Libra Season Horoscopes 2022

libra season horoscopes 2022

Libra Season begins on September 22-23, 2022, the same day as the Equinox. The Equinox represents a turning point as we arrive at the halfway mark of the astrological year, and Libra is the perfect zodiac to guide us through this transition point.

Reaching the halfway mark on our trip around the zodiac makes it the perfect time to check in with ourselves and the direction of our lives.

Do we like how we are spending our time? Do we feel that our day-to-day routine is in balance with who we are and who we want to be?

Libra is represented by the scales, and its energy inspires us to create a sense of balance in our own lives. Under the Libra Sun, we are all called to balance our energy levels, our inner world with our outer world, and the flow of giving and receiving.

Libra is the sign that also represents the self in the other, that is, the self that we show up as in the many relationships we keep. This makes Libra Season a good time to also reflect on the relationships in our lives and what they may be bringing out or up for us.

Who do I become in the many relationships that I keep? Observe how your behavior or energy shifts around certain people. Are these shifts triggered by expansion, your ego, your inner child, or your trauma?

Relationships very often act as a mirror, alerting us to hidden parts of ourselves, traumas, wounds, or unconscious behaviors. Just the same, certain relationships can inspire us, showing us who we want to be and how to unlock more of our potential. The most significant relationships in our lives very often trigger both of these areas.

These sorts of questions and themes regarding our relationships may naturally come up for us under the Libra Sun and may even be more triggered by the fact that Mercury is in Retrograde until October 2.

Mercury Retrograde can bring up the past, forcing us to look at past habits, attitudes, and beliefs. As Mercury is spending part of its retrograde in Libra and most of its retrograde under the Libra Sun, we very well could find ourselves needing to revisit past relationship dynamics or our communication style when it comes to the relationships in our lives.

As Libra Season comes to an end on October 23, we will find ourselves entering Eclipse Season. Eclipses are always a time of transformation, endings, and new beginnings, but more to come on this later!

Let’s now take a look into how Libra Season 2022 will manifest for your Horoscope. You can read for your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs.

Libra Season Horoscopes 2022


As a fire sign, life is often go-go for you, but under the Libra Sun, you may be feeling the need to rest, recharge, and slow down. This feeling is likely amplified by your ruling planet, Mars, which is slowing down in preparation for its upcoming retrograde. Mars won’t officially retrograde until October 31, but as it is your ruling planet, you are likely to already start feeling this slow-down effect. Burnout can be very common under a Mars Retrograde, so to avoid this, make sure you use this Libra Season energy to recharge your batteries. The Libra New Moon on September 25 may stir a significant relationship in your life. There may be hidden insights that come to the surface or new information that changes or shifts the way you feel about this other person. With several planets in retrograde at this time, go slow. Try not to act with haste but instead, give yourself time to pause, reflect, and digest how you wish to proceed. The October 9, Full Moon falls in your sign of Aries, and this is a power point in the season for you! When the Full Moon is in your sign, it can activate your energy and inspire new ideas. Full Moons tend to draw things out of us, so you may feel this Full Moon drawing out new talents, ideas, and creative inspirations. You may also feel this Full Moon drawing out habits that need to be cleared, subconscious thoughts, or even toxins. This Full Moon also has the power to bring the goals and dreams you set during your birthday season to fruition. If you set some goals around your birthday, this would be a good time to revisit them and honor just how much progress you have made.


Libra Season is your chance to get organized and focus on the smaller details that make up your daily routine. Are you happy with how you choose to spend your days? Or do you find yourself distracted by things or getting into a slump when it comes to your goals? Libra Season offers some fantastic energy for reshaping your daily habits and creating some healthy and productive new ones. With the strong flow of retrograde energy currently coursing through our cosmic skies, be mindful of getting too ambitious with what you are trying to achieve. Keep it simple and don’t fill your plate with more than you can handle. The September 25 New Moon falls in Libra and may bring your attention to your health and well-being. You may find that you need to set some boundaries and start delegating if you have taken on too many tasks. This New Moon also holds some incredible energy that can activate the flow of abundance in your life. You are in a prime position to receive some of this abundant energy so keep your heart and mind open. Know you are worthy of abundance, know you are worthy to receive support and help- you don’t have to do it all on your own. The Aries Full Moon on October 9 may bring some hidden insights to the surface or again may trigger issues around your feelings of wellbeing. Libra Season is all about finding balance, so make this your motto. If things feel incomplete or unfinished, don’t worry, the upcoming Eclipse Season which runs through until November, will bring clarity and perhaps even some more change. You have been feeling the brunt of the Eclipses this year, but remember, this energy is helping to transform and upgrade your soul.


