Leo Full Moon Ritual February 2022

leo full moon ritual february 2022

The fiery Leo Full Moon peaks on February 16, 2022. At the same time as this Full Moon, Venus and Mars will also come together in the cosmic skies, enhancing the vibrations of creativity, liberation, attraction, and passion.

Under this energy, we become magnets for all we wish to attract. Under this energy, we are able to own the Goddess within and connect with all that empowers us.

You can get your forecast for the Full Moon here. A ritual to guide you through these energies is here-

Leo Full Moon Ritual February 2022

This ritual is best done right before bed. To tap into the strongest Full Moon energies, I recommend doing this ritual between February 12-19, 2022.

You will need:

* To work with the healing powers of the rose, the color you chose can hold a different vibration. Use red rose petals for attracting love, boosting your feelings of passion, and enhancing your sexual magnetism. Use pink rose petals for boosting your feminine energies and tapping into the Goddess within. Use yellow or peach rose petals for unlocking feelings of joy and playfulness, and attracting friendships. Use purple rose petals for enhancing your intuition and connecting with higher realms and your third eye. Feel free to also mix the colors you use, but I recommend doing no more than two different colors. If you cannot get fresh roses where you are, you can also substitute with dried roses, or a few drops of rose essential oil.


1.) Have all your ritual ingredients and your white pajams/sleeping clothes ready to go. Start by cleansing your aura using your tool of choice, followed by your surroundings and ritual ingredients.

As you cleanse your aura feel free to recite the following –

“I release and let go of the noise of the world, leaving nothing but my true, authentic self. All the clutter, all the thoughts that no longer serve or are no longer mine, all my aches, pains, worries, stresses, and concerns leave my body now, leaving me free, aligned with love, and standing in my true power.”

As you cleanse your ritual ingredients, pajamas, and surroundings, feel free to recite the following-

“I give thanks to these beautiful rose petals that I will use in my ritual. May their energy remain clear, pure, and open to the magic that is about to unfold. I give thanks to the water in this jug, and cleanse it so it may radiate at the highest vibration possible. I give thanks to these clothes, knowing that when I wear them they will keep me protected, aligned, and connected to the light. I now take a moment to clear this space, freeing it from all energies that no longer support my highest good. My space is cleared, my space is cleaned. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

2.) Next, get into your white pajamas/shirt, get nice and comfortable and begin the Surrender to Peace Meditation.

3.) Once the meditation is complete, take a third of your rose petals in your non-dominant hand and hold them over your jug of water. As you sprinkle the rose petals into the water, state out loud something that you are proud of yourself for achieving.

4.) Now take another handful of rose petals in your non-dominant hand, leaving enough to do this one more time, and sprinkle them into your jug of water. As you do, state out loud what you feel empowered by the most in your life right now.

5.) Finally, take your last handful of rose petals and sprinkle them into your jug of water while stating out loud what you love the most about yourself.

6.) Using your finger, begin swirling the water in the jug, making a vortex. As you do this, recite the following (feel free to adjust to suit your needs)-

“I am a magnetic being. All that is meant to be will find its way to me. I radiate the spark of my true authentic self. I am attracting all that is for my highest good. I am lifting my vibration and aligning with what brings me joy, love, and peace.”

7.) Leave your jug of water out under the Full Moon- you can put it by a window or outside depending on your climate and accesibility.

8.) Now do your Leo Full Moon Reading. Sit with any messages that come up for you, before going to bed.

9.) In the morning, take your jug of water and pour it over your body in the shower or over your hands/feet in the sink. As you do, imagine all the moon energies and affirmations soaking into your skin and into your being. If you like, you can recite this affirmation again –

“I am a magnetic being. All that is meant to be will find its way to me. I radiate the spark of my true authentic self. I am attracting all that is for my highest good. I am lifting my vibration and aligning with what brings me joy, love, and peace.”

9.) Take your rose petals and discard them outside. You can also dry them out and leave them on your altar for a few days if you wish, just be sure to return them to the earth about 3 days after completing this ritual.

Full Moon Blessings to you!

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