Leo Full Moon Ritual January 2024

leo full moon ritual january 2024

The Leo Full Moon on January 25 is the first of the year and holds a warming vibration that will expand our hearts and allow us to focus on creating more joy and creativity in our lives.

While Leo energy can be bold and dramatic and help us to dream bigger and go for our most daring passions, it also offers the gift of simplicity too. In fact, one of the highest octaves of Leo energy is simplicity, and this is something we can lean into under the Leo Full Moon.

We don’t have to seek joy, passion, and pleasure in the big, grand things. Instead, we can bring our focus to the small, simpler pleasures of life. We can work to infuse simple moments of joy and fun in our everyday lives so we are not always waiting for that next grand big thing.

This January Full Moon ritual sticks with the theme of simplicity. It is a basic, yet powerful ritual to help align you with the current energies and to work with the beautiful heart-expansive qualities of the first Full Moon of 2024.

Your full forecast is here if you want to read more about the January Leo Full Moon.

Leo Full Moon Ritual January 2024

You will need:


1.)Take your aura cleansing tool of choice and cleanse your aura, starting with the top of your head. Work your way down your entire body, all the way down to your feet. As you cleanse your aura, recite the following mantra-

“I cleanse myself from top to toe, aligning my mind, body, and soul as One. I ignite my inner flame that radiates joy, love, peace, and prosperity. I am grateful for my body; I am grateful for this life. I am cleansed. My aura is light. My inner flame shines bright.”

2.) Now, using your same aura cleansing tool, start at the front of your house (front door) and work your way through every room in your house. Be sure to have a window open (even if it’s just a crack so that any negative energy can escape). For best results, make sure all the doors in your home, including closet doors, are open. As you work through your house, recite the following mantra –

“I cleanse this space with light and loving energy. I now release any energy that is not aligned with my highest good. May it leave this space now. Only peace dwells here. Only love dwells here. Only what is good for my soul vibrates here. My space is cleansed. My space is clear. My space radiates peace.”

3.) Get nice and comfortable and start your Heart Drumming meditation. This is an active meditation that will help to open your heart center. It will allow you to soak up the passionate, energetic, and healing energies that this Full Moon has on offer. Observe any sensations or feelings in your body after completing this mediation, if you wish, you can journal or meditate on whatever has come up for you.

4.) Once you are done with heart drumming meditation, try your Leo Full Moon Reading. Read through the message your chosen card offers and see what thoughts or feelings emerge for you.

Your ritual is now complete!

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