Libra Season will expand your heart, making you realize what is truly important. There is a lot of heart healing happening for you this Libra Season, so be gentle with yourself and keep connecting and tuning in to what your heart is saying, even if it feels a little uncomfortable at times. Your heart is a powerful tool of guidance, and the more you listen to and honor what it inspires within you, the easier it becomes to work with it. The Libra New Moon on September 25 is likely to stir heart matters in your life. A loved one may call on you or need your support, or you may simply just find yourself opening deeper to those around you. If you are looking for partnership in your life, this is actually a wonderful New Moon for putting yourself out there. You don’t have to do anything grand, but planting a little seed on this New Moon will set the wheels in motion. Mercury, your ruling planet will be in retrograde under the Libra Sun until October 2. During this period, you may find yourself feeling a little foggy or confused, or on the complete flipside, you may find you can think clearer! Mercury Retrograde can manifest for all of us a little differently, but either way, it is a time of going within and listening to our internal world. Your inner self has messages, and they are the ones you should pay attention to at this time. As the Full Moon rolls around on October 9, you may find yourself needing to take action on something. If you have to make an important decision, come back to your heart but know you can also lean on others for support too. Try not to take things too seriously, and see if you can approach whatever comes up on this Full Moon with a little more lightheartedness, this will help you to stay out of your head and move you into your body a little more. As Libra Season comes to an end, we will be heading into Eclipse territory which is always a time of transformation. This is a lot of energy! So be kind to yourself in the process.


Libra Season 2022 may bring awareness to your living situation. You may feel the need to refresh your space or create an environment that feels more like home. Creating an altar or a sacred space in your home where you feel safe and calm can be such an asset, so if you don’t already have such a space, use your creative energies to make one! Fill it with things that make you feel good, and remind you just how much you are loved. The Libra New Moon on September 25 may bring family matters to the surface. If there are some challenging issues going on in your family, take some ease in knowing that this New Moon does offer some supportive vibrations for reconciliation and seeing things from the other person’s perspective. With Mercury, the planet of communication still in retrograde under this New Moon, it is advisable to think very carefully about what you are going to say before you say it. Sometimes Mercury in Retrograde can make us speak without thinking or overshare information that is not conducive to healing. There is some wonderful abundant energy radiating from this New Moon too, so stay open to receiving. You never know what the Universe may bring your way. As we move deeper into Libra Season, we have the Aries Full Moon on October 9. There is a bit of harsh energy around this Full Moon, and you may be feeling extra sensitive. An ending may be triggered around this Full Moon, or this Full Moon could also bring the culmination to all you have been working hard on over the last year. Endings can sometimes be painful or leave us wondering what is next, but give yourself some space. Don’t feel the need to rush and fill any empty space left behind. Savor the ending for all it has taught you, all the rewards it may have brought, and all the lessons you mastered. Know that soon enough, you will be on to the next chapter.


Libra energy can get us thinking about who we choose to surround ourselves with, and that may be where your mind goes this season. You may not only be thinking about who you choose to surround yourself with but how you choose to communicate with those around you. You may be thinking about how to be a better communicator or how to get your point across more succinctly. If you are thinking in this way, know you have so much support from the Universe! Working on being a good communicator can help in all areas of life, so if you feel drawn to it, work with this energy, and you will go far! The Libra New Moon on September 25 may bring you a talking event or see you sharing your thoughts and ideas in some way. If you have to make a presentation or find yourself in a situation where you have to express yourself, take a moment to focus on your throat chakra. This can be seen as a ball of blue light right in the center of your throat. Visualize this ball of blue light growing and looking strong. See it spinning not too fast and not too slow. Know you deserve to have your opinions heard. And know that what you have to say under this New Moon could be quite impactful! As we move deeper into Libra Season, we have the Aries Full Moon on October 9. This Full Moon may stir legal matters or require you to look over some contracts. Perhaps these contracts even hold a bright new opportunity! Mercury, the planet that rules over contracts and negotiations is just getting its strength back after being retrograde, so if you can take your time and be sure to read over everything very carefully. Trust your instincts if something doesn’t sound right. There is some fiery energy around this Full Moon, so just be sure you don’t leap before you look or get yourself into something that doesn’t feel aligned. There will always be plenty of opportunities, so don’t take the first thing that comes along.


