Libra New Moon Ritual October 2018

libra new moon ritual

The Libra New Moon on October 8th is a time to start fresh and a time to transform your life in a positive direction.

Venus retrograde is going to be heavily involved in this New Moon, so matters of the heart and things from our past may also surface in order to be cleared, heard, or celebrated.

Whatever comes up for you, this New Moon is really about transforming and shifting so you can turn over a new page and start a new chapter, whether it be in your career, relationships or in your life in general.

To help with the energies of this Libra New Moon, here is a ritual idea.

This ritual is best done from October 5-19, but it can be done anytime you feel the need.

Libra New Moon Ritual

You will need:

  • Smudging tool of choice (eg. sage, palo santo etc.)
  • Candle
  • Pen and paper
  • Crystal of choice (choose whatever you feel drawn to)
  • Small bowl of water


1.) Begin by smudging your aura and then your surroundings. For specific instructions on how to smudge, please read this. As you smudge your aura, recite the following mantra-

“I cleanse and release the heavy weight of the past. I no longer need to carry all this weight on my shoulders. I breathe and I release. I breathe and I release. I am now cleansed.”

As you smudge your surroundings, recite the following mantra. You can repeat the mantra a few times as you move through your space-

“I cleanse this space with light and love. Only light and love may enter. I cleanse this space with joy and abundance and fill my space with all things that make me happy and free.”

2.) Set up your ritual ingredients so they are in front of you. Having a clear and well-organized ritual space helps the energy to flow better, so arrange things so they look aesthetically pleasing to you. You can also add things like soft music, incense, etc. if you wish.

3.) Light your candle and hold your crystal in your left hand. Close your eyes and gently rub the crystal in your left hand. Imagine that you are infusing your energy into the crystal. Take 3-5 deep breaths here with your right hand over your heart center.

4.) On your next breath, exhale and then recite the following mantra out loud-

“I am open to transforming, so I can be the best I can be. I am open to shifting, so I can align with my highest destiny. I am open to love so my heart can bloom, and with heart open I ask Mother Moon- Please guide me as I lead the way, please guide me so I have better days. Please guide me to my truest path, please guide me to keep an open heart. I thank you once, I thank you twice, I send my wishes out tonight.”

5.) Take your pen and paper and begin writing what you would like support and guidance with in your life right now. If you are not sure, write- “I would really like help and support with…..” and then see what follows. You can keep your writing short and sweet, or if you prefer, you can free-flow journal for as long as you like. Just do what you feel in the moment.

6.) Once you have finished writing, place your hands in prayer position, close your eyes and just take a moment to digest your words and all that has come through. Take 10 deep breaths here.

7.) On another sheet of paper write down just one word. This word is something you would like to feel or to bring into your life. Just choose the first word that comes to your mind. There is no right or wrong here. Just go with your first instinct.

8.) Take the paper with your word on it and drop it into the bowl of water. Pick up the bowl of water with two hands and feel the word “infusing” into the water. You can take 3 breaths here as you visualize this.

9.) Take the bowl of water and stand outside or in front of a sink. Dab your fingers in the water and brush them over your third eye (center of forehead) and heart center. Now, remove the paper and gently tip the water out like you are offering it to Mother Earth. Say “thank you” as you do this.

10.) Sleep with the crystal by your bedside or carry it as a reminder of your offering and request for guidance. You can keep your journal writing to look back on at a later time, or if you prefer you can discard or burn it.

Happy New Moon!

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