Intuitive Astrology: Transit of Mercury Across the Sun 2019

mercury across sun

On 11/11, the planet Mercury will transit across the Sun. Mercury and the Sun meet several times a year, but it is a rare site when we can actually see Mercury crossing the face of the Sun.

We should never look into the Sun, but if we watch a live stream, we will see the planet Mercury as a little black orb moving across the bright, expansive face of the Sun.

This is a rare treat and something that won’t be experienced again for several decades! You can think of this moment similar to that of a Solar Eclipse. While we don’t feel the effects quite as strong, this is an Eclipse moment for Mercury.

Mercury is currently in retrograde in Scorpio, so this deepens the energy also.

Astrology of Mercury Crossing the Sun

As Mercury transits across the Sun it is going to be reborn. It is going to level up, raise its consciousness, and start delivering messages at a heightened frequency. We are going to feel Mercury’s lessons from this point forward being delivered with more strength, for we are ready!

As the planet of communication, Mercury wants us to be better communicators, not just with the world around us but with the world inside of us too.

Mercury wants us to be in communication with our body, our heart, our soul. It wants us to recognize that life is a mirror, always reflecting back what is within.

It wants us to encapsulate this idea of as above, so below, so we can be in rhythm and in sync with the Universe that lives inside of us and all around us.

As Mercury transits the Sun, it will be helping us to expand our minds. Where we have felt stuck, confused or cloudy, some space will be created and we will begin opening to new realizations.

Our mind can be powerful, but it can also be an enemy if we allow our fears and worries to take hold.

Not all of our thoughts are necessary. We don’t have to believe everything we think. And our thoughts don’t always come from us. Rather they exist as a stream that we are constantly tapping into.

While we create thoughts, we also tap into thoughts and the thoughts we tap into are the ones we are in vibrational resonance with.

How We Can Use This Energy

On this day, pay attention to the thoughts that are swimming around your mind. Pay attention to the stream of thoughts you are tapped into.

How are you talking to yourself? What is helpful? What is not helpful?

If you notice something unhelpful; if you notice your thoughts are negative or you have been thinking about something with worry and fear, see if you can switch it over.

If you have been thinking- “this is too hard”, try reframing to say that it is a challenge but you will get there.

If you have been thinking- “I have no money”, try reframing to focus on all the abundance around you or taking a more proactive approach on how you can budget and get your finances organized.

If you have been saying- “I am a failure”, try reframing to focus on your accomplishments and the fact that you are still learning.

Switching thoughts can’t change the past, but they can shift you to see things from a new vantage point. The things we have been looking at as terrible or traumatic, may suddenly appear in a new light and we may see something we didn’t notice before.

Switching your thoughts to a higher vibration is a great start and something this new rebirthed Mercury will be helping us with.

Open to a New Reality

Mercury transiting the Sun is also going to open us to a new reality. Life is not just what we are able to perceive with our five senses. There are so many twists, turns, and mysteries to uncover and Mercury may help us on this journey too.

We may receive cosmic downloads, messages from higher beings, or challenge our idea of what’s real and what’s not.

Pay attention to what the Universe around you is communicating on this day. Pay attention to what the Universe inside of you is communicating on this day.

Mercury transiting the Sun on the already potent 11/11 is definitely something to pay attention to. It feels like we are all being asked to level up when it comes to our mental health and our ability to use thoughts as tools to shift our reality.

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