The Meaning of Your Birthstone and How to Use its Magic Energy

birthstone meaning

Crystals and gemstones hold special healing and spiritual properties. It has long been believed that when you wear the stone that coincides with your birth month, astrological sign or numerology birth number, that it can exude stronger healing powers.

Wearing the stone that coincides with your birth month is believed to help enhance your aura and energy levels. It can also help you to feel aligned with your soul purpose.

When you wear your birthstone or use the stone in manifestation rituals or healing work, the stone is said to be amplified in power and far more effective.

You can also tap into the healing potential of each stone, no matter what month you were born in, by wearing or using the corresponding stone of the month.

Here are the birthstones for each month and how you can tap into the amazing energy of your stone-

January- Garnet

Garnet is a powerful red stone that is known for helping to activate and strengthen the root chakra. The word Garnet is derived from “seed” because it represents the power and strength of new life and new beginnings.

Garnet also symbolises truth, faith and safety while traveling. Garnet is a powerful stone for grounding and for getting in touch with your “roots”.

Garnet is the perfect stone to wear if you are feeling scattered or all over the place. It is also a good stone to wear when you are getting ready to start something new or lay down new roots.

Garnet can also help release family karma and cleanse away negative attachments to past lives or relatives.

This is the perfect stone for January, as seeing as it is the first month of the calendar year, it supports the idea of new beginnings and fresh starts.

February- Amethyst

Amethyst is considered one of the most powerful stones due to its ability to activate and open the third eye. Amethyst also carries the vibration of peace, serenity and protection. It is the perfect stone for healers, empaths and lightworkers.

Amethyst also has the ability to help connect you with the Divine realms and tap into your angels and spirit guides. It is the perfect stone to use if you want to strengthen your psychic abilities in a gentle and protective way.

Amethyst clusters can also help to protect your home from negative energy and can also help to support a positive frame of mind.

They are perfect to use in any type of ritual and in all healing work.

March- Aquamarine

Aquamarine has long been used to protect sailors from the roughness of the sea. Aquamarine also symbolises healing and has been said to ease tensions in romantic relationships.

Aquamarine also inspires courage and can help you to feel mentally clear. It can also be used to aid in self-expression and creativity.

It is the perfect stone to use in manifestation rituals and when you need help expressing yourself.

If you are a writer, or want to get something off your chest, Aquamarine can help you communicate clearly and with confidence.

April- Diamond

Diamonds are considered one of the most precious stones in the world. Because of their rarity and price, you can also substitute for zircon or a Herkimer diamond. These are also great stones for those born in the month of April.

Diamonds represent purity, eternity and courage. Diamonds also help to enhance your strength and vitality and can help you to overcome any challenging obstacles.

Diamond is an energy amplifier, which means that it has the ability to enhance the energies that surround it. When you use diamonds in combinations with other healing crystals, its effects can be extremely potent.

Diamond is an excellent stone to use in all healing rituals and ceremonies. It has been said to help strengthen the natural immunity and vitality of the body.

May- Emerald

This pungent green stone is associated with fertility, love, heart awakenings and rebirth. In ancient times, Emerald was dedicated to the planet Venus, which rules of love, beauty, money and the intuition.

Emeralds are great to use for all matters of the heart. They help to stimulate heart openings and can also help to mend a broken heart. Emeralds can also help to evoke creative ideas and can help in turning your dreams into realities.

It has also been said that Emeralds help to make you extremely desirable and magnetic. They can be used to help attract a lover or even a job that you highly desire. It is believed that when you wear an emerald, no one can say no to you!

Because they are rare, you can also substitute an emerald for green agate.

June- Pearl

Pearls symbolise purity. In ancient times, it was believed that pearls were hardened tears of joy from the goddess of love, Aphrodite.

Pearls are also said to help create stable, loving relationships and can also calm angry or frustrated energy. Pearls can also ease digestive disturbances related to stress and anxiety.

Because they are from the sea, Pearls can amplify the effects of the Moon and are great to use in Moon and fertility rituals. They are also considered to hold highly creative energy and are good choice for artists, writers and musicians.

Pearls can also help to stimulate a healthy period and a healthy pregnancy. You can also substitute pearls for moonstone.

July- Ruby

Ruby symbolises harmony, peace and power. Its brilliant red colour is also connected to the root chakra and can help to stimulate grounding energy. Ruby is also highly protective and is believed to help ward off negative energy.

Ruby has also been said to help stimulate the sex drive and feelings of passion. It is also extremely healing for the body and is great to use for conditions effecting the blood.

Ruby is perfect to use when your energy has been depleted or when you are looking to bring back more passion into your life.

August- Peridot

This beautiful green stone symbolises strength, power and cleansing. Peridot has long been used to help ward off negative energies, hexes and black magic.

Peridot is also a great stone for helping to stimulate positive thinking and to boost mental clarity and performance. it is also a great stone to use when restoring the energy of the heart after a breakup or trauma.

Peridot also helps to reduce feelings of fear and evokes courage and strength. It is a great stone for healers, shamans and those in the medical field. Peridot is also great for intuitive children and can help to ward off bad dreams or feelings of fear.

September- Sapphire

Sapphire symbolises wisdom, loyalty and healing. Sapphire is also said to help enhance communication and the throat chakra. If you need to get something off your chest or speak your truth, wearing or holding a sapphire can definitely help.

Because Sapphires are rare and expensive, you can substitute this stone for Lapis Lazuli which carries very similar healing properties.

Sapphires are great for helping you to look past illusions and into the truth. It is also believed to act like a natural lie detector and will allow you to be more sensitive and aware of other peoples motives.

Sapphires help you to see the truth and can help you to communicate with your angels and spirit guides with more accuracy.

October- Opal

Opals are an extremely powerful stone that hold many properties including faithfulness, confidence, love, healing, protection and strength. Opals are believed to hold slightly different properties depending on their colour and where they are from.

Opals carry a lot of energy, so it is best to choose the opal that best fits you based on your intuition. Opals are also highly protective and are said to help ward off negative energies and spirits.

Opal is the perfect stone to use in any type of ritual due to its advanced healing powers. It is also a great stone for those who are looking to overcome trauma or depressive thoughts.

This versatile stone is also said to help relieve PMS and help manage fertility. It is also the perfect stone to wear or carry into job interviews, big meetings or auditions.

November- Topaz

This beautiful stone is said to increase feelings of love, affection and strength. It can also help to support creative ideas and a clear mind.

Topaz is a great stone for those who are just starting to meditate as it can also help to clear and release thoughts. It is also great for teachers and students as it helps to promote learning and an open mind.

Topaz comes in a variety of colours, so when choosing the stone that is right for you, go with your intuition.

Topaz is the perfect stone to use when you need help with accepting things in your life. Topaz can help you to feel at peace with whatever life is bringing you. It can also help you regain strength and courage after a setback.

Topaz is also great for manifesting wealth and abundance. If topaz is too expensive to purchase, you can also substitute with citrine.

December- Turquoise

Turquoise is the stone associated with good fortune, success and protection. Turquoise can help to evoke happy thoughts and positive energy. It can also help to relax the mind and bring about feelings of calmness and peace.

It is believed that turquoise can help enhance your intuitive and empathic abilities and can make you more sensitive to psychic energies. The good thing about turquoise however, is that it is also very protective.

It has been said that Turquoise will slightly change colour when in the presence of negative energy in order to warn and protect those around it.

Turquoise is also a very healing stone and is great for using in cleansing and releasing rituals. It is also the perfect stone to use when you have reached the end of a chapter in your life.

Notes on Using Your Birthstone:

  • Wearing or carrying your birthstone will have equal effect, you can also display the stone in your house or on your altar.
  • Natural stones work best, this means that artificial or lab created stones are not really going to have the same abilities.
  • Anyone can wear or use these stones at any time, the idea behind using your birthstone is that the affects are amplified and the stone is more likely to resonate with your energy.
  • While it is recommended to wear your own birthstone, you can also wear other birthstones in the corresponding month if you want to experience the amplified energy.
  • You may find that wearing your birthstone continuously could lead to feelings of too much energy even a feeling of being overwhelmed. If this is the case, take a break from wearing your stone.
  • There are many substitutes that you can use for the stones mentioned above, the most important thing is that the stone resonates with you.
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