The Lunar Nodes Changing Signs November 2018

lunar nodes changing signs

The first few weeks of November have been busy with the Scorpio New Moon, Jupiter’s shift into its ruling sign of Sagittarius, and the Lunar Nodes moving out of Leo and Aquarius and into Cancer and Capricorn.

The Lunar Nodes are mathematical points between the Sun and the Moon that are critical in astrology. They represent karmic lessons and how we can transcend that karma in order to evolve.

There are two Lunar Nodes- the North and the South. We look to the South Lunar Node for guidance on what lessons we have mastered in previous incarnations, and we look to the North Lunar Node for what purpose or lessons we have to work through in this particular lifetime.

The Lunar Nodes also dictate what astrological signs we will have the Eclipses in, so as the Lunar Nodes settle into their new home, we can expect the next series of Eclipses to fall in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. (There is an exception to this rule in January 2019 where we have the final Eclipse in Leo).

The Lunar Nodes change signs every 18 months, so this new cycle is one that we will all be feeling. As Cancer is in the North Node position, and Capricorn is in the South Node position, this indicates we are here to master the lessons of Cancer, and to evolve and build upon the Capricorn lessons we have already mastered in the past.

While we ultimately want to create a balance between both Cancer and Capricorn, it seems that we are being asked to evolve by focusing more on the qualities of Cancerian energy, and to use these qualities to build upon what we already know.

Cancer energy is about mothering, nurturing, and is very connected to feeling. Cancer energy is very feminine and encourages us to think about the home and family. In a way, you could stay that Cancer energy represents the mother.

On the other hand, Capricorn energy is very ambitious and is all about working hard to achieve your goals. In a way, you could say that Capricorn energy represents the father, and encourages us to think about success and our career.

Having the Lunar Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn indicates that we are being encouraged to balance our nurturing, emotional side with our ambitious, hardworking side. We are also going to be asked to shift how we approach our work-life balance and how we choose to go after our goals.

While Capricorn energy favors hard work and making small steps to get ahead, Cancer energy is much more focused on using its intuition and going after positions that evoke passion and have family values.

While Capricorn energy has very much been about “working hard for the man” and being competitive in order to get ahead, Cancer energy is more about working as a team, and thinking about the greater good rather than just how to get ahead.

On a collective level, over the next 18 months, we may see companies beginning to shift in their structure and let go of hierarchies. We may also see this in our governments too, and there may be more of a focus on the power of the people, rather than of the leader.

We may also be challenging beliefs about working hard, or that life needs to be hard, and we may even question traditional beliefs about what constitutes a successful life.

When our grandparents and even parents were younger, they were told that if they wanted to be successful, they needed to go to college and get a degree. Then, once they had their degree, they needed to start at the bottom and work their way to the top in order to get ahead. Once they were at the top, they would have enough money to buy a white-picket home and a nice car or two. They were encouraged to work hard, with the promise if they did, that they would be able to retire and then travel the world. This was the definition of success.

While there are a few people lucky enough to have lived this dream, majority of people soon discovered that this was not really a good recipe for life. People were miserable in their jobs, and then when retirement came, they barely had enough to afford their current lifestyle, let alone travel.

In fact, a palliative care nurse wrote a book on the regrets of the dying and time and time again, the number one regret people had on their deathbeds was that they spent too much time at work and not enough time with their families.

Working long hours, climbing our way to the top, seeking prestige and material goods have all been markers of a successful life, and something that has been drilled into us as to what will make us happy and productive members of society, but these beliefs are now up for review.

It is important to acknowledge that this belief and way of living served us for some time, but now we are being asked to balance this karma, and to let go of this way of life.

We have to re-write the rules on what success means to us, and we have to favor spending time with family and doing things we feel passionate about as a way to create security, not just going after material goods or status.

Creating a healthy work-life balance is key, as is making the time for people we consider to be our family.

With the Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn, this is going to be our focus, and over the next 18 months it is likely we are going to see changes in how people approach their careers and their home and family lives.

On a personal level, the Nodes moving to Cancer and Capricorn are going to change the way we see ourselves and is going to encourage us to get more in touch with our emotions and intuition.

We are also going to be encouraged to value our emotional health and to consider that health and wellbeing is not just a physical state of affairs but a spiritual one as well.

On an energetic level, the Nodes moving to Cancer and Capricorn are also going to help balance the energy between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, and we are going to find it easier to tap into feminine energies and embrace them. We may also find it easier to connect with the cycles of the Moon and to tune into our intuition.

Ultimately, the move of the Nodes into Cancer and Capricorn will be helping to shift the belief that we need to work hard in order to be “somebody” or to be recognized. Instead, we need to find greater value in who we are as people. Self-worth, not net worth.

In order for this softer, nurturing Cancer energy to rise up, we may first have to witness this work-hard, be disciplined, Capricorn energy rising to the surface. In a way, we have to become aware of this collective karma before we can begin to make changes.

All of our souls chose to be on earth at this time for this very mission. We all chose to come to Earth with this has our collective karma, and it is up to us to re-write and re-wire these vibrations to create harmony and balance.

For so long we have been told to follow tradition, follow the rules, and do things the tried and true way. While this all has its place, this wave of Cancer energy wants us to let go of these beliefs a little and make room for a new way of thinking.

Rather than getting ahead at all costs, this Lunar node placement wants us to think about others and the greater impact our actions are having. Rather than fighting our way to the top, this node position wants us to relax, work as a team, and trust our intuition a little more.

The movement of the nodes to Cancer and Capricorn is going to help lessen the grips of the patriarchy, and help us to tune into our softer, more nurturing sides. We are going to be guided to think about family, to think about what is really important, and to focus on the sensitive, creative parts of our soul.

If we do this, we can advance and clear our collective karma in order to raise the vibration of the planet and the consciousness of all souls.

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