Intuitive Astrology: Venus and Mars Conjunction July 2021

venus and mars astrology 2021

Venus and Mars will align in the sky on July 13, 2021, at 19 degrees of Leo, shining down creativity, harmonizing any imbalances, and activating soulmate and twin flame contracts.

Venus is the Goddess of Love and Mars is the Fearless Warrior. While they come together exactly on July 13, we are going to feel the merging of these two energies for about a week on either side of this date.

When Venus and Mars come together, we experience a rebirth of their energies and a new awakening of both the feminine and masculine principles within us.

This awakening is going to help us shift our attitudes towards our sexuality, our relationships, and the feminine and masculine energies within.

Venus represents sacred feminine energy. This energy goes beyond gender and lives within all of us and all of nature. It is represented by wavy lines, running water, and the process of flowing. It is that intuitive whisper, that tear trickling down the cheek, that open heart, and the wanderer’s journey. It is a cool breeze, the sound of rain, the Moon, and the dark night sky.

In Astrology, Venus is is the planet of love, harmony, money, and beauty. Its energy inspires us to connect with our inner Goddess, fan our creative flames, create wealth, and surround ourselves with beauty.

Mars represents sacred masculine energy. This energy also goes beyond gender and lives with all of us and all of nature. It is represented by straight lines, still water, and the process of scheduling and organizing. It is our rational mind, the ability to speak our truth, and the stability and security we need to survive this 3D world. It is the warm Sun, the bright blue sky, and the feeling of accomplishment as we close our eyes at the end of the day.

In Astrology, Mars is considered the planet of action, motivation, and fearlessness. Its energy inspires us to forge ahead, to push past our fears, and to find our inner confidence and strength.

As Venus and Mars come together, how can you create more balance between the energies that they offer?

If you are looking to create more balance in your life between Venus and Mars energies, here are a few tips-

Bringing in more Venus energy:

  • Take a yin yoga class
  • Take slow, deep breaths
  • Practice listening to your intuition
  • Spend time near water
  • Charge crystals under the Moon
  • Connect with the phases of the Moon
  • Do some heart-opening exercises
  • Practice self-love
  • Make yourself feel beautiful
  • Surround yourself with beauty
  • Spend time meditating in nature
  • Read, write poetry, or write fantasy stories
  • Eat raw foods
  • Reflect and spend time alone
  • Disregard lists such as these and just do what you feel

Bringing in more Mars energy:

  • Do strength training, aerobics or another vigorous form of exercise
  • Journal or write letters to get what’s on your mind out on paper
  • Set plans and make goals
  • Do some grounding exercises
  • Charge crystals under the Sun
  • Spend time hiking or being active in nature
  • Assert yourself or put yourself out there
  • Conquer your fears
  • Meditate as the sun rises
  • Do puzzles or other word games
  • Eat warm, spicy foods
  • Spend time with friends
  • Adopt a “can do” attitude
  • Consult lists such as these

Venus and Mars meet every two years or so, and the last time they aligned was back in August 2019. You can look back to this time to see how your attitudes around love, relationships, and fearlessness have evolved, and how the qualities of masculine and feminine energies within you have transformed.

As Venus and Mars come to conjunction in the sign of Leo, we may also notice that this energy activates our adventurous side and gets us seeking new experiences, excitement, and perhaps a playfulness.

Venus and Mars conjunct in Leo is a time to remember that through all the chaos and heartache of life, there is a beauty and lightness to be found too.

Life can sometimes get too serious and it’s easy to get caught up in the intensity and roadblocks it sometimes brings. But this meeting of the Goddess of Love and the Fearless Warrior is a time where we may feel ourselves taking a more balanced and lighter approach to whatever has come our way.

Venus and Mars coming together can also active soulmate and twin flame contracts. You can read more about my take on twin flames and soulmates here and here, but this is how we may see this activation manifesting-

  • We may encounter a soulmate or twin flame.
  • We may create a new relationship with someone.
  • We may experience spiritual awakenings that are inspired or triggered by the relationships in our lives or a chance encounter.
  • We may end relationships that are no longer serving us or that we have outgrown.
  • Someone significant may exit our lives as a signal that it’s time for us to start a new chapter.
  • We may gain insights or confirmation on the soulmates or twin flames in our lives.
  • Soulmate or twin flame wounds may emerge for healing.
  • More soulmates and twin flames will awaken and arrive on Earth.
  • The definition of soulmates and twin flames may also evolve and new insights on these special souls may come forward.

Venus and Mars coming together is a rare treat, and a time of unity. It is like the sperm fertilizing the egg, the two cosmic lovers coming in for that fated first kiss, it is the symbol for the yin and yang of the Universe.

Use this energy to find your balance, your creativity, and your motivation. Use it to remind yourself that you too are a child of the Universe and connected to all that is around you.

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