The bright light of the Sun has just moved out of your zodiac, allowing you to see things with new clarity. In Astrology, the Sun represents who we are at our core. When the Sun shines in your corner of the zodiac, it can illuminate more of who you are, helping to bring out your potential. As the Sun moves away from your zodiac, it can help to illuminate the things that were in your blind spot or perhaps the things that didn’t quite make sense to you at first. The first part of Libra Season especially is a very reflective time where you are being called to look to your inner world. You may find that your inner world has expanded and that this is a good time to get to know all the new parts of yourself that have been illuminated. Who have you become? What are you proud of? Where do you think you still have work to do? As a Virgo, you are always a little more critical of yourself than you need to be, so see if you can take a very compassionate approach when exploring these questions. The Libra New Moon on September 25 offers some abundant energy that you can use to expand your income or financial situation. If you have ever thought of selling handmade goods on the side or dabbling in investments, this may be a good time to explore things. It is also a good time to just get your finances in order and see where you can afford to spend more or pull back. As we head into October, we have the Aries Full Moon. Falling on the 9th, this Full Moon may trigger some heated emotions. You may find yourself needing to have an uncomfortable conversation with someone or assert your boundaries. If you have been doing too much or bearing the burdens of others, this Full Moon may also step in as a reminder that things need to change. Be sure to put yourself first when you can, and bring more balance to the giving and receiving of energy.


Happy Birthday, Libra! Having the glowing Sun in your corner of the zodiac can activate your inner light, helping you to shine at your fullest potential. Over the last month, you may have reached a culmination or completion point with something. As you wrap up any loose ends, your attention may turn to who you are now and your self-development journey. You may be reflecting on how you have grown, how your personality has shifted, or what new goals or inspirations may be starting to form. This Libra Season is a time to focus on yourself and get back to things that feel like you. What makes you feel most like yourself? What makes you come alive? Following your joy and creative inspiration are always good places to start. As Mercury is in retrograde until October 2, this is also a perfect time to focus on your inner world. When you do, it will become easier to express yourself in your outer world. Mercury retrograde can sometimes cloud our inner world, but this is only because it knows we can travel deeper and uncover hidden depths. Don’t be afraid to journey through the fog, there is clarity waiting on the other side, it just may just take till the end of your Season to feel it. The Libra New Moon on September 25 is in your sign and is one of the best for setting intentions and calling in what you wish to experience. Make it a point on this New Moon to write down your goals, wishes, and dreams. If you have been doing too much or feeling the stress of life, this New Moon may also step in as a reminder to slow down and make time for yourself. You are naturally gifted at putting yourself in the shoes of others and taking care of those around you, but this is a time when you need to put yourself first. During the second half of your Season, we have the Aries Full Moon on October 9. This Full Moon may trigger things in your relationships. You may have to lean on someone more than usual, or if there are issues that need to be dealt with, they may come up to the surface. Alternatively, you may just find yourself creating deeper and more meaningful connections with those around you. As your Season comes to an end and the Sun prepares to leave your corner of the zodiac, be sure to soak up all the rays of vitality it is offering!


As the Sun prepares to move into your zodiac sign next, you may be feeling the need to pause and slow down. Life may have been hectic for you these last few months, but there is cosmic support all through Libra Season to take a few steps back and evaluate if you are still on the path you want to be on or if changes need to be made or things brought to an end. These changes or endings are not likely to be big and grand but small adjustments that begin on an internal level first. Be gentle with yourself as you move through any transitions and give yourself permission to go slow. You don’t have to have all the answers, but if you follow your heart and your inner guidance system, you will find your way. The Libra New Moon on September 25 will also lend its support, drawing you closer to those inner shifts that need to take place. By the time the Aries Full Moon rolls around on October 9, you will be ready to execute these changes into your external world. As Libra Season comes to an end, we will be heading into Eclipse territory which is always a time of transformation. The upcoming Eclipse on October 25 just so happens to fall in your sign, so you are going to be bearing the brunt of this energy. If things feel a little incomplete during Libra Season, this is probably why. There is more to be revealed under this Eclipse, there are new opportunities and new chapters opening, so keep that in your heart and know the “new” is on the way.


As the Sun shines in Libra, you may find yourself reassessing your goals and the projects you have set for yourself. Reaching this point in the year can always feel a little stressful as the end of the calendar year is on our heels and things tend to move so quickly in the last few months. But don’t feel the need to put that kind of pressure on yourself! Your goals and dreams are works in progress, not end destinations. The journey has to be part of the fun, otherwise, we can find ourselves easily burnt out and defeated. If you have some goals you have been working towards, under the Libra Sun, you may start feeling the need to reevaluate or push harder. If you have some projects that have been left by the wayside, you may even feel the inspiration to pick them up again. The seasons are shifting around us, and this shift in energy may just inspire new ideas or a new surge of energy that can help you to go back to things you have always wanted to do. The Libra New Moon on September 25 is fantastic for manifestation work. Use this New Moon energy to set intentions. Write them down and place them somewhere you can see. Be sure your intentions are aligned with your soul rather than just your ego. Try not to make them rigid and specific, and instead leave lots of room for expansion! The Aries Full Moon on October 9 is likely to highlight issues in a friendship. If you have been on rocky grounds with someone, things may come to a head. With Mercury, the planet of communication just emerging from Retrograde, be careful what you say or put in writing. Think twice and make sure it is coming from the heart. Alternatively, you may just find spending time with friends under this Full Moon to be incredibly eye-opening and healing.


As Libra Season 2022 rolls around, you may be called to step into a leadership position. This may require you to set boundaries, step up to the plate, and assert your ideas with others. How can you step up and take the lead in the direction you wish to travel? While stepping into a leadership role and reclaiming your power may be on the cards this Libra Season, on the flip side you may also be called to look where you are controlling or holding on too tightly. When you step into your true power, there is no need to control. Controlling can very often stem from a mindset that is rooted in lack or mistrust. If you notice you are controlling too much, maybe ask yourself what you are not trusting or what limiting thoughts you are believing about yourself or the situation. See if you can shift to a more abundant, trusting, and open mindset with this, even if it’s just little steps to begin with. It is also always worthwhile reminding yourself to only focus on what you can control. The Libra New Moon on September 25 is a fantastic opportunity to set some intentions or goals around your career. If there is a project or career endeavor you would like to achieve, this New Moon encourages you to plant some seeds. These seeds may need time to flourish, especially with all the retrograde energy coursing through the cosmic skies, but this really is a powerful New Moon for you careerwise, so be sure to use it! The following Aries Full Moon on October 9 may bring your attention back around to where you need to step up and be a leader. You may have to assert yourself and claim your boundaries, again, just be mindful of where you are holding on to control and try to move from a place of the heart rather than ego. Aries energy can sometimes stir our ego mind and make us lash out, so if you feel this coming on, use it as a sign to take a few steps back and catch your breath. Libra is an air sign after all, so returning to the breath especially during Libra Season, is always going to be beneficial.


Libra Season may have you dreaming of far-off places or fantasizing about a new life, new life circumstances, or maybe even travel! You may feel you are missing something but are not really sure what that thing could be. If this resonates, take it as your sign that it’s time to think outside of the box. You are a natural when it comes to thinking differently or thinking bigger, so use some of that energy to shift how you have been thinking about your situation. As the saying goes, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. So use some of this magic to your advantage, especially under the Libra New Moon. This New Moon on September 25 can help you start expanding areas of your life that are in need of an upgrade. If you are daydreaming or fantasizing about something, this could be your clue as to what energies or situations you would like to call into your life. On the New Moon, write them down. You may not feel comfortable sharing them just yet, but keep the somewhere safe and close to your heart. The Aries Full Moon on October 9, may be a heated one for you. Emotions may be bubbling up to the surface, and you may find it hard to keep yourself in a balanced headspace. Luckily, the Libra Sun will be sending beams of support for finding your balance so shift your focus to these energies, breathe them in, and know the Universe is on your side.


As the Sun moves into Libra, you may find yourself wanting to retreat or go within. You may have a natural urge to understand yourself better or to question some of your habits and beliefs and where they truly stem from. There is highly supportive energy around you this Libra Season for doing a deep dive into your inner world, and your subconscious thought patterns. Seeking out guidance from a therapist or healer may be extra beneficial at this time, as can working on your energetic field. Make it a point to cleanse the energy of your aura and space this season using smoke from herbs, bells or singing bowls, crystals, or essential oils. See if you can create a sacred space in your home that feels safe and comforting to go to. Your dreams may also be more alive under the Libra Sun and are a great way to receive messages and spiritual guidance. The energy of the Libra New Moon on September 25 may zap your energy levels, if this resonates, take it as a sign to rest and recharge! This New Moon is also fantastic for drawing in abundance and organizing your finances. Putting away some money into a savings account or a trusted investment may also be beneficial under this New Moon. As we approach the Aries Full Moon on October 9, tensions may be bubbling to the surface. If there is something unresolved that has been weighing on you, this Full Moon may be the trigger that inspires you to resolve things once and for all. With Mercury, the planet of communication just coming out of retrograde on October 2, just be extra mindful of what you say.

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