Intuitive Astrology: Uranus Conjunct Black Moon Lilith December 2020

black moon lilith uranus

From December 2020 to January 2021, Uranus, the planet of change and awakening, aligns with Black Moon Lilith.

As these two come together, Black Moon Lilith envelopes Uranus in her web, coloring its energy and charging its intention with her own.

Black Moon Lilith is not a planet, but rather a mathematical point between the Earth and the Moon. Black Moon Lilith represents the rising of feminine consciousness, out of repression and into a state of fullness.

Black Moon Lilith is said to indicate sexual power, healing, instinctual urges, equality, and transcendence. She represents the forgotten qualities of the feminine that have been shunned by the patriarchy. 

In Babylonian mythology, Lilith was a handmaiden to the goddess Innana and was known for her wild sexuality and promiscuous ways.

In Hebrew mythology, Lilith was known as the first wife of Adam, but she wanted equal rights and well, Adam apparently wasn’t into that. 

In modern astrology, Lilith is sort of a dark moon goddess. She represents the forgotten powers of the feminine, but also sexual power, healing, transformation, and psychic energy.

You can read more on Black Moon Lilith here.

When she is activated in the cosmic sky, she can bring repressed energy to the surface for clearing. She can instigate sexual awakenings and healing around our sexuality, and she can help us reclaim our feminine power.

Whenever we have held ourselves back because we felt we were too different or not good enough, can rise to the surface for clearing under her presence. 

Uranus reaches its closest alignment with Black Moon Lilith on December 19, 2020. As the energy reaches its peak on this day, many of us are going to feel repressed or stifled energy floating to the surface for release.

If we can become aware of this energy and take steps to observe, listen, and release it, we can experience a greater sense of liberation and freedom.

We can also begin tapping into the forgotten side of our feminine power, which includes things like magic, creative powers, divinity, and more.

On a collective level, the alignment of Uranus and Black Moon Lilith may bring equality issues in the spotlight, or we may begin noticing more injustices, particularly around women’s issues.

Uranus and Black Moon Lilith will help us cut any chains that have kept us bound, locked, and restricted. Together their energy will allow us to rise up and say- no more. 

The energy of Black Moon Lilith can help us to fight for equality in whatever way it is needed, but it can also guide us to bring balance to the planet as a whole.

When there is too much masculine or Yang energy, the planet can be susceptible to droughts, earthquakes, and rising temperatures. When there is too much feminine or Yin energy, the planet can be susceptible to floods, storms, and colder temperatures.

When these energies are in balance, harmony flows and the planet is able to move through its own cycles of the seasons. But when this energy is out of balance, it can create erratic weather and an increase in natural disasters.

Uranus and Black Moon Lilith will come together in the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by the Earth, so it’s very likely the state of our planet and the environment will also come into the spotlight at this time. 

We have to do more to protect our planet and to keep the environment safe and clean for generations to come. 

We have been abusing the Earth’s resources for far too long, and under this alignment of Uranus and Black Moon Lilith, we may receive an awakening that inspires us to get there. 

As Uranus and Black Moon Lilith continue traveling together through January of 2021, the energy dynamic will change slightly as Mars will also join the alignment, creating what’s known as a triple conjunction.

Mars will add some extra heat and fiery energy to both Uranus and Black Moon Lilith. This energy feels very revolutionary and will be at its strongest from January 17-26, 2021.

How You Can Work with this Energy:

Balance your own Masculine/Feminine Energy Exercise

The right side of our body is believed to be the “masculine” or yang side, whereas the left side is the “feminine” or yin side. You can bring these energies into balance by doing the following exercise:

Place your left hand (feminine) on your right shoulder (masculine). Thank the masculine side for all that it does. The actions that it takes, the assertiveness that it carries, and the decision making that it does.

Now place your right hand (masculine) on your left shoulder (feminine). Thank the feminine side for all that it does. The nurturing that it offers, the intuitive wisdom that it shares, and the creativity that it brings.

Then cross your hands over, put them on your shoulders and give yourself a big hug, bringing yourself into a total state of balance. 

Note: I did not come up with this exercise and I can’t remember where I heard about it. If you know who created it please let me know in the comments so I can credit.

Work with the Following Journal Prompts:

  • I hold myself back when…
  • My inner power feels like…
  • Intimacy makes me feel…

Tantra or Kundalini Yoga

Tantra or Kundalini Yoga are also good ways to channel this energy. You can try different Tantric breathing techniques on Youtube.

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