to liberate yourself? How can you rework your life to be a truer reflection of your authentic self?

Uranus is also the planet of awakening, so if any surprises do show up under this Eclipse, treat it as a sort of wake-up call to reassess your path and your actions.

Awakening moments can be painful, but if we allow ourselves to blossom rather than retreat back, it can lead to wonderful places!

Jupiter and Venus will also be in perfect alignment under this April Eclipse, offering sweet, nurturing, and abundant vibrations. Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus, so its energy is extra strong at this time too, and will give this Eclipse a much softer expression.

With Jupiter and Venus in harmony at this time, it seems that no matter what the Eclipse brings, there will likely be a silver lining, or we may just find it easier to join the flow and create ease amongst any changes.

As this Eclipse is about opportunity, this planetary combination can also bring long-held wishes into our reality. If there is something you have been working towards for a long time, this Eclipse may just bring the rewards of your hard work!

Venus and Jupiter are one of the sweetest combinations of cosmic energy out there, and to feel it, all we have to do is breathe it in and know we are worthy to receive it.

Venus and Jupiter are also the signature for abundance, so keeping your mind focused on abundant thinking and aligned with thoughts of gratitude will be extra beneficial, and will allow you to align with the flow of abundant energies this cosmic energy brings.

While Solar Eclipses don’t really require us to set goals or request anything of the Universe, they are a good time to bring our awareness to our hearts and ensure they are open to receiving.

Do you feel worthy to receive?

Taurus is the sign associated with self-worth, so bring attention to where you are holding your worth and to any known or hidden feelings of unworthiness. More self-love is often the antidote whenever feelings of not being good enough show up.

Your affirmation for the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse- “I look for the opportunity in whatever comes my way. I am worthy to receive abundance, love, and all that is aligned with my highest destiny.”

Your Taurus Solar Eclipse Ritual is here.

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