Intuitive Astrology Forecast: Sagittarius Season 2020

sagittarius season 2020

On November 21-22, we move out of the watery depths of Scorpio Season into the bright, expansive season of Sagittarius. 

Sagittarius is represented by a Centaur pointing its arrow high into the starry night sky. If we trace the direction of its arrow, we can see that the Centaur is pointing directly to the star Antares, which is located in the constellation of Scorpio and is known as the “heart of the Scorpion”. 

Antares is a star associated with the deep pains of the heart. It can bring destruction and death, but also the chance of a grand rebirth that is lead by the heart. 

Antares also carries similar energy to the fiery planet, Mars. It can stir our fears and anxieties, but this is only in the hope that we can transcend them.

Having the wise Sagittarian Centaur pointing his arrow towards Antares is our key to unlocking the deeper messages of Sagittarius Season.

Sagittarian energy is commonly defined as being optimistic, abundant, expansive, and adventurous, and while all of that is on offer to us under the Sagittarius Sun, there is also an opportunity here for us to align our own arrow and fire straight into the heart of our own fears and anxieties.

What is keeping us playing small? What keeps us rigid or fixed in our position? What is holding us back the most in our lives?

We have just come out of a period of many retrogrades and heavy energy that may be making us feel sluggish and uncertain. There is this feeling that so many things are changing, but perhaps it is not yet clear what these changes are going to look like or what they are going to bring.

As we enter Sagittarius Season, we are shown where we need to look. We are pointed directly to the heart, and reminded that all we see happening around us, all that we feel, has been encouraging us to grow and transform so we can ultimately, be reborn, stronger and wiser than before.

This Sagttarius Season, think about how you can keep your arrow pointed in the direction of your heart. Allow yourself to be led and guided by love, passion, and joy. If fears and anxieties arise, recognize them as keys that will guide you as to what is holding you back and what you are learning to transcend. 

Here are your key dates for Sagittarius Season- 

November 21/22- Sun enters Sagittarius

Sagittarius Season begins. We will feel the shift from the energy of water to the energy of fire. We may feel more energized and charged up to get things done.

November 29- Neptune Direct

Neptune turns direct leaving only one planet (Uranus) in retrograde! This is the first time in months that we have had so few planets in retrograde. Things are going to feel like they are moving forward nicely. Where we had felt confused and foggy, we will now start seeing things with a newfound sense of clarity. Neptune turning direct may also help us get clearer about our dreams and goals and what we wish to create in our lives moving forward. If there have been any illusions, this is a time where we may see a new truth revealed. 

November 30- Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini 

Sagittarius Season brings two Eclipses, the first being a Partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. Lunar Eclipses typically bring about endings. They help us to release things from our lives that are no longer aligned with where we are heading. While Eclipses can be powerful, there is some softer energy around this one that will inspire us to see a new road ahead. When one door closes, another one always opens.

December 10- Pluto Square Eris 

Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, whereas Eris can be seen as the Goddess of the Underworld. These two dwarf planets are going to be in a tense alignment with one another, adding to feelings of frustration and even anger. We may feel called to make a change, to release ourselves from something, or to step up and take action. This energy can be heavy but also empowering. It reminds us to focus on what we can control and to know that we always have the power to take charge of our own lives.

December 12- 12/12

1212 is a powerful angel number that indicates wholeness and completion. It is also a number code to help activate our light body. When our light body is activated, we can gain a new understanding of the dimension of time, and traveling to higher realms, whether astrally or in dreams is easier. 1212 is also connected to the Merkaba. You can read more about this here.

December 14-15: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

This is a powerful New Moon Total Solar Eclipse. It represents a quantum jump into a new chapter of our lives. A portal has been opened and we are leveling up to new heights. This is a very strong and powerful energy that may activate awakening and ascension symptoms. Expect big changes and revelations. Pay attention to your intuition at this time, for there is going to be strong energy on offer that will guide us into this new portal.

December 15- Chiron Direct 

Chiron is an asteroid known as the wounded healer. It has been retrograde for the last few months but will now begin traveling direct. You can read more on Chiron here.

December 17- Saturn enters Aquarius

Saturn now enters Aquarius where it will remain for the next 2.5 years. The placement of Saturn indicates our karmic lessons and the themes we will be working with for the coming years. The movements of Saturn this year have corresponded with the lockdowns we have been seeing around the world. We may receive more news at this time in regards to restrictions or news in regards to controlling the virus. 

December 18- Sun on Galactic Center

The Galactic Center is a highly charged point in our Universe and when the Sun aligns with this spot we receive beams of high-frequency energy straight down to Earth. This energy can activate our chakras, instigate psychic downloads, and make it easier for us to make contact with our Galactic ancestors. It can also bring prophetic dreams.

December 19 – Black Moon Lilith Conjunct Uranus

This is definitely some volatile energy and falling close to the Eclipses it may be amplified. Black Moon Lilith is associated with feminine power, but also the rising and acceptance of our shadow side. Uranus is a wildcard energy, so as these two forces come together we may experience some unrest, erratic behavior, or some heated emotions. This is good energy however, for making peace with our shadow side and for embracing the divine feminine energy that lives within us all. You can read more on this here.

December 20- Jupiter enters Aquarius

The largest planet in our solar system leaves Capricorn for the sign of Aquarius. Jupiter spends about 12 months in each zodiac sign, so the sign it is in can color and shape how we experience the next 12 months. Aquarius energy is going to be strong in 2021, which means a lot of our focus will shift to humanitarian efforts, the collective, community, and technological advancements. Jupiter was last in Aquarius in 2009, and on a personal level, we may experience a leveling up of the themes that were present at this time.

December 21/22- The Great Conjunction and the Solstice

As we bridge between Sagittarius Season and the start of Capricorn Season, we have a powerful and historially defining alignment known as the Great Conjunction. The Great Conjunction is the alignment of both Jupiter and Saturn at the same degree of the zodiac. While this occurs every two decades or so, for the last 200 years, the Great Conjunction has almost always occurred in earth signs. Now however, we are shifting into air signs with the Great Conjunction of 2020 aligning in the sign of Aquarius. This kickstarts a new 200 year cycle and is destined to bring more “Age of Aquarius” themes to the planet. You can read more about this here.

As you can see, Sagittarius Season is a busy time. Things are starting to heat up and we are moved through some strong energies, especially as we reach the month of December. 2020 has been a powerful year and it seems that all the stops are being pulled out as we bring this chapter to a close.

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