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andromeda astrology

From April to May, the Sun conjuncts some of the fixed stars of the Andromeda constellation. 

The Andromeda Constellation is located in the Andromeda Galaxy. Even though it is over 2.5 million light-years from our Milky Way, it is the only other spiral galaxy we can see from Earth with the naked eye.

The Andromeda Galaxy is moving towards us at a rate of 70 miles per second, and it’s estimated that eventually, our two galaxies will collide, however we still have several billion years to go before this is expected to happen.

As the Sun conjuncts some of the fixed stars in the Andromeda constellation, it is said that we can tap into and embody its energies with greater ease. 

It also becomes easier for us to receive galactic downloads from Andromeda, and perhaps even connect with beings from this corner of our Universe.

Andromeda is believed to be home to an advanced race of beings. There are many on Earth who also feel their star roots originate from the Andromeda Galaxy. 

Andromeda is said to be the constellation of the chained woman. In mythology, she was held and chained as a sacrifice to a sea monster, but was later rescued and found full freedom.

Andromeda represents the process we go through of breaking the chains that bind us in order to find our own sense of freedom. Her journey of being in chains and used as a sacrifice is what motivates her to find her independence and to live life on her own terms.

If you wish to tune in and connect with the wisdom of Andromeda, one of the best times of year is from April 1 to May 4, when the Sun aligns with some of its fixed stars. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Andromeda constellation is also visible in the evening from August to February, and in the Southern Hemisphere, it is visible from October to December. These are also considered powerful times for connection.

Let’s take a closer look at when the Sun aligns with some of the main stars of Andromeda, and what the astrological interpretation is- 

Andromeda Astrology

Alpheratz – Connect with Abundance (April 3-4)

The Sun conjuncts Alpheratz on April 3-4. Alpheratz is the brightest star in the constellation. It is considered a lucky star and is said to bring great fortune, beauty, and abundance. It also inspires freedom, independence, and the deep trust of our inner knowing. It is considered a star of high-frequency energy that can also help us to connect with our intuition and tap into psychic gifts. 

During the early days of April, we can all connect with this energy by celebrating the things that make us feel abundant, beautifying our homes and surroundings, and releasing any fears that stop us from fully trusting ourselves and the innate wisdom we possess. 

Vertex – Connect with your Desires (April 17-18)

The Sun aligns with Vertex on April 17-18. Vertex is considered a star of emotional power. It helps us to connect with our emotions so we can unlock our desires and what it is that we truly want. It can reveal to us what we are really willing to fight for and what lengths we will go to make our dreams a reality. It carries an ambitious energy, but it is also said to bring accidents, misadventures, and injuries, so it’s important to stay grounded and to look before jumping in too deep. 

During the middle of April, we can connect with the more positive sides of this fixed star by getting real with ourselves and figuring out what we really desire and what we really wish to achieve. We may have to shift away from outdated goals or come into a deeper understanding of what we really want for ourselves and our life moving forward. Be wary of any instincts to rush ahead or act impulsively. 

Mirach- Open your Heart (April 19-20)

The Sun conjuncts Mirach by April 19-20, right at the end of Aries Season. Mirach carries a beautiful, gentle, and harmonious energy. It sends beams of love, forgiveness, and kindness straight into our heart centers. 

We can all connect with this energy by opening our hearts, paying attention to our heart chakra energy, and remembering the power that can come through forgiveness and loving-kindness. 

This is a sweet energy, so try tapping into it and enjoying the heart-opening benefits that it can bring. 

Almach – Be Creative (May 3-4)

The Sun reaches Almach by May 3-4. Almach embodies a creative energy that can help to stimulate artistic abilities and out-of-the-box ideas. 

If you are looking for creative inspiration, connect with the energy of Almach at this time. Close your eyes and consciously envision the energy of this star infusing into your own energy centers. You can also be proactive by tackling some creative projects, or even taking the time for writing, drawing, painting, etc. 

Do you feel connected to Andromeda? Share in the comments below.


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