Intuitive Astrology: Venus Star Point October 2022

venus star point october 2022
Want to dive deeper into the Venus Star Point energies? Join me for a Zoom Workshop on October 14, 2022, at 10am PDT. In this workshop, we will talk about the Venus Star Point, plus do a guided heart-opening meditation. Click here to access the recording

Every eight years, Venus creates a perfect five-pointed star or five-petaled rose as it orbits around the Sun. Known as the Rose of Venus or the Star of Venus, this perfect geometrical shape is a reminder of both the beauty and order that can be found in the Universe.

An 8-year cycle of Venus around the Sun from our vantage point on Earth.

To create the petals, Venus shifts between being a morning star and an evening star. This transition is marked by Venus aligning with the Sun, which is known as the Venus Star Point.

As Venus and the Sun come together, Venus transforms from a morning to an evening star. Venus then shifts retrograde and will align with the Sun once more to become a morning star. The cycle then repeats.

Since the start of 2022, Venus has been traveling as a morning star. But now, on October 22, 2022, she will align with the Sun, and slowly transform into an evening star. This transformation can take up to 80 days as Venus merges its energy with the center of our solar system.

At the end of this merging, Venus will slowly separate from the Sun and appear in the evening sky.

Evening sky Venus is said to help us activate feelings of self-love, self-nourishment, and to bring beauty to our inner world. Morning Sky Venus is said to help us create partnership, connection with others, and to bring beauty to our external world.

We typically experience one Venus Star Point each year, but the October Star Point will actually be our second. The first we experienced was on January 8, 2022.

What also adds to the significance of the October Venus Star Point is that it will take place in Libra, its ruling sign. Venus has not created a star point in Libra since the 1770s, making this the first time that any of us have experienced this energy.

To add to the energy, Venus will also be conjunct the dwarf planet, Haumea, which is named after the Hawaiian Goddess of Birth. Plus, Saturn stations direct on this day, and we are deep in Eclipse Season too! This creates a lot of intense and transformational energy to work with, especially when it comes to our relationships, matters of the heart, and the expression of the feminine.

Let’s break down what it all means and how you can maximize its energy in your own life –

Tracking The Rose of Venus

As Venus orbits around the Sun, she makes a beautiful five-petalled flower known as the Rose of Venus. Each one of these petals represents a growth point or an evolution point when it comes to love, connection, our values, and our interpretation of beauty.

The Rose of Venus takes 8 years to be completed, and we can track how the formation of each petal has marked a period of maturity and ascension in our relationships and in matters relating to the heart.

The current Rose of Venus we are working on began in June 2020. The dates below mark the upcoming Venus Star Points and will help you to track the evolution of Venus energy in your own life:

PETAL 1: A New Venus Cycle Begins. We are preparing to undergo a new cycle when it comes to matters of the heart, relationships, and how we perceive beauty.

  • June 2020- Venus Star Point retrograde
  • March 2021- Venus Star Point direct

PETAL 2: We are moving deeper into the lessons of this Venus cycle. We may begin intuiting or beginning to understand more of the journey.

  • January 2022- Venus Star Point retrograde
  • October 2022- Venus Star Point direct

PETAL 3: Our consciousness is rising as we are more than halfway through our Venus journey. We are at the peak of our story.

  • August 2023- Venus Star Point retrograde
  • June 2024- Venus Star Point direct

PETAL 4: Things are unraveling, and we are able to see the core lessons unfold. Expansion begins to occur, and a new way of working with Venus energy emerges.

  • March 2025- Venus Star Point retrograde
  • October 2026- Venus Star Point direct

PETAL 5: We have reached a new state of consciousness. We are able to harvest the rewards and work that our journey has brought our way. Endings may also be a theme.

  • August 2027- Venus Star Point retrograde
  • June 2028- Venus Star Point direct

You can track the Rose of Venus in your own life to see what themes or life lessons you are moving through at this time, and what chapter you are working through in your own life.

The Venus Star Point and Haumea, the Merging of Two Goddesses

On October 22, 2022, as Venus aligns with the Sun at 29 degrees of Libra, Haumea, the Hawaiian Goddess of Birth is also resting at this degree.

The alignment of the two Goddesses, Venus and Haumea symbolizes a powerful fusion of feminine energy. This is further enhanced by the fact that Venus will be aligning in her ruling sign of Libra.

The 29th degree of the zodiac is also considered a particularly karmic degree and can enhance the planetary energies.

Haumea has the gift of being able to birth children from the limbs of her own body. She represents Divine creation and the incredible and perhaps untapped power that a child-bearing body holds. We can use her energy to create, not with forced effort, but with trust.

Haumea knows how to harness the power of nature and her innate abilities to create and to bring new life to things. She doesn’t have to struggle, she simply follows the same order and structure that nature provides.

We can use the energy of Haumea to bring trust and ease to whatever we are moving through. We can use her wisdom to remind ourselves that all things bloom in their own time. We can also use her energy to remind ourselves that we are powerful and capable to create and to birth new life into all areas of our lives.

It is also interesting to note that the dwarf planet of Haumea is shaped like an egg, rather than a sphere. Across many cultures, the egg is known as a symbol for fertility, new life, and new beginnings.

If there is something in your life that needs a rebirth, if you are looking to bring fresh energy or new creations into your life, you can connect with Haumea for guidance.

With Venus and Haumea coming together, we can notice themes relating to fertility and childbirth, the rebirth of heart matters, a deepening in our relationships, particularly with women, an activation of Divine feminine energy, and an increased need to create nourishment and comfort.

With the Venus Star Point also happening so close to the October 25, Solar New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio we may also notice changes and transformations when it comes to our relationships and how we choose to show up in them. We may find a need to deepen our connection with others or with ourselves, so we can understand, empathize, and find deeper compassion.

Want to dive deeper into the Venus Star Point energies? Join me for a Zoom Workshop on October 14, 2022, at 10am PDT. In this workshop, we will talk about the Venus Star Point, plus do a guided heart-opening meditation. Click here to sign up.

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