Intuitive Astrology: Mercury Retrograde October-November 2019

mercury retrograde 2019

Mercury makes its final retrograde for the year 2019, from October 31st to November 20th, through the sign of Scorpio.

While Mercury won’t officially go retrograde until October 31st, we are going to feel its energy slowing down in preparation from around October 12th.

Mercury Retrograde can sometimes be viewed as an annoyance that can bring delays, miscommunications, technology breakdowns, and even an increase in anxious energy, but this usually happens only when we are pushing too hard and acting too fast.

We have to remember that we are a boundless, infinite, abundant soul living in a body that is not really any of these things, and sometimes we need gentle reminders to slow down, pause, and digest, and that’s exactly what this final Mercury Retrograde of 2019 intends to do. 

All through the month of October, we have been challenged and pushed by some heavy planetary alignments, and the retrograde of Mercury will actually help us to catch our breath and take another look at what has come up for us.

Mercury also happens to go retrograde in the watery sign of Scorpio on the same day as All Hallows Eve, the time when the veil between this dimension and other dimensions are thin.

As the planet that rules over communication, Mercury going retrograde at this time actually enhances our subtler, more intuitive methods of communication and allows us to access these gifts with greater ease.

If there is someone we wish to talk to on the other side, whether it be a loved one or our angels, this is actually the perfect time to do so. 

Along with being able to connect with our loved ones on the other side, this energy is also excellent for soul to soul communication too. 

While regular avenues of communication may not be favored under Mercury Retrograde, soul to soul communication can actually be extremely healing. 

If there is someone you wish to confront but don’t quite feel ready to, or if there is someone you wish to get closure with but can’t talk to for whatever reason, soul to soul communication can be a good fix.

Simply close your eyes and think about the person you wish to speak to. Ask your guides and angels to help you connect to their soul. Once you feel this connection, begin by communicating with them either out loud, in your mind, or by writing them a letter. 

Chatting soul to soul also allows you to both leave your egos, wounds, and triggers behind and instead, offers an opportunity for more love, understanding, and forgiveness. 

Another great version of this technique is the Ho’oponopono prayer, which is also wonderful for bringing healing, closure, and forgiveness when you can’t talk face to face. 

All through 2019, Mercury has been retrograding through the water signs, signaling that the Universe has been asking us to work on strengthening our intuitive voice and intuitive gifts.

Now, as Mercury makes its way through the last water sign, we are going to come full circle and perhaps learn something new about the way our intuition speaks to us and how our intuition shows up in our lives.

In fact, pay attention to your intuition during this final retrograde cycle and see if you can pick up on any clues or intuitive hunches that you may be feeling. 

If something feels off, or if you receive some information that doesn’t seem quite right, this Mercury Retrograde would be the perfect time to investigate further before making a conclusion. 

While Mercury Retrograde is typically not a good time to start new things, it is a good time to go back over things and to revisit information to ensure you haven’t missed anything the first time around.

We also have to move slow, so don’t allow others to pressure you into making a decision or doing anything that doesn’t feel right.

Venus is also very active during this Mercury Retrograde and may stir themes similar to what came up for you when Venus was last in Scorpio, which was from October 2018 into early January 2019.

As Mercury nears the end of its retrograde, the focus is going to shift to the thoughts that run through our minds.

Very often, our mind likes to play tricks on us. It can make something seem worse than it is and it can also color our experiences or our way of seeing the world.

Our mind is powerful and is something that can control our lives if we don’t pause, reflect, and pay attention to the thoughts we are telling ourselves.

We all know that the world can be a dark and scary place sometimes, but we also know that there is good in the world too.

When we spend our time wrapped up in the darkness of life, it doesn’t really change anything. All it does it make us feel more miserable and unsafe, and we tend to notice the darkness more.

It’s not that we need to ignore the darkness, but focusing on the beauty and positive sides of life can be a much happier and lighter frame of mind to be in.

Under the final Mercury Retrograde of the year, we can do a mental inventory and figure out what thoughts we want to keep close to us, and which ones we want to discard.

Try to reframe any negative thoughts. Try to remain optimistic and hopeful, and don’t be afraid to stop consuming things that instigate negativity and fear such as watching certain news channels or scrolling through certain social media accounts.

Work on creating a healthy, peaceful, and serene environment for your mind and you will find that Mercury will be able to recharge your mental batteries with greater ease.

Mercury will go direct on November 20, but won’t return to its full speed and strength until December 8, just in time for the holiday season. 

And as we wrap up the last Mercury Retrograde of 2019, be sure to also celebrate all moments when you:

  • Listened to your intuition
  • Checked again when something felt off
  • Chose to see a delay as a blessing
  • Allowed yourself to slow down
  • Confronted a painful truth
  • Realized something was not what it seemed and took action
  • Communicated using your other senses
  • Expressed yourself clearly and thoughtfully 
  • Expressed yourself at all 
  • Genuinely listened to what another person was saying
  • Forgave someone – including yourself!
  • Stood up for yourself
  • Did a phone detox 
  • Worked through miscommunications
  • Didn’t get triggered by something you heard or read
  • Identified a trigger
  • Calmed anxious thinking